Koehne adjusting to o-line exterior

Depth is a key factor molding Florida's winning foundation this season. Coach Will Muschamp has been preaching a "man down, man up" mentality to his players, making his expectations for the men on the sidelines crystal clear: Be ready to go in at any given time. Due to right tackle Chaz Green's recent ankle injury, Saturday's matchup against Tennessee marked Kyle Koehne's time.

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The Indianapolis, Ind., native is no stranger to the offensive line, most often making his impact on its interior in the guard slots. However, Green's vacancy left a hole in the exterior.

Green down, Koehne up.

The redshirt junior nabbed the starting position at right tackle as a result of what Muschamp described as a "game-time" decision.

"He did a really nice job," Muschamp said of Koehne's contribution to the Gators' 37-20 win over the Vols. "I thought he did a really nice job of stepping in and playing. Again, ‘man down, man up.' He did a nice job for us and certainly played winning football."

Despite Muschamp's praise, Koehne admitted he hasn't prepared as much at tackle as he has on the interior of the o-line.

Some of his inexperience shed itself during the second quarter Saturday, when Florida was flagged for his false start.

"I was trying to get off the ball quick – they had some quick guys," Koehne said. "I just jumped way too early."

But, in this game, you have to have a short memory, he said. The o-lineman said he thinks he bounced back from the early penalty as play against the Vols wore on.

Part of the adjustment of moving from the interior of the offense line to the exterior is the strengths of the men you're facing, Koehne said.

"You're against much quicker, faster people compared to the interior linemen when you're going against more of the bigger, slower, stronger guys," the Indianapolis Cathedral alum said.

Koehne said he's getting more comfortable at tackle and his switch in positions across the line hasn't been confusing. He said the changes have actually helped him learn the offense as a concept rather than a position.

"My mindset is if I can play, put me in wherever," Koehne said. "Learning each position has been a good opportunity and it has helped me understand the offense as a whole. I think it has only benefited me."

Looking forward to this weekend's matchup against Kentucky, Koehne can bask in the comfort of his impressive performance against the Wildcats last year. In Florida's 48-10 win, he boasted the team's Scrap Iron award for the week, pinned to the Gators' best offensive lineman.

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