Easley unveils what fuels his fire

Dominique Easley is always lit up or lighting somebody else up. Florida's fiery defensive tackle marks his presence on the field with a punch whether he's slamming the offense or talking smack to the weekend's opponent. Tuesday, the junior let loose and talked about the chip on his shoulder that Georgia left last year and how it motivates him to help his team secure the SEC East title on Saturday.

Q: What do you think about the position you are in this weekend with the SEC East on the line?
Dominique Easley:I mean, to me, it's like every other game. It's just one more game on the schedule that we've got to get through.

Q: What do you remember about the Georgia game last year?
Easley: We lost. We got our butts kicked and it still hurts.

Q: Does that motivate you this week?
Easley: Yeah, a lot.

Q: Why do you think this year's team is so motivated by last year's losses?
Easley: We were one of the first teams to almost have a losing season in Florida's history (finished 7-6), so that takes a toll on us. It takes a toll on all of us just to lose mostly every game that we had.

Q: What happens when you run out of motivation – when you beat everybody who beat you last year (Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida State)?
Easley: We can't run out of motivation, because we still didn't get to where we wanted to last season.

Q: Tell us how you guys came up with that term "violators."
Easley: They got that ball, that's ours. They got that ball hanging out. Violators are someone who doesn't know how to carry the ball correctly. We're going to get it from them.

Q: How long have you guys been using that term?
Easley: Since the beginning of the season, and I'd say some of last season."

Q: What are your impressions of Georgia so far?
Easley: I mean, Georgia's Georgia. They're always going to be good. It's always going to be one difficult game against Florida and Georgia. You can't ever say Georgia's not good, you can't ever say Georgia's not the same way they've always been. When they come and play us, it's always going to be a game.

Q: How much do you enjoy playing in that game with such a good rivalry and the crowd is 50/50?
A:Easley:game until I actually played in it. It's a history.

Q: Is it a nasty rivalry?
Easley: I wouldn't say it's nasty. I mean, I don't like 'em. They Georgia, that's all. They are Bulldogs, that's all.

Q: You bring a certain attitude to the defense. Do you try to do that?
Easley: I mean, I just try to let the other team feel my pain and my hurt. That's all.

Q: What do you mean by "make everyone feel your pain"?
Easley: I hate losing. In my high school career, I only lost one game. In any sport, I rarely lost, so I hate losing. I just hate losing.

Q: How crushing were those fourth-down touchdowns that they scored on you guys last year?
Easley: I'd say every one of those games I have not stopped watching. I have those games in my house and I watch every minute before I go to sleep.

Q: You watch every loss?
Easley: Yeah.

Q: So you watch three-hour games every night?
Easley: Yeah, yeah. (Easley laughs)

Q: Which game have you watched the most from last season?
Easley:"The LSU game (L 11-41) and the Georgia game (L 20-24) and the Florida State game (L 7-21)."

Q: Do you get mad when you watch these clips?
Easley: It's like somebody telling you you're going to watch a video clip of you getting punched in your face over and over again. You're going to get mad every time you watch it.

Q: When Georgia was kneeling on the ball down towards the end of the game, was that just like a slap in the face?
Easley: Yeah, it's like somebody kicked me in my jock.

Q: Watching those games, has that helping you keep focus and not get caught up in all the success you guys have had this year?
Easley: One thing about us is we haven't had success until we win the SEC or the national championship. So there has not been no success this year yet.

Q: Winning the SEC East wouldn't be a success?
Easley: Nah, you've got to win that national championship or the SEC.

Q: Jaylen Watkins said you're a different animal as far as being a motivator for the team. What does that mean?
Easley: (Easley laughs) I don't know. I'm just me. Honestly, I don't know how to explain it. I just like to be me.

Q: Which is…?
Easley: Easley.

Q:Do you get yourself ready to go by picking fights with the other players before the game?
Easley: Nah, I'm ready the week before.

Q: That just happens for fun?
Easley: Yeah, right. That's my glory of the game, just beating on other people.

Q: Coach Muschamp said he has been frustrated with the penalties alluding to the Vanderbilt and South Carolina games. Are the players starting to feel like that's a problem?
Easley: No, it's not a problem. I mean of course it's a problem. We've just got to fix it. It's not taking a toll on us. It's not affecting us in a type of way. We've just got to fix it in practice.

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