Harrison talks offense, Tennessee and music

Saturday's 20-17 victory over Texas A&M exposed plenty for Florida on the field. While starting quarterback Jeff Driskel propelled the Gators to a 2-0 record, the Aggies pummeled the sophomore with eight sacks. One of the offense's own, Florida center Jon Harrison, tackled questions Tuesday, opening up about what's going on his side of the ball as well as some surprising details about his past.

Q: What did you see from Jeff Driskel this past week?
Jonotthan Harrison: I saw that he was real motivated, real determined to make sure we came out successful in that game. Although everything didn't go as we would have liked it to on offense, he just kept playing through all the adversity to make sure we that came out on top.

Q: Can you talk about the sacks on Saturday?
A: That was just showing as an offense maybe everybody wasn't locked in when they needed to be locked in or whatever. It just shows that we have some work to do and just to get better and help toward being a successful team this year.

Q: Do you see Driskel making better decisions as he gets more comfortable throughout the season?

A: Yeah, the thing about him is he can keep the plays alive with his feet since he is mobile. As he gets more comfortable and maybe gets some of the jitters out, I feel like he'll have a great season and produce.

Q: As an offensive line, is it hard not to take some of the blame for the sacks?
A: We still are going to take the blame just because we want to be a solid unit. We don't want to be considered the weakness of the team as a lot of people have been saying. We're just going to keep working to ensure that Driskel's protected and we keep him safe throughout the season.

Q: When you watch film and see Driskel getting hit, do you cringe at all?
A: I do, just because it's just like, 'OK, what if this person took this step, you know?' We just don't like to see our quarterback getting hit. We're just going to make sure that it doesn't happen anymore.

Q: Is it just because Driskel is so young and hasn't learned how to avoid that?
A: I can't speak for him because obviously I'm not Jeff Driskel. I'm just going to do my job, and then as an offensive line unit we're going to do our job just to ensure that we pick up as many people as we can for protecting the backfield.

Q: How much has the offensive line really gelled the past couple of games?
A: It just shows that as an offensive lineman and as an offensive line unit, that our job is crucial. It's one of those positions -- all work, no credit -- and the more we work together and the more we're in these games, it's just going to help us mesh as a unit even more and we hope that just helps us be a productive unit for the rest of the season.

Q: Had you seen flashes of what Mike Gillislee could do in the past, but maybe he just didn't get the opportunity to perform?
A: Yeah, yeah, Mike Gillislee is a great running back. He has a lot of heart, a lot of drive. He's the one coming back to the huddle, 'Guys, get me the ball. We've got to go, let's go. Get me the ball. I will get this first, I will get this touchdown.' We love that about him. We love having a back in the backfield that all he wants is the W's for the team, and he's going to give it his all, even if it's sacrificing his body.

Q: He's a real confident guy, isn't he?
A: He's not cocky at all, but he is real confident. And confidence to a certain extent does help a player be more productive.

Q: Last year with Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey, Gillislee didn't get a lot of action. Now he's finally getting his chance, isn't he?
A: He did get some action last year, even with Rainey and Demps, and the best thing about him is he that he just kept working even though more of the spotlight may have been on Rainey and Demps. He just kept working and giving it his all every day, day in, day out, practice, weight room, whatever it takes and that's what we respect so much about him.

Q: Brent Pease was talking about Gillislee's ability to run it outside. Can you talk about his overall skill package?
A: His versatility, he can punch it up the middle if need be. He can take it outside. He's great on his feet. He's great at making plays. His versatility just makes him that much more valuable of a player to our team, to our offense.

Q: When Driskel doesn't slide and is taking a lot of hits, do you coach him and tell him what he can do?
A: I'm an offensive lineman. I can't really coach a quarterback. All we can turn around and say is, "We're going to do a better job protecting you. You just have to get the ball."

Q: When he does scramble, he needs to slide, though, right?
A: I like that about him. Yes he needs to protect his body for the season, but I do like that he's willing to get every inch possible to help the team even if it's sacrificing the body some, I do appreciate that.

Q: Gillislee seems really quiet. Is that true or is he talkative around you guys?
A: He's not a mouthy person, but he does talk. He's just not a mouthy person. He's more of an actions-speak-louder-than-words kind of guy. We just see what he does and see what he produces and we don't really hear his mouth much which is great about him.

Q: The Florida-Tennessee was huge in the ‘90s. Do you think it has a chance to get back to what it was? Whoever won this game used to determine who would win the SEC East.
A: We're going to go play our hearts out. I'm sure both teams are going to go play their hearts out. I don't even know how to answer that. I don't focus on that at all. It's just nameless, faceless. I just go out there, do my job. Offensive line, we do our job. We watch film and I feel like as long as we get our job done, then we're going to be successful.

Q: What about the hype of ESPN's GameDay this weekend?
A: It does feel a little different, but I don't let that clutter my mind because if I let all that hype go to my mind, I'm not going to produce like I'm wanting to.

Q: When you were a kid growing up, was the Florida-Tennessee game a big game?
It was a big game, but I was focused at my task at hand then. If you really want to know a little bit of my background, I never really even followed sports until I got to high school. I played guitar all my life. All the way through middle school, I traveled around the country playing guitar. I never really followed sports until I got to high school. I played in the jazz band.

Q: Do you still play?
"I can play a little something…"

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