For Florida receiver Frankie Hammond things could have gone better, but he wouldn't trade anything for the experiences he's had at Florida. The senior was a mainstay for the Gator offense and steady the entire season where he did his part for an 11-1 and Sugar Bowl bound Gator squad. Hammond says the receivers played all year with an edge and believes things are heading in the right direction.

You don't have to tell the Florida receivers they need to be more of the offense. They know it. Florida finished last in the SEC in passing offense in 2012, despite running the hardest schedule in the country and only losing once. The latter is all that matters, but the receivers are working for more.

"We've had a chip on our shoulder the whole season," senior wide out Frankie Hammond told the media last week. "We just keep battling. Things haven't worked out and many things haven't fallen our way. We just keep working hard and hope for the best."

For the offense this season it has been all about continuously working hard, staying free of mistakes, and then pouncing when they get to chance. That worked in all but one game where mistakes doomed them and especially in the season finale against Florida State where the gators rattled off 399 yards against a top five national defense.

"We just executed," Hammond said of the 37-26 win in Tallahassee. "At the end of the day we took advantage of our opportunities. It's a rivalry game so you fight every inch and crawl for games like that and it went down to the wire. It is a different mentality for games like that especially when it comes to FSU."

Hammond was unfortunate at Florida to have to endure four offensive coordinators and four receiver coaches in his four years of playing. The change has taken its toll on the production of the offense overall, but he sees things making a big jump in 2013 under the second year of offensive coordinator Brent Pease.

"I think it will grow," he said of the offense. "The second year under Muschamp, (on defense) there was a big turnaround. There a lot of kinks that have to get worked out and guys growing into the offense and I think they will take it to the next level."

Hammond leaves a a strong part of a memorable 2012 season and just wants to be remembered as a guy that did what he could do to make things better.

"A positive and a very good receiver here," he said when asked what he wanted to be remembered for. "I may not have many stats or broken records. But I want to be looked as an efficient receiver (that made) a positive impact. I want the younger guys to think I went about things the right way."

And he can think a former player for that mindset and one that is a glaring example of what happens if you continuously work hard. Deonte Thompson finished the season a year ago after a very lackluster career, but was always talked highly of from the coaches. His is a story that Hammond would share with any young receiver trying to find his way in college football.

"Take advantage of the opportunities," Hammond said. "A guy like Deonte, when he was here his stats weren't all that, but he went about things the right way. When he went through his training and all of that, he made the best of it and made an NFL roster. It is all about staying positive and doing everything right and in return you will get paid back."

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