Higdon's Weekly Q and A on Florida Recruiting

Every week FOXSportsNEXT recruiting analyst Jason Higdon tackles te recruiting questions for the readers of Fightin' Gators. Higdon answers them as a chat introduction for his Monday night weekly chats that a re a big hit on the site. He posts the answers soon afterward on our insider messagboards. here is the latest link to those answers.

Read on for the latest in Florida Gator recruiting.

Recruiting Questions Answered

Here are the questions you can find the answers for by clicking the link above...

Do you believe Hawkins will be in the class ? If not ( and I believe you said Robinson and North will not be in the class ) will we look for a 4th WR---who else is in the picture?

Do we have a realistic chance at signing Jaquay Williams?

Who's next?

Jason, any idea on who our receiver coach will be next year and will they hire one soon after the season or will they wait?

Jason will UF take some JuCo's? Will have some holes to fill with graduation and juniors leaving. Was thinking a JuCo wr.. And maybe a JuCo dt or 2 and a tight end?? I know we don't have that many more spots left open.

Do you see UF going the Juco route to add another wr?

Which of these prospects are leaning to UF at this point: Brown, Anzalone, Harris, Daniels, Gilmore, Ramsey, Wiggins, Adams and Gilmore? Go Gators!!

Assuming Brown decides on the Gators, do you think we add another offensive lineman to our class? If so, who would be leaning to us at the present time?

What's the latest on taking a 3rd RB in this class?

Can you go over the JUCO DL board, some of the names we may start hearing about going forward? Also, what % would you put things at as far as us adding a third RB?

Can you review the TE board and do you think we add a TE? Of the TEs we're recruiting, is there one who is more of a blocking TE? I know we want a TE but do you think UF gets one of their choices?

Any word on how Gilmore's LSU visit went?

Predict the 2013 opening day 2-deep at DL.

How many more high school (not JUCO) DL commits do you see for UF?

By all accounts the defensive players LOVE Muschamp. Same for all his prior coaching stops. Add to that the Gators are sure to lose one if not two DT who were both highly ranked coming out of high school to the NFL (in 2010 Floyd was the number one ranked DT, Easley was the number two. We signed a 3rd DT that year 28th ranked L. Orr) Thus providing the opportunity for immediate playing time. Given Muschamp's developmental success coupled with immediate playing time can you explain why multiple top flight DL aren't lining up to be in this class? No offense to the kids already on board as I'm sure they will be solid Gators but why aren't the top 3 type players lining up?

Are there any stud transfers out there available with comparable talent to Tyler Moore and Max Garcia that UF is in on?

Do you think Marcus Maye and Ledbetter will contribute next year at safety

Who in the 2013 class will enroll at UF in January?

Do you think Ryan Green signs with UF in February?

Is Roderick Johnson still a possibility?

How good is Delvin Purifoy?

Do we have any shot at Josh McNeil or O.J. Howard? Any chance we look to Joker Phillips as WR coach? Tons of SEC experience.

Jason, if we were to not gain anymore commits for this year, what do you think the team looks like next year?

This questions stems from obvious gaps we see on the field with some players! What is your honest opinion on how "13 class will give immediate improvement on the field next year, where and why?

Do you think J. Reed turns pro after this season and are Thompson and Taylor going to receive redshirts for this year?

Saw that Ogundeko just set his official for December; are he and Daniel still mutually exclusive? You warming up to the chances of both being in the class?

Any idea when we can get a better idea of Daniel's grades situation improving or not? Why are admissions such sticklers for grades/transcripts before letting kids visits? if he doesn't qualify, who cares? it's like lotto if we want to be able to sign and place a kid.

You able to talk a little bit yet about the banquet in December? Seems like we are taking a little page outta Bobby's book.

Recruiting Questions Answered

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