Next visit for Young is LSU

Following his team's triumph Saturday in the 2A state title game, linebacker Kenny Young spoke with TSD's Austin Hunter about his future plans regarding recruiting.

When Kenny Young stepped on the Superdome turf Saturday, the John Curtis Christian School standout only had one thing on his mind.

The 6-2 225-pound prospect wanted to be a part of the team that won the 25th state title in school history. He ended up doing just that when John Curtis defeated Evangel 35-13 to claim the 2A title, something Young says feels even better because of how hard he and his teammates worked to get to this point.

"It feels great," said Young following the game. "We started from day one and came out and made a commitment as a team. We said we were going to come out and give it our all and try to outwork every opponent in front of us. We did that all season long. We came out and busted our butts and gave it everything we had to come out with a victory today. We just showed today how hard we work."

Young explained that being a part of such a great team was a dream come true for him. The Class of 2014 linebacker said that the seniors for Curtis held everyone accountable all season, and the victory in the Superdome was no different.

"I'm just so thankful to be on such a great team," said Young. "We had some great seniors that pushed me all season long. I tried to push them all season, and I think we were all successful in what we wanted to accomplish. That's what made us the team that we are now."

With his team claiming the 2A title for 2012, Young explained that he is already moving on to next season. He understands that he will be relied on heavily during his senior year, and he is looking forward to stepping up into a leadership role for the Patriots in 2013.

"I have to step up big time next year," said Young. "I have to be the leader of this defense and the leader of this team. When they are down I'm going to make sure they keep their heads held high.

"We are going to do the same thing that we did this year. We are going to go out there on the first day and get to work. We have people that will be targeting us big-time next year. I'm just ready to get back to work."

Now that his junior season is behind him, Young plans to dive back into the recruiting scene in his spare time. While he hasn't received any new offers recently, Young said that he plans to reach out to the schools that he has an interest in, something he says he hasn't been able to do in several weeks with Curtis being in the playoffs.

"I haven't gotten any new offers recently," said Young. "I keep in contact with the coaches every now and then. I haven't really had a chance in the last few weeks to get in contact with any schools because I have been busy trying to win this championship. I think they understand that. I just have to get back in contact with those schools because I'll have the time to do it now."

Young explained that he plans to begin his offseason college visits with a trip to LSU's first Junior Day in January. Young is looking forward to the visit because he feels as though he will get some long-awaited news from the Tigers.

"I probably will go to the LSU Junior Day that is coming up," said Young. "In terms of an offer from LSU, that's on them. I anticipate getting my offer from LSU pretty soon, and probably when I visit there. If they don't offer me, then they don't. I will just continue to work hard and get better."

Hailing from Louisiana, one would expect Young to be excited to receive an offer from his home-state power. While Young explained that the news would excite him, he isn't going to let it alter the plan that he has set forth for his recruitment.

"If I got an offer from LSU it would be nice," said Young. "I want to wait to make my decision until 2014 because I don't want to rush anything.

"I don't want to make a decision too quickly because a lot of things can change in that amount of time until I sign with a school. I just want to go through the process and visit all of the schools that I want to see. Whatever school fits me best is the school that I will choose."

The LSU staff members, while they haven't offered him, have told Young that he is a priority for them in 2014. His relationship with the LSU coaches is something that has increased Young's interest in the Tigers. Young said that they have been encouraging him to continue his dominance on the field and LSU will be there for him.

"Coach [Frank] Wilson is recruiting me for LSU," said Young. "Our relationship is very close. I met him this year and had a chance to go to four of the LSU games. He just told me to keep working hard and to keep my head up because he really wants me.

"Coach [John]Chavis says the same things. He just wants me to continue to make plays and he said he would come get me."

While he is diving back into the recruiting process, Young maintained that who offers him has no bearing on how he will handle the process. He believes that hard work and determination will lead him in the right direction and allow him to play where he wants to play.

"I don't really pay attention to who offers me and who doesn't," said Young. "My job as an individual is to stay focused and keep working hard each and every day. Whatever happens will happen. God has a plan for everything and I'm just following his plan for me."

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