No Leaders for Jackson

Gardena (Calif.) Serra 2014 athlete Adoree Jackson holds nine offers and continues to hear from more programs...

Gardena (Calif.) Serra 2014 athlete Adoree Jackson was one of the most impressive players on the field Friday night as the Cavaliers defeated Santa Monica (Calif.) 58-6.

"The highlight for me tonight was just seeing everyone else do so well. I like seeing everybody have fun and to win it big and have everyone get in the game after practicing so much was great. Everybody impressed me on our team tonight, especially the underclassmen like Malik Robeson and Marques Rodgers. Everybody stepped up big time," he said.

Jackson had two rushes for touchdowns at running back and broke up a few passes at corner. He also displayed a refusal to get tackled.

"I think it goes back to Pop Warner. When I first tried out, first wanted to play, I had watched Reggie Bush highlights and he didn't ever get tackled so I used to always think 'well, I don't want to get tackled either.' I try to not get tackled, try to make some plays and get into the end zone. Sometimes when I don't get into the end zone I get upset, so I just want to make it my home," he said.

Jackson holds nine early offers, the most recent from Arizona State earlier this month. Jackson, who has ranked the top defensive back in the West for the 2014 class, is also hearing from a number of top programs from around the country, but lists no favorites.

"No schools are really standing out right now. LSU was out there for the Cathedral game because of Hayden Rettig and I thought USC would be out here tonight for Sebastian LaRue, so I'm hoping for more offers. But we'll see. I don't have a number one right now, I'm open to everyone," he said.

The 5-foot-10, 185-pound prospect was at the Rose Bowl this weekend taking in the crosstown rivalry between UCLA and USC, two teams that are recruiting him, and told Scout's Greg Biggins afterwards that he enjoyed the experience and was impressed by the Bruins' performance.

"That was my first time ever going to a UCLA game but it definitely won't be my last. I'll be honest, I was shocked UCLA won, I didn't think they had a chance. USC came out flat and UCLA was fired up and ready to play, you could tell that right away," he said.

Though he might not yet know where he'll play, he does know a few things he's looking for in both a football program and a university.

"I;m just looking for a place where I'll be happy at for college: if it's right for me, if I can play right away. Also, I want to see what the history of the football team is and how they play on both sides of the ball. I don't know where I'll play yet, but every way I can help out a team, I'll help. I just want to play. I'm also looking at the fanbase, the community, stuff like that," he said.

As the season has continues, Jackson's playmaking ability on the field has improved.

"When I get the ball into my hands, I have a new demeanor. I do the same thing that [USC receiver and former Serra standout] Marquise Lee does; when I get the ball, I make a play. I get into people's head well. I know that I have the type of game where people are focused on me on the field, worried about me and seeing what I'm going to do, so if I can get into your head and make you play bad, then my game is that much better. It throws you off and I have fun. Even if I'm not in your head, I can still make plays and do well," he said.

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