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Fightin' Gators is going to try and bring the answers you want to the questions you have about each SEC opponent. This week the fine folks at answered several questions from our subscribers about the Vols and how things relate in terms of the big game this weekend in Knoxville. Here are the answers for you.

Thanks to josh Woodward of for participating in this question and answer dialogue.

FG Question: Discuss your thoughts on the match-up of the Florida OL vs. Tennessee DL?
Josh Woodward: "Tennessee has recruited better on the defensive front they are not all world by any means, but they are a respectable SEC front. For the first time in the Dooley era they have enough depth to have a quality rotation and not let players get worn down by the fourth quarter. NC State had a big offensive line, probably the best looking unit on that whole team and Tennessee was able to force Glennon from the pocket 8-10 times in that first game. This is a fairly evenly matched line so I will have to go with which team has the better scheme up front will win the battles."

FG Question: Discuss your thoughts on the match-up of the Florida DL vs. Tennessee OL?
Josh Woodward: "The offensive line is where Tennessee has struggled the past couple of years, not because of talent, but because of youth. They are now a veteran bunch and have only given up one sack all season, they are by far a better pass blocking line than run blocking. Florida will need to confuse the Tennessee front like they did last season, causing the center to basically roll the ball back to Bray in the shotgun at least ten times. If Florida can get pressure, it could be a long day on Rocky Top."

FG Question: Has the 370 lb JUCO transfer McCullers made any impact the first two games and will he be difficult for UF to contain?
Josh Woodward: "McCullers is the perfect fit for the base 3/4 noseguard and moves well for his size, against NC State he commanded a double team when he was in. Daniel only played only 8 snaps against Georgia St., Tennessee went to a nickel package and went lighter and quicker up front. This will be his first true test and if Florida does have to double him it will benefit Tennessee."

FG Question: What is the injury report for Curt Maggitt? Is he good to go or still hurt?
Josh Woodward: "Curt practiced all week and looked fine, he has a slight limp, but will be good to go by game time. Tennessee needs him to play as I believe he is the best player on defense."

FG Question: Will Tennessee bring straight up DL play or DE dropping back to cover, run some stunts, etc. ?
Josh Woodward: "Tennessee went to the 3/4 base with the hiring of the new defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri from Alabama, so you will see those two outside backers walk to the line and then drop to coverage if needed. I haven't seen much from the defensive front as far as stunts, but the linebackers have been very active on blitz packages."

FG Question: What do you usually see with Tennessee's blitz packages... SS, CB, or just LB?
Josh Woodward: "Corner and linebacker blitz's are the only thing I have seen this year and I have seen but a few. They haven't had to do that much in the first two games. I would say they will have to blitz more against Florida to try to mess up the young freshman QB."

FG Question: We hear all about the tennessee passing game, what are we going to see from the Vol running game?
Josh Woodward: "Tennessee has run the ball well averaging 187 yards per game, they just haven't broken a big play in the running game. They will use a trio of backs on Saturday, with Rajion Neal being the key back. Neal has 4.36 speed, but likes to kick it to the outside and as we all know you can't do that in the SEC. He needs to run well between the tackles for Tennessee to beat Florida. The other back is Devrin Young, who is a smaller back that would remind you Florida guys of Brandon James. He has a very quick lateral step and makes a lot of guys miss. Marlin Lane is the third back who played a lot last season in Gainesville, Lane fumbled the football last week and I'm not sure how much we will see him Saturday."

FG Question: What are the apparent weaknesses on defense right now?
Josh Woodward: "The biggest weakness on the Tennessee defense is the secondary, they do have 5 interceptions on the year and have played well, but they will be challenged more this weekend with Florida have better athletes at receiver. I would expect Tennessee to bring more pressure so the young quarterback won't have time to pick apart the secondary."

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