Muschamp Teleconference: Driskel to start

Florida head coach Will Muschamp was part of the weekly SEC teleconference again on Wednesday. the second year head coach started off with the injury report which looks quite good for the Gators as they head to Tallahassee for the showdown with FSU. Here is a transcript of the questions and answers of today's teleconference including big news on quarterback Jeff Driskel and receiver Andre Debose.

Will Muschamp: "We are pretty healthy going in. Jeff Driskel was pretty good at practice yesterday and he'll be ready to go. Andre Debose looked good yesterday. Neiron Ball is still a little slow with his deal. Chaz Green and Hunter Joyer looked pretty good. We are pretty healthy going in and playing a good football team in Tallahassee."

Q. How will the four-game national playoff affect the SEC and how does the SEC affect the playoff?
Muschamp: "It will certainly play in the SEC. It's a playoff every week. We have an eight game playoff to go the championship game. At the University of Florida we'll play Florida State every year and next year we'll play Miami. You're looking at ten big games as the media would say.

Q. What have you learned and developed as a coach in the second year.
Muschamp: "More than anything it's about controlling things you can control. Probably managing my staff a little better. As much as anything keep your team healthy. "We need to recruit for depth on both lines of scrim,age. That is where we are different this year. We are more equipped to handle the season on both lines of scrimmage. That's the key to the whole (thing)."

Q. Is Jeff going to start?
Muschamp: "He will at this time. We still have a couple of more days of practice, but he looked good enough to me that he'll be fine. Jacoby looks good as well. We'll go from there, but right now Jeff looks good."

Q. Did Sharrif Floyd get injured and is he going to play on Saturday?
Muschamp: "Yes (he is going to play), he looked good yesterday."

Q. How does Driskel look good as far as mobility?
Muschamp: "He looked fine. We did everything we normally do and there was nothing limitesd in the package in what we do for him to prepare for any game. He looked very good yesterday and unless something happens unheard of happens in practice today or tomorrow he ought to be ready to go on Saturday."

Q. Who will you use at punt return?
Muschamp: "Right now on punt return Marcus Roberson or Andre Debose would be back. At kick return we are still a little unsettled, but we feel very comfortable… Omarius, Loucheiz, or Andre, one of those three."

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