No Hard Feelings for Pease

When Brent Pease was hired as the offensive coordinator at the Florida, his former quarterback didn't agree with the hire. Jared Lorenzen played quarterback at Kentucky when Pease was coaching in Lexington and decided to share his criticism of the hire on his Twitter feed. Pease discounted the comments when they happened and did it again on Tuesday morning.

The Twitter messages weren't guarded. Jared Lorenzen was open and clear about his feelings on Pease.

"Seriously, Brent Pease at Florida? He's freaking crazy and was brutal at UK when I was there," Lorenzen tweeted in January after Brent Pease got the job.

The Gainesville Sun reported that Pease said at a Gator Club event in July that the team will be "trying to get to 50 points on those guys when they come to campus."

Pease didn't retract that statement when he spoke to the media on Tuesday, but he did downplay how much Lorenzen's comments will factor into his play calling on Saturday.

"I had fun," Pease said about his comments at the Gator Club. "I was responding to a question. You know, that's nothing personal. I like Jared. He's a good kid. He did a great job playing when I was there. He actually did a fabulous job.

"It's free speech America."

Pease was the offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Kentucky during the 2001 and 2002 seasons. He said that Saturday's game isn't personal to him, but "two or three" of his best friends still live in Lexington. He spoke highly of the city and the administration at Kentucky.

"They want to be a well-rounded program," Pease said. "Obviously they got a great basketball program, a great baseball program, so it's there. The facilities are there. I think you have the money, the fan base and they love football."

Even when Pease was in Lexington, the big draw for students and the fan base was Kentucky basketball.

"I loved going to the games. It was awesome. Rupp Arena. Ashley Judd—she was always there. So yeah, I was definitely a Cat Basketball fan, and Tubby was the coach at the time. I enjoyed it."

BURTON WILDCAT: The Trey Burton wildcat was an easy addition to the Florida playbook for Pease. He has experience running the wildcat since coming to Gainesville, and Pease has always used the wildcat during his time as an offensive coordinator.

The goal is to give the opposing defenses something extra to prepare for. The running element that starting quarterback Jeff Driskel brings can also make it tougher, but the wildcat package gives the Gators an extra blocker down the field.

"Having Trey, especially when he hit an 80-yarder like that, it forces the defense to play a different hand and make different calls," Pease said. "There are ways of defending it, but you've got to have some answers to it and somewhere along the line, they'll probably have some things that we're not prepared for that they can defend it with. We've just got to have our checks and balances back on it."

When Burton wasn't used in the wildcat, he was split at wide receiver, tight end and even some at running back. His versatility wasn't being shown in the early part of the season, but his role has expanded throughout the year.

"He's a guy that can line up at a lot of positions," Pease said. "You saw him catch the wheel. You saw him line up at quarterback and run it. So where is he? You've got to find out where he's at. Is he in the game? Because that changes calls. Sometimes him being in all the spots, it forces them into a very basic defense at times."

This weekend's game against Kentucky has brought back memories of what Burton did to the Wildcats two years ago. As a freshman, Burton scored six touchdowns against Kentucky. And Pease knows about it.

"Six touchdowns, yeah I've heard about it. He informs me every day," Pease said with a smirk.

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