Face of Florida Football Up For COY

It may have taken a little bit of time, but Florida head football coach Will Muschamp has become the current "Face of Florida Football". Bound to do it his way and risk early rewards for future success, Muschamp has quickly turned a program that spent two years in mediocrity to one that is on the cusp of greatness again.

This week Will Muschamp was named a finalist for the Coach of the Year award when the Football Writers Association of America threw his name in the ring for the national honor. He is also among the watch list for the bear Bryant Coach of the year award.

Straight off of a 6-6 inaugural season in 2011, Muschamp improved the overall record of the Gators in 2012 to 11-1. This despite the team playing five teams that won at least 10 games in the regular season. The Gators won four of those games, which is at least two more than any other team in America.

The Gators rest at number three in the BCS rankings after starting the season ranked as the #23 team in the land. Muschamp and his Gators won seven games at home for only the third time in Gator history.

Muschamp has done it his way, which by all accounts is a positive flow for the future of the program. He has worked to clean house of trouble makers on the team and has pushed to make his team more competitive in the Southeastern Conference by working them harder and transforming them into bigger, stronger, and more competitive on the playing field.

To this we congratulate Muschamp on overcoming great odds as a first time head coach in 2011 and winning over a Gator Nation that had its doubts.

Here are some glimpses of the "Face of Florida Football"

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