Dastrup impressed on visit

Payton Dastrup and his father David visited Arizona this past weekend. Read on to see his thoughts on the visit, what stood out, when he will decide, and more.

Arizona hosted 2014 Mesa (Ariz.) Mountain View center Payton Dastrup and his father David on an unofficial visit on Saturday. It was not the first time that they visited, but both still came away impressed with what they saw.

"It was great," David said. "This is the third time we have been able to be down in Tucson since June and it has been really helpful for Payton and his decision-making process to be able to go and come back a couple of times.

"It has become very familiar to him and he has established some friendships with guys on the current team like Nick Johnson and Kaleb Tarczewski. I saw a sense of comfort in knowing where was going and who he was going to visit with and it was great."

Dastrup is already pretty familiar with the campus, but his visit on Saturday was more than just seeing it again.

"The players have made an effort to kind of do an open gym situation with the current guys and this was the one time with their schedule that afforded that," David said. "Payton specifically had the opportunity to play some pickup ball for about an hour with the current team.

"There were three teams and he primarily went up against Grant Jerrett and he ran the floor well, contributed and that was probably the main reason for coming down this trip. The coaches can't be there due to NCAA rules, but it was a good opportunity for Payton."

In the past few weeks, there have been a ton of schools that have come to see Dastrup play. While there are currently no favorites, David says that a handful of schools have emerged as recruiting Payton the hardest.

"I think Arizona, Virginia, Florida, Stanford, and BYU are probably schools that have made a big effort in maintaining communication and continuing to build relationships," David said. "I think there is probably a little bit of separation, but not enough to be able to say that he has a top ten or top five.

"I have even pressed Payton a little bit on it, but he has told me he is not sure. I think he is clearly defining the criterion that is most important for him, but it is not at the point where he is ready to say that he is eliminating certain schools and focusing on others."

Originally it looked as if Dastrup could decide sooner than anticipated, but it now seems that he wants to take his time.

"I think he really wants to focus on his junior year and then high school season," David said. "He is saying that he does not want to have to worry about making any decisions during the high school year. Some people would say hey if you don't want to worry about making a decision then just make it and you can move forward. However, he has said he is not ready to do that.

"I think he is looking how next April with the open period goes and probably some of the summer. I think there is a timeframe of having something secured probably 10 months from now I would say."

However, David does leave the door open for his son to be impressed enough to make a quicker decision.

"I think he is leaving the door open to where if something just kind of stuck out in his mind and really impressed him, I think he feels comfortable enough where if something like that were to happen he could say this is what he wants to do and kind of go from there," he said.

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