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Where does UGA stand with their remaining offensive targets? Find out here...

Offensive Breakdown: QB -1 | RB-1 | WR-4 | TE-1 | OT-1 | OG-1 | C-1

----- Quarterback -----


Dawg Post 2013 Recruiting Board
Brice Ramsey - EE 99%
Position: QB | Size: 6-3/202 | Hometown: Kingsland, Ga. - Camden County
Ranking: 4-star | No. 7 QB
Competitors: Committed to Georgia
Commitment timeline: Committed to Georgia on July 15, 2011
Summary: Georgia targeted Ramsey very early and they got the quarterback they wanted in this class. He has so much upside and all the tools you look for in an elite QB.

Position Summary: UGA has been and is done at this position. Ramsey was offered by Mike Bobo during the spring of 2011 and Ramsey committed to the Dawgs at Dawg Night a couple of months later. Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, and others tried to change his mind, but they had no luck.

----- Running Back -----


Dawg Post 2013 Recruiting Board
Greg Bryant 10%
Position: RB | Size: 5-10/210 | Hometown: Delray Beach, Fla. - American Heritage
Ranking: 4-star | No. 12 RB
Competitors: Alabama, Auburn, and South Carolina
Commitment timeline: N/A
Summary: Georgia appeared to be back in the race for Bryant, but there has not been a lot of communication between the two parties in recent weeks. It appears UGA is focusing on other backs at this time.
Derrick Green 0%
Position: RB | Size: 5-11/225 | Hometown: Richmond, Va. - Hermitage
Ranking: 4-star | No. 7 RB
Competitors: Auburn and Michigan are the current favorites with others in the mix.
Commitment timeline: N/A.
Summary: Green named his top six early in August and UGA was not on that list, but he did visit Athens in August. UGA does not appear to be a real contender at this time.
Derrick Henry - EE 0%
Position: RB | Size: 6-3/245 | Hometown: Yulee, Fla. - Yulee
Ranking: 5-star | No. 6 RB
Competitors: Alabama
Commitment timeline: Committed to Alabama on September 28.
Summary: Henry committed to Georgia at Dawg Night 2011 and stayed strong for about nine months. He then started visiting Tennessee in the spring before getting to Alabama for the first time in June. Alabama flipped him over the summer and he went public early in the fall.
Tyren Jones 10%
Position: RB | Size: 5-10/202 | Hometown: Marietta, Ga. - Walton
Ranking: 4-star | No. 18 RB
Competitors: Alabama
Commitment timeline: Committed to Alabama on February 21, 2012.
Summary: Jones is one to keep your eye on. Things have been quiet in the Jones camp for sometime, but it would be very surprising to Dawg Post if he does not visit Athens between now and Signing Day.
Alvin Kamara 55%
Position: RB | Size: 5-10/191 | Hometown: Norcross, Ga. - Norcross
Ranking: 4-star | No. 16 RB
Competitors: Alabama, Florida State, Oklahoma State, Oregon, and Tennessee.
Commitment timeline: Likely before the end of September.
Summary: The longer Kamara holds off from committing, the more time it gives others to pull him away from the Dawgs. Alabama has really closed the gap here.
Ashton Shumpert 25%
Position: RB | Size: 6-2/255 | Hometown: Fulton, Ms. - Itawamba Agricultural
Ranking: 4-star | No. 12 S
Competitors: Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt.
Commitment timeline: N/A
Summary: It will be interesting to see now how UGA pursues Shumpert, if at all after Turman's commitment. Mississippi State likely is the lead school.
Altee Tenpenny 0%
Position: RB | Size: 6-0/203 | Hometown: North Little Rock, Ark. - North Little Rock
Ranking: 4-star | No. 11 RB
Competitors: Alabama, Arkansas<, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma State
Commitment timeline: Committed to Alabama on January 28, 2012.
Summary: Tenpenny flirted with UGA a little, but since late summer, the two have not shown much interest in one another.
A.J. Turman 99%
Position: RB | Size: 6-0/200 | Hometown: Orlando, Fla. - Boone
Ranking: 3-star | No. 36 RB
Competitors: None.
Commitment timeline: Committed to Georgia on November 13.
Summary: Turman visited UGA earlier in the summer and he returned for the Ole Miss game. UGA had him on campus for a couple of days this time and he and his family liked their time in Athens. Turman chose UGA a few days after that visit.

Position Summary: Georgia is looking to sign at least one running back in this class, but likely will pursue two. A.J. Turman committed to UGA in mid November and the Dawgs will likely focus on Kamara the rest of the way.

----- Wide Receiver -----


Dawg Post 2013 Recruiting Board
Reggie Davis 99%
Position: WR | Size: 5-11/180 | Hometown: Tallahassee, Fla. - Lincoln
Ranking: 3-star | No. 92 WR
Competitors: None.
Commitment timeline: Committed to Georgia on June 3, 2012
Summary: Davis quietly committed to Georgia in the summer after spending time in Athens with his team. He will take speed to Athens and the ability to stretch the field.
Rico Johnson 99%
Position: WR | Size: 5-11/168 | Hometown: Swainsboro, Ga. - Swainsboro
Ranking: 3-star | No. 72 WR
Competitors: None.
Commitment timeline: Committed to Georgia on June 16, 2012
Summary: As soon as Johnson got the offer from the Bulldogs, he committed. It happened at the Mark Richt Camp and this looks like one of their smartest offers to date because of his speed and upside.
Uriah LeMay 99%
Position: WR | Size: 6-2/195 | Hometown: Matthews, N.C. - Butler
Ranking: 3-star | No. 47 WR
Competitors: None.
Commitment timeline: Committed to Georgia on June 1, 2012
Summary: Another LeMay commits to UGA. Christian LeMay was first, now Uriah, and he is a sure-handed receiver with good size.
Marquez North 0%
Position: WR | Size: 6-3/210 | Hometown: Charlotte, N.C. - Mallard Creek
Ranking: 4-star | No. 8 WR
Competitors: Clemson, North Carolina, and Ohio State.
Commitment timeline: N/A
Summary: North has visited Florida and Tennessee for games this season, but still no visit to Athens. How hard are the Dawgs pursuing this prospect is the question? Right now, things seem to be cold between the two parties. Not a lot appears to be going on here.
Kyrin Priester 20%
Position: WR | Size: 6-2/191 | Hometown: Snellville, Ga. - Brookwood
Ranking: 3-star | No. 85 WR
Competitors: North Carolina State and South Carolina.
Commitment timeline: Committed to North Carolina State on October 6.
Summary: Priester originally committed to Georgia back in the spring, but decided to pull back on that to think things over. UGA had him on campus again in September, then again in November. If UGA decides to pursue another WR, keep an eye on him.
Jonathan Rumph 99%
Position: WR | Size: 6-5/200 | Hometown: Goodman, Ms. - Holmes
Ranking: 4-star JUCO WR
Competitors: None.
Commitment timeline: Committed to Georgia on November 21.
Summary: Rumph is a huge get for UGA. They wanted a big target that could be a threat in the red zone and vertically and he is that. He will have three years to play two.
Tramel Terry - EE 99%
Position: WR | Size: 6-0/185 | Hometown: Goose Creek, S.C. - Goose Creek
Ranking: 4-star | No. 17 WR
Competitors: None.
Commitment timeline: Committed to Georgia on March 6, 2012
Summary: Terry visited South Carolina unofficially, then took an official visit to Clemson, but decided last week that he was definitely going to UGA.
Jaquay Williams 10%
Position: WR | Size: 6-2/205 | Hometown: Fork Union, Va. - Fork Union Military
Ranking: NR
Competitors: Georgia.
Commitment timeline: Committed to Texas A&M on December 2.
Summary: Georgia made a run at Williams late in the 2012 cycle and they did the same 2013. UGA came up short for the second year in a row in this race.

Position Summary: Georgia has three, possibly four wide receivers (Depending on Rico Johnson and J.J. Green) committed in this class they would likely take two more if they were the right two.. They would have to be thrilled to get just one of their top targets though.

----- Tight End -----


Dawg Post 2013 Recruiting Board
Jordan Davis 99%
Position: TE | Size: 6-4/220 | Hometown: Thomson, Ga. - Thomson
Ranking: 3-star | No. 13 TE
Competitors: None.
Commitment timeline: Committed to Georgia on July 28, 2012
Summary: Davis picked up an offer from Georgia after shining at the Mark Richt Camp in June and it came down to them and Florida. Davis visited both schools late in July and decided he wanted to be a Bulldog.

Position Summary: UGA only offered a handful of tight ends and they decided to go away from Josh McNeil, so Davis fills the need here in 2013. He is very athletic with a lot of upside. Georgia is done at this position.

----- Offensive Line -----


Dawg Post 2013 Recruiting Board
Position: C | Size: 6-2/285 | Hometown: Buford, Ga. - Buford
Ranking: 3-star | No. 4 C
Competitors: Committed to Georgia
Commitment timeline: Committed to Georgia on May 19, 2012
Summary: Florida was the first school to offer Cardiello and his childhood favorite Florida State offered too, but he chose to stay close to home and to play in Athens. He is one of the most sound technicians in the state.
Tyrone Crowder 35%
Position: OG | Size: 6-3/305 | Hometown: Rockingham, N.C. - Richmond County
Ranking: Scout300 | 4-star | No. 3 OG
Competitors: Clemson and North Carolina
Commitment timeline: N/A.
Summary: Georgia has to get Crowder on campus for an official visit and it may not happen until after season the way it looks right now. Clemson may be the leader at this time, but he has visited UNC the most.
Brandon Kublanow 99%
Position: OG | Size: 6-3/295 | Hometown: Marietta, Ga. - Walton
Ranking: Scout300 | 4-star | No. 9 OG
Competitors: Committed to Georgia
Commitment timeline: Committed to Georgia on May 23, 2012
Summary: Kublanow is known as 'The Finisher' and 'Bull' because of his style of play. He will take intensity and toughness to Athens and he could get looks at guard and center.
Trenton Brown - EE 10%
Position: OT | Size: 6-7/330 | Hometown: Milledgeville, Ga. - GMC
Ranking: 4-star JUCO OT
Competitors: Florida, Florida State, and Oklahoma
Commitment timeline: December 19.
Summary: As Dawg Post reported late in the summer, Brown decommitted to Georgia. Florida is the leader.
Aulden Bynum 99%
Position: OT | Size: 6-5/265 | Hometown: Valdosta, Ga. - Valwood
Ranking: 3-star | No. 55 OT
Competitors: Committed to Georgia
Commitment timeline: Committed to Georgia on April 6, 2012
Summary: Bynum grew up a Dawg with dreams of playing between the hedges, so he will have the opportunity to live out those dreams.
Delando Crooks 20%
Position: OT | Size: 6-5/269 | Hometown: Atlanta, Ga. - Carver
Ranking: Scout300 | 4-star | No. 27 OT
Competitors: No official list out yet, but Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Stanford, and Vanderbilt are some of the schools.
Commitment timeline: N/A
Summary: It still appears that Crooks like UGA, but are the feelings mutual? Not a lot of contact between the two in the fall. UGA may not have room.
Devondre Seymour 35%
Position: OT | Size: 6-6/315 | Hometown: Suwanee, Ga. - North Gwinnett
Ranking: 3-star | No. 29 OT
Competitors: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
Commitment timeline: It is looking like Seymour will take official visits before he makes his decision.
Summary: Seymour has been an OL on the UGA radar for some time and they have stayed in contact with him. He had a good season and he is one to watch between now and Signing Day.
Position: OT | Size: 6-6/295 | Hometown: Lake City, Fla. - Columbia
Ranking: Scout300 | 5-star | No. 1 OT
Competitors: Alabama, Florida, and Florida State.
Commitment timeline: Signing Day
Summary: It is just too close to call right now. It is a battle between Alabama and Georgia. UGA could still have a slight lead, but it has gotten even tighter than it already was in recent weeks.

Position Summary: Georgia has three offensive line commitments in the middle of August and it looks like they will take five at this time. They are currently in the running for two of the best in the country and those are likely the only two offensive linemen that could call and commit to Mark Richt at this time. EE = Early Enrollee. Prospects with this beside their name are on track to graduate in December and enroll in college in January 2013.

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