Confidence Emerging in All Facets

200 yards, shmoo hundred yards… at the end of the day, if some Gamecock wanted to brag about keeping the Gator offense under 200 yards for the game a simple gesture and point to the scoreboard was all that was needed. Florida broke a modern day record 44 points scored with less than 200 yards offense Saturday and finished with confidence, swagger, and everyone knowing this is a tough team.

Trey Burton is finding ways to be a big part of that swagger. We ‘ve seen Burton play just about every skill position on offense, most notably as an option quarterback, but he has also caught passes and run the ball from a running back position.

Burton also wants to be a part of a group called 'The Pack'. Special teams at Florida have taken on a life of their own and Burton put his own stamp on that phase of Florida's football program with a forced fumble of South Carolina's punt return specialist Ace Sanders and recovery of the football that turned quickly into seven points for the Gators.

"I was running down the field," Burton started to talk about the play. "I had an open shot at him so I was thinking, ‘Imma hit him. Imma hit him. Imma hit him.' He put a little shake move on me. "The ball was bouncing all over the place and I just got an opportunity to jump on it."

Burton takes pride in Special Teams and likes that they group is a mixture of starters and star players in the two-deep.

"We want to be the best on special teams. We know in the SEC, you have to be the best at all three phases of the game. I think y'all got a glimpse of how special we are on special teams."

"We have a lot of special players who are backups and who contribute a lot."

For Burton, the strip was accidental, but something he was made aware was possible leading up to the game. The word was that Gamecock ball carriers held the ball kind of loose.

"Yeah. We definitely noticed it," he said. "If you hit the guys hard enough, they'll let it go." "Defense (practices stripping the ball) a lot. Offense, we worry about holding onto the ball. It just happened. It wasn't like I dove for the ball or anything like that. I went to tackle him."\

Burton was helped by a coverage unit that is one of the best in the country. Gunners Loucheiz Purifoy, Chris Johnson, and Solomon Patton were everywhere Saturday. Purifoy forced a fumble on a punt that was almost recovered by Florida and Patton forced another fumble that Chris Johnson almost scored on.

You have to like it to be that good and they love it.

"We work on that a lot and Loucheiz and Juice and Solomon, they do a great job out there," Burton said of the coverage guys. "It's something we take pride in."

Offensive coordinator likes to use a lot of his personnel during a game getting everyone involved. There are games that Burton plays a lot and does a lot like at Tennessee where he scored twice on "Wildcat' runs from the quarterback position. Lately we haven't seen as much of Burton on offense, but that changed in the second half.

"It was just packages," Burton said of why he hasn't been on the field quite as often. "Against LSU, all we wanted to do was run the ball. We ran all over them. I wasn't really involved that much in that. We're 7-0 and that's all I'm worried about."

That changed during the course of the game against South Carolina.

"It was a game plan thing," he said. "We saw in the first half they couldn't really defend the Wildcat and they didn't have any answers for us, so we knew we were going to go back into it." Burton says the whole feel of this team is different from a year ago when the Gators lost every game they played in the month of October. "We're 7-0 right now," he said. We were 4-3 at this time last year. It's a big difference… We were extremely disappointed last year and extremely embarrassed with how we played and (with) our performance."

"We're a lot more confident than we were last year. We've won a lot of big games. We're looking forward to playing Georgia next week and hopefully we can get to Atlanta this year."

Burton said he saw the confidence building in the off-season and that flowed into the first game of the season.

"Coming in, we were pretty confident," he said. "We knew how good we were. We played hard and we practiced hard against each other in camp. We knew we had a good bunch of guys and I feel like a lot of guys matured last year. We needed that. "I just know we're playing hard right now and we're happy to be 7-0."

He is absolutely not surprised by the success of this team so far.

"Not at all," he said. "We made so many mistakes last year—penalties and just stupid stuff. We definitely cleaned them up this year and we're just playing a lot harder this year."

The success has trickled to all parts of the team.

"I think y'all saw it today—how balanced we are," he said. "I feel like we're one of the best in the country and we're excited for the next week against Georgia."

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