Pease not interested in talking Kentucky

As soon as Kentucky fired head coach Joker Phillips on Sunday, it was only hours before Florida offensive coordinator Brent Pease was thrown onto the list of rumored names for the job. Pease served as the offensive coordinator at Kentucky from 2001-02 and has spoken highly of the job at multiple times this season. However, he doesn't want to talk about it or become a distraction to his team.

"I think it's a good program," Brent Pease said of Kentucky. "I've been there. They've got great people. They've got a great program and the facilities are good. They're committed to winning. And they have won.

"They won when we were there, when I was there on staff. They won when Rich Brooks was there. You can get good kids there." ?

Kentucky hasn't won more than eight games since the 2007 season when it went 8-5, including wins over Louisville, LSU and Florida State. In Pease's time as the offensive coordinator at Kentucky, the Wildcats went 2-9 in 2001 and 7-5 in 2002. He then left Kentucky to take the same position at Baylor.

Pease doesn't want to become a distraction to the Florida team.

"I've made a commitment to be here, especially with my family, and I'll move on if that situation arises," Pease said. "Ask me that question later when something happens. I can't comment on a ghost story right now."

Pease wants to focus on the remainder football season before he starts to look at other opportunities.

"That situation is out of the question right now because I haven't heard anything," Pease said. "I wouldn't do that. I'm focused on here. I've only been here one year.

"I'm not going to approach it in season at all. If the opportunity comes up afterward, I'd do whatever's appropriate at that time." ?

OPPOSITION LOADING THE BOX: With the downfield passing struggles by the Florida offense this season, defenses have been picking up on it. The Gators are starting to see more players in the box on defense, making it tougher to run the football as well as Florida did early in the season.

The Gators hit a deep ball to Frankie Hammond for a touchdown against Missouri, but it was called back because of a holding penalty by Florida guard Jon Halapio. The deep shots are still in the playbook, but they haven't been working in recent weeks.

"That's something that we still have built into the scheme," Pease said. "We have those. We want guys to get there. But you've got to keep (defenses) honest that way. You can't continually hit your head against a wall."

There are plenty of reasons the passing game isn't working the way Pease wants it to. The receivers haven't been getting openly consistently, and the pass protection has struggled to give Driskel enough time for routes to develop down the field. Pease pointed to drops in recent weeks that are slowing down the progress of the offense.

Even when the offense isn't sharp, Pease knows the Florida defense and special teams are good enough to keep the team in the gave and give it a shot to win.

"It's just a matter of putting it all together. I'm not saying that's going to happen either. You're always trying to put the kids in a good situation, so sometimes you might think we get conservative. Well yeah, but we know our defense is playing well. We know we got Christy to get us out of a situation and not make a risky throw where our defense has a short field or something like that."

This weekend should prevent an opportunity for the passing game to gain confidence. Louisiana is allowing 294.63 yards through the air per game and has recorded nine interceptions on the year.

The Gators should have an opportunity to get the downfield passing game going with Driskel on Saturday.

"Every week it's important to get confidence, but obviously that's a stat that you look at and say, ‘well, they've given up some stuff.' I still think that where we're at with this group of kids and the team from our side is that we go in, and we've got to do what we do best.

"We've got to see how the game goes and where our confidence goes. We'll still always have our mixture of run and pass, but we've got to go out and execute it, too. We should get (the passing game) going. Those stats are saying that you can."

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