Hammond: Offense will have to adjust

We have seen masterful adjustments during games from the Florida offense this year. A lot seem to come at halftime and some before, in the first seven games when needed they happened. Against Georgia, the Gators were hampered with six turnovers in the game, but they still were having issues when they were able to run plays. The Gators know more adjustments are needed.

Florida senior receiver Frankie Hammond spoke to the media on Monday about the different things the Gators are facing. Georgia went heavy up front bringing pressure while also concentrating on shutting down the running game. The result was a running game that was slowed effectively from one that was doing a great bit of damage leading up to the game, and a pass rush that wasn't allowing quarterback Jeff Driskel to keep him from getting comfortable in the pocket.

"I'm not sure if it's the defenses giving different looks," Hammond said. "It seems that defenses look at games from before and see what worked and didn't work. It's all about scheming things up and making things different. I am pretty sure Missouri will look at Georgia's film and try to attack that way too. (It's about knowing) what to adjust and how to adjust and play the game.

"Teams are just trying to slow things down and now we have to screen or get some passes down field. We are still going to try and run the ball because it is the nature of our team. Until they stop us to force us to pass, we are going to keep running the ball.

"Defenses were bringing pressure. That means it basically turns into a quick game. A couple of times they got in there before Driskel could even get the ball out."

The loss was tough on the team, but it is over and they just have to move on. Just like a win, they get 24 hours to celebrate or in this case ‘get over' the loss.

"You treat the wins and losses the same way," he said. "Come Monday we are in preparation for the next opponent. It was a loss, we dealt with it. We made the corrections … and get prepared for Missouri.

"We have our organization meetings and our offensive and defensive meetings. They evaluated it and told us what we need to do to fix it and we will go from there."

Florida seems to need some help at receiver. They haven't been getting open deep as much as would be desired and sophomore Solomon Patton went down during the game with Georgia and is out for the rest of the season.

The Gators have played both freshmen receivers that enrolled from the 2012 recruiting class. Latroy Pittman and Raph Andrades have seen their share of time in huge situations during games. Hammond says the two are getting better every week.

"They are coming along," Hammond said of the freshmen. "Coaches are getting them ready and they are making progress. The game is coming along for them and they just have to keep moving forward."

Hammond gave hints about the issues that the freshmen are facing in this rookie season of theirs.

"The speed of the game," he started. "Coming in the SEC, defenses disguise things. Before the snap they are in one coverage and after it in another. The physicality is one thing, but more of a mental aspect as well. We may see one defense and then we may have to adjust it on the fly, take a couple of steps and have to change your route. It's just being into the game, aware of your surroundings, and adjusting.

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