One chance for improvement in regular season

Florida offensive coordinator Brent Pease has heard the critics. The Florida offense hasn't produced as expected for the last month and has regressed in some areas. Perception can change with one strong game, especially if it comes on the road against No. 10 Florida State. The offense has plenty of room for improvement in the final regular season game, and that's the goal for Pease.

"I've got that side that I feel responsible at times," Brent Pease said. "In the same sense – the so-called bashing – we are what we are right now in what we do. We try to improve. Where we're at, it's still kind of a work in progress until we get everything totally in place. The kids have worked through it for a year, you hope you continually see improvement and experience has to go along with that."

Pease was also quick to the point that the Florida offense hasn't shown all of its plays and formations on film this season. That could bring some surprises into the Florida State game, regardless of who is under center.

"You go into the last few games and you hope you don't have to use a whole lot just because you feel your matchups are probably in your favor," Pease said. "We didn't show a lot the last game. We kept things pretty simple. That was our intentions as it worked out because of a new quarterback, because of what they were presenting to us defensively. We still had things in the game plan, but we didn't get to the situation where we had to use things that were quite exotic."

Opening up the playbook and going with more diverse looks should help the Florida offense in Tallahassee this weekend. However, the execution still has to improve. The Gators haven't blocked well enough at the line of scrimmage or made enough plays at the wide receiver position for that to change immediately.

The offense isn't where it wants to be with talent, but Pease knows it's still a work in progress on offense.

"I don't take the so-called critics part of it," Pease said. "Everybody has to understand the circumstances around everything when things are new. I didn't expect this thing to be a work of perfection or I would have come here for one year and left. That is not my intention."?

HAPPY WITH BRISSETT: Jeff Driskel (ankle) was held out of the game against Jacksonville State, forcing backup Jacoby Brissett into action. He went 14-for-22 through the air for 154 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions.

The fear from the Florida offensive coaching staff was that Brissett would have to deal with heavy blitzes that the Gamecocks would bring. That's why the game plan was based on the run early in the game.

"That was the thing that scared us was just how much pressure they had shown from the boundary side, the field side and middle," Pease said. "You don't want to get in a situation in a game like that where you are off balance and you don't really have some answers to what they are doing."

After the run game was established, including 11 running plays on a 12-play opening drive for a touchdown, Pease allowed Brissett to throw the ball more. He was impressed with the sophomore, but if Driskel is able to play on Saturday at Florida State, Brissett will move back to the backup role.

"We got into a situation where we could start to balance some stuff up and put some things in his hands," Pease said. "I thought he did a good job. Did he miss a couple of throws? Yeah. There's some throws that we've got to make some plays on, but that's kind of been our situation all year is making throws, making catches making certain blocks here and there and handling what he had to handle."

MATT JONES PLAYED WELL: When Mike Gillislee was getting a breather on Saturday against Jacksonville State, freshman Matt Jones got the call off the bench. He ended the game with eight carries for 65 yards, including a long for 18 yards.

"He's a physical kid," Pease said. "I think he demands respect when he carries the ball, and you saw him get into a pile and carry the pile. It was a situation where I think that as much as we were running the ball, we needed to have another guy that we could give the ball to. It's important for us in the future and for what we build.

"He's a kid that's got great hands, too. You just put him in those situations and he made plays."

Pease wasn't ready to call Jones the backup running back if Gillislee went down. They'll continue to work Jone and Mack Brown into the mix when Gillislee gets tired just to keep him fresh late in games.

"We use guys in situations," Pease said. "Depending on what we're doing if it is pass based, blocking based or running based, we use guys according to their strengths. Mack's pretty much back to health, but Matt had a good game."

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