Lack of sacks not a worry for Quinn

After preaching discipline and holding scramble lanes to the defensive line, the Florida defensive line had a chance to pin their ears back and get after the quarterback. The Gators ended the game without recording a sack. Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn felt like the unit did a better job than the numbers showed, but there's still room to improve as the season continues.

"I think when you look at the stat line we didn't get as much (pass rush), but I do feel like we affected him and a couple of those interceptions were certainly a result of some pressure, and I think we did a good job on third down," Dan Quinn said. "At times, although the sacks weren't there, but we had some hits on him, we had some pressure on him, so in that way I knew it was a talented quarterback coming into the game who was accurate and knew where to go with the ball."

"I thought it was going to be important for us to affect him where you couldn't have the high completions, so I thought in that way we did affect him, although we didn't get the numbers of sacks that you'd like going into the ball game."

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray threw three interceptions on Saturday. Pressure influenced some of the bad throws, but the pressure didn't do enough to create sacks and put the Georgia offense behind the chains. The coaches were happy about the improved tackling, besides the missed tackle by Loucheiz Purifoy that sparked a long touchdown reception for Malcolm Mitchell, but it didn't happen when they got to the quarterback.

The Gators have faced different types of quarterbacks this season that kept the defensive linemen from being aggressive and getting after the quarterback. Opposing quarterbacks like Johnny Manziel, Connor Shaw and Jordan Rodgers took advantage of some discipline issues on the defensive line.

That wasn't as much of an issue with Murray, but Florida still didn't get to the quarterback enough against a more standard scheme.

"Different games require different ways to do it," Quinn said. "In some games, you have to do different styles depending on the quarterback, if he's mobile or not. We felt like that would be the case against South Carolina where you had to play a certain style based on the opponent. Each week has new challenges.

The defense has improved this season and is something that Quinn is proud to put his name on. After the group was dominated at the line of scrimmage last year, they've improved at the line and become tougher this season. That was the goal during the offseason.

"When you watch our tape, you'd say that's a physical team," Quinn said. "They play with toughness. I think that shows more at the line of scrimmage. We're doing a better job in terms of tackling. It's something that we emphasized hard all through spring and training camp, now into the season. Those two things were big areas of emphasis for us.

"The areas that we certainly like to improve on moving forward are increasing our takeaways and communication from player-to-player and coach-to-player, just to get us to another spot. That's a challenge as you're going through the season. Are you playing your best football as you need it the most here towards the end? That's certainly the goal."

INJURY UPDATE: Quinn said that linebacker Jelani Jenkins has been practicing this week after coming out in the first half against Georgia with a hamstring injury. Cornerback Cody Riggs isn't in line to return against Missouri, and Quinn said that a redshirt isn't out of the question.

"You know I'm not sure on the compliance of that, but I would think that it would be due to the nature of the injury so early. Something that certainly we'd consider moving forward here," Quinn said. "At this time, we're just trying to kind of push to get everyone back available as needed."

RICHARDSON GETTING NOTICED: Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson leads the team with 57 tackles. He also has 7.5 tackles for a loss on the season. His unique talent caught Quinn's eye while watching some tape of the Missouri defense.

"He was certainly somebody that you can see as you watch, that guy plays well," Quinn said. "I would say (leading the team in tackles) tells you a lot about what kind of stamina he has. For the big guy to be able to chase and make that many tackles, I think that says a lot for him in terms of he's able to play longer and into games as a defensive tackle.

"It would also tell you that he's a pretty active guy in terms of getting off blocks and that kind of thing. Inside, you could make a lot of plays when it's inside the core, but for you to make tackles that are outside on the sideline, I think that says a lot about a guy."

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