Muschamp is no fair-weather coach

Coach Will Muschamp has only just begun to heat up his throne. Less than two seasons deep into his reign, Florida's head coach is executing a style of play that has silenced seven opponents to date. With an unconditional energy and unmistakable passion, the Gators are placing their efforts in the game plan and their faith in Muschamp for the climb to the top.

Sophomore quarterback Jeff Driskel is in the thick of his second year under Muschamp and praised his coach's continual charisma for Florida's program following Saturday's 44-11 win over South Carolina.

"He's a high-energy guy," Driskel said. "He's going to be there during practice and he's going to be there during the game. He's not going to change, and he's going to be fun when we can be fun, but he's going to be serious and coach us up well. We love coach Muschamp."

The players' adoration for their head coach hit the web following Florida's victory over Louisiana State earlier this month. A video gave the public a glimpse into the celebrations bursting from more than just the players in UF's locker room. Muschamp's energy propelled him to crowd-surf into his players, thriving in the joys of success in the midst of his roaring team.

But the week after the LSU game, Jaylen Watkins said such a thing wasn't out of the norm.

"He's always like that," Watkins said. "That's the best thing about him — he's always genuine with us. When we're doing the ‘wu-ha' thing he's always there. It feels good to know your coach is right there with you celebrating."

Aside from the close rapport Muschamp has built with his players, he has instilled a technique in game planning that's clearly successful in production. Saturday's win over the Gamecocks flashed Florida's ability to utilize its special teams with finesse as was evident in Kyle Christy's seven punts eclipsing 50 yards each and an effective punt-return squad.

Driskel said the style of play on offense has also improved since last season, in part due to where Muschamp says games are decided.

"He said it at the beginning of the year," Driskel said. "In the SEC, games are won on the line of scrimmage and we have a bunch of guys that are going to get some push on offense or they're going to get up the field on defense."

Though Florida's offense is currently thriving mostly after executing half-time adjustments and late scoring, Muschamp said Florida's style of play isn't stagnant.

"I think we'll continue to evolve into what we want to be," Muschamp said. "We want to be more balanced. We want to be able to vertically stretch the field and create opportunities down the field."

That evolution begins with Florida's ability to self-evaluate. After the dust from the weekend settles, Muschamp said the Gators watch film and ask themselves what they need to do to be better — coaches included.

"I stand in front of the team on Monday and tell them what I need to do better as far as managing the game and whatever the decision is as far as how we practice, how we approach the week," Muschamp said. "I tell them each week, ‘this is what we need to do to be successful'."

An undefeated record has illustrated the powerful impact of such self-reflection from all angles of Florida's football program — starting at the top.

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