Burton got the ball rolling in 2nd half

If there was play that opened up the floodgates for Florida's 37 points of offense on Saturday it was the well-drawn up and executed 80 yard run by then ‘wildcat' quarterback Trey Burton. Burton had already run for one touchdown earlier in the game, but that one set the tone for the Gators' big finish.

Trey Burton says the play was the same one he ran in the first quarter, but to the opposite side. And said it is something they have been working on all fall. The play incorporates a receiver (Andre Debose) running a reverse pattern and faking a handoff, a pulling guard to block a defensive end, and the fullback (Hunter Joyer) to seal any linebacker that may be there to block.

"We didn't see it on film, but we knew teams were going to have to respect it," Burton said following the 37-20 win over Tennessee on Saturday. "I think it is something we will carry every week and we've been carrying it since week one.

"They had to respect Andre's sweep and over played it. Hunter sealed the linebacker and gave me a really nice hole, and I just ran as fast as I could."

The 80 yard touchdown was just one play on a night that the Gators racked up 555 yards of offense, It looked like some kind of coming out party for a bunch of players on that side of the ball… players that haven't had a great deal to rejoice about the last couple of years.

"It feels a lot different," Burton said. "A lot of guys were sleeping on us and not respecting us. We aren't worried about that, we know what we have and are excited and happy about it."

The play happened in the third quarter and after the Gators failed to convert a fake punt when down by seven in the quarter. The Florida defense bowed their backs and held the highly vaunted Tennessee attack to a three-and-out.

Last season Florida was abysmal late in games, the lack of depth had them running out of gas and getting steam rolled. This 2012 squad has some added depth and spent the offseason preparing themselves with strength coach Jeff Dillman in a way to get stronger as games go on. Florida was losing at halftime against Tennessee, but outscored the Vols 27-6 in the final half for the victory.

"It says a lot," Burton said of the team's last two games and handling the opposition in the second half. "It says a lot about our off-season program, our strength coaches, a lot about our mentality as a team, and hopefully we can keep it going."

"We went through a lot this summer. A big shout out to coach Dillman, our strength coach. He put us through a lot and now we are reaping (the rewards). It is a 60 minute game, we may not start well but we are going to finish well.

"I think it says a lot about us. They are a really dangerous team, and I am glad we held them down."

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