Hammond Enjoying the Season Despite Troubles

He has one last game in The Swamp and senior receiver Frankie Hammond is going to really miss his time as a Florid Gator. With his team ranked 7th in the country and standing at a 9-1 record, Hammond is enjoying everything about his final season in the orange and blue. At the same time, he understands the offense must improve a lot down the stretch.

Frankie Hammond has been a major contributor to this year's squad. He's had big plays in big games in a year that has been surprising to most that follow the Gators. He has loved his time on campus at Florida.

"Time flies fast when you're playing ball," he said. "My four of five years have gone by and the time is here. I've enjoyed it and it's been a great experience for me. The time comes and you have to close the door, move on, and another door opens for you."

He knows he and his fellow seniors are going to be a little caught up in the moment when his name is announced Saturday and he walks to midfield to greet his parents for his last game in The Swamp. He knows he is going to miss it.

"A lot of us have poured our hearts into the program, to have it finally end and look at it from the outside in," he said. "It will be real emotional and having that actually hit you. It definitely hurts."

Hamdan has a new receivers coach this year and it is his fourth coach at the position since he has been on campus at Florida. Bush Hamdan was moved up from grad assistant shortly before the season started and Hammond appreciates what Hamdan brings to the table.

"Coach Hamdan has done an exceptional job," Hammond said. "He came here with Coach Pease, so he knows all the intricacies of the offense and has given us a little bit of freedom in some routes because he played in it."

There has never been any doubt about Hamdan's ability to coach up the position.

"Him becoming a coach and being bumped up I had total confidence In him because he's been in that offense," Hammond said. "Every word he says I know it's real and he's seen it before. When he gave me advice before I just took it in because I know he won't steer me in the wrong direction."

Going through four receiver coaches and four offensive coordinators in his time has been a whirlwind and especially with all the changes made in the playbooks and terminology. Hammond has been one fo the guys that has been able to take it all in and get on the field.

"Most of it is just learning the terminology and the language," he said. "Each coach calls it differently and probably wants your stance different a little bit. It's just learning the details of each coach and how they want it done. Getting on the same page through repetition and spending time with the coach."

Hammond is insistent that the issues on offense are those of details and taking care of their own business.

"We have to be more sound," he said. "We had a couple of penalties that moved us back. We have to be more positive. We had a couple of stops and went three and out. It's just finishing out drives.

"It's just guys focusing. The game moves faster than in practice. It's just finding the details; it's a game of inches. Just one split second late and you may miss a guy. Each play is something different, but it's just the details that we have to hone in on."

Finally, the Gators are faced with an issue at quarterback for the first time all season. Starter Jeff Driskel was injured in the game against Louisiana and was replaced with backup Jacoby Brissett. Faced with a two score deficit, Brissett was able to guide the team to two scores and then a special teams play won it for the Gators.

Hammond says they should still be able to do just about everything in the offense with Brissett in the game. He blew off the notion that Driskel is less inclined to throw the ball deep. The deep ball has been an issue with the offense most of the season.

"They are both great quarterbacks," Hammond said of Brissett and Driskel. "Driskel takes shots down the field as well. He has thrown his fair share of deep balls down the field. I am not sure he is more inclined to throw it. He went through his reads and if it is open down field he is going to throw it.

"Driskel is more of a mobile guy. He can get out of the pocket a little faster, but I don't think that will change the offense. I think that Jacoby does it just as well as Driskel does."

Finally, Hammond is absolutely not into making any excuses for the play of the offense. It doesn't matter how many changes there have been. Players need to just do their assignments and the play will take care of itself.

"It's an adjustment from last year, but that isn't an excuse," he said. We just have to hone in on the details and everybody on the same page."

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