Prospect Report: Trinity Cath. at N. Marion

Private school power Ocala Trinity Catholic came back from a 21-0 deficit to tie it up and make it in double overtime before succumbing to a very talented North Marion squad 27-24. Both teams field an array of skill talent and will certainly be tough draws against anyone in 2012.


It all starts with junior quarterback Reid Carlton for the Celtics. Carlton stands about 6-3 and is built well, probably in the 215 pound range. The Colts were getting after him all night so he was able to show off his wheels and the strong armed quarterback can run as well.

Reid Carlton

Carlton has a gun of an arm and throws a pretty deep ball. He didn't hook up for any really deep passes on the night because he just didn't have time. He made plays with his feet and was really accurate on the short throws. When the protection gets better as I suspect it will during the season, Carlton will show more as he has some weapons to use. Without the deep touchdown passes, he still managed to throw for two scores on the night and run a boot leg in for a third.

His best weapon on the night was senior tight end Joe Sandstrom who he hit for two touchdowns. Sandstrom isn't huge, but is probably in the 6-3 range and 210 or so. He caught a slant pass for a 15 yard touchdown and then a corner route for another touchdown with a drive that started inside the Colt's five after a turnover. He certainly displayed soft hands and the ability to catch two really different passes and will be one to watch as a major target for Carlton.

Senior Jamonte Jones is back at trinity Catholic this year and is no stranger to prospect rankings. Jamonte plays both ways and seems to be the main deep threat for Carlton. He got past a couple of North Marion defenders a couple of times, but the two could never connect on the deep ball. That will come as the protection improves.

Jamonte and brother Damonte also both play in the secondary. Both have excellent builds in the 5-10 and 180 pound range. They will make life very difficult in the secondary for anyone trying to pass on the Celtics. They both can run and they play the game very physically.

Cornerback Dominique Brown is also another very physical player in the secondary. The junior has some time to grow but is about 5-9 and 180 right now. He plays with intensity and has great athleticism. He isn't the starting running back but does see some time in the offensive backfield as well.

Dominique Brown
With another year to go, gaining an extra inch or two for him would be ideal and make him a big time prospect. He already plays bigger than he is, so it is a matter of adding some length to his frame.

Maybe the most intriguing prospect on the field for either team was also the youngest prospect. 2016 (yes that is right) freshman defensive end Jordan Woods doubles as a tight end as well, but he starts on the defensive line and the ‘kid' does not look his age. Friends of Woods told me his a true 14 years old now and he already stands close to 6-4 and all of 225-230 pounds.

This kid is only 14?
Woods is hard to miss on the field and early in the game he was playing a little hesitant. After he got his feet wet in what is his first high school contest ever, he started making a difference on the field. In fact, he made the key play just before the Celtics second touchdown when he shot out of cannon inside the Colt's 10 yard line, hit the ball carrier, and forced a fumble faster than the running back could run a straight line to the line of scrimmage. It was one of those plays that is all you needed to see from the kid to tell he can be special.

He is blessed with a good build already and a frame that can easily add 30 pounds during his high school career and even more when he gets even taller. He has those long arms that coaches crave in their defensive linemen, and with his current size, you have to wonder if he eventually will grow into an offensive tackle. He's four years away from graduating so it is too early to interview, but this is one we will have to watch over time.

NORTH MARION When you think of North Marion right now the mind wanders to super athlete Reggie Wilkerson. The cornerback committed to Georgia has loose hips and speed to burn. He plays in your face defense and has skill to play quarterback right now while the team's current signal caller heals from injury.

Wilkerson is not a quarterback and cannot throw the ball like the Colts need him to, but his athletic ability helps keep defenses a little honest. His skill however is not in throwing the ball and all in his feet. As a cornerback he is physical and locks on his man early and stays on him. He also showed great stamina during the game as he was asked to play on almost every offensive and defensive snap. Teams won't throw in his direction this year.

I came to see Wilkerson and three sophomores that we will get to in a minute, but one player that was surprisingly good was senior running back Ian Neal. At 5-10 and 185 pounds neal runs extremely hard but he also has the ability to be elusive and make the big play. He did a lot of both on Friday night and scored the first two touchdowns for North Marion.

He got the ball a lot and finished with 135 yards on the night and most of all of that in the first half as the second half was a series of miscues from both teams that didn't show a lot of continuity.

Ian Neal
Neal was able to run in traffic and carry the pile a bit and when he got to the outside and beyond the first level he was able to make one man miss and nobody was able to catch him. He certainly looks like a FBS level prospect in this man's eyes.

The Colts are loaded with skill players and as I mentioned their sophomore class has three prospects I was interested in seeing. The first being receiver Devin Munnerlyn (5-10, 175).

Devin Munnerlyn
Being a sophomore he has plenty of size right now and will no doubt grow, but with the throwing issues that the Colts have right now, Munnerlyn was a non-factor in the game. I didn't get to see much from him.

One of the other sophomores to watch is receiver and free safety James Allen. He also handles kickoff return duties and the 5-11, 175 pound burner is electrifying. On the first drive of the game Allen took a screen to the outside the distance, and some 65 yards away. He got outside quick and turned on the jets to race just about untouched down the right sideline.

James Allen
Later in the first half Allen came around on a reverse and took the hand off. He was grabbed by two different defenders in the backfield and shook them both, he broke through a whole in the defense and raced 81 yards for a touchdown. It was as exciting of a run as you will see and showed a little bit of everything that he could do.

To top it off, he also had an interception on defense. the kid is a sophomore and all of 15 years old, very raw, but an exciting play maker that physically and mentally will grow into a big time player.

The third sophomore to talk about with North Marion is De'Amontae Jackson, a 6-0, 235 pound linebacker who brings it. Just a sophomore he already has good size and plenty of more room to grow. He's active but still raw which is to be expected, he certainly has a future ahead of him.

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