Bostic scores big in last home game

Jon Bostic fired all his collegiate points in one home game — his last. Senior Day, a matchup versus Jacksonville State, was a poetic contest in the Swamp for the Gators' seasoned veterans. Three of Florida's 19 senior players rocketed all of the orange and blue's 23 points in the shutout, and Bostic trotted away with six of them.

But before he made it onto the scoreboard for his first and final time at the Swamp, the senior linebacker wasted no time making an early impact on defense. The Gamecocks stunned in their first play of the afternoon after receiver Kevyn Cooper made it through two of Florida's attempted tackles to move all the way to UF's 7-yard line before Bostic halted him.

"It was kind of weird how it happened," Bostic, a captain Saturday, said. "As soon as that play went on, I thought of that National Championship game with Auburn and Oregon. When it happened, we thought he was down. But that's one thing we (have) always said: You can't give up on a play."

Jacksonville's threat fizzled after kicker Griffin Thomas missed a 25-yard field goal.

But it was in the third quarter that Bostic pieced together his own threat. The Gators had already built a 10-0 lead over the Gamecocks when quarterback Marques Ivory's middle pass made its way into the comforts of Bostic's palms.

The Wellington, Fla., native chalked up a 7-yard interception return and penetrated the endzone. Touchdown.

That moment marked the first time in his college career Bostic would hear his name pinned to points scored.

"We were really just trying to get after it," he said. "We knew somebody was going to have to make a play on defense and today, it just happened to be me."

Bostic joked that the last time he remembers getting a touchdown was back in his high school days at Palm Beach Central High School in Wellington, Fla.

Following the Senior Day shutout, coach Will Muschamp sung nothing but praise for the senior. "I don't know if there's a guy playing better inside linebacker in the country than Jon," Muschamp said. "He's instinctive — tough. He has answered to everything we've asked him to do as a football player."

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