Cancer Research Classic: Top Performers

The Cancer Research Classic was an absolutely loaded event with some of the top teams and players in the country. Leading the way was Elijah Thomas, Devin Williams, and Jahlil Okafor.

Size: 7-9/250 |
Quick Take: In Prime Prep's huge win over Huntington Prep, Thomas was the best player on the floor. He is so crafty inside and just knows how to play the game. Thomas can really score, but he does more than just that. Even in limited minutes he showed he can rebound on both ends and also is a very capable passer out of the post. He continues to get into better shape, and is just having an excellent sophomore season.

Recruiting: Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Illinois, Duke, Kansas, Arizona, Alabama, Oklahoma, TCU, North Carolina State, UCLA

Size: 6-4/185 |
Quick Take: A role player on the Montverde team, Bibbs was extremely productive and showed he is more than capable of handling a primary scoring role if needed. Bibbs sat at the top of the Montverde offense against the Simeon 2-3 zone and simply picked them apart. Bibbs didn't miss a shot in the first half and his play was key in Montverde blowing the game open. A good athlete, Bibbs is improving as a shooter, and his stock is definitely on the rise.

Recruiting: Xavier, Dayton, Ohio State, Ohio University, Central Florida, Cincinnati, West Virginia

Size: 7-11/260 |
Quick Take: Okafor did what he does, and that is dominate on the low block. He is probably the premier low post player in all of high school basketball, and he relishes the opportunity to dominate down low when he has the chance. In a game where there was absolutely no matchup for him, Okafor realized that early and simply took over. He went for his usual double-double and showed everyone in attendance why he is one of the most heavily recruited players in the entire country.

Recruiting: Duke, Michigan State, Ohio State, North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Louisville, Wisconsin

Size: 7-8/225 |
Quick Take: A Cincinnati native, Williams absolutely went to work in his future home state. The future Mountaineer showed exactly what he is, a low post beast who can score some and is a great rebounder. Williams is tough and physical down low, and dominated when he had the chance with his play. He recorded a double-double and was simply too much for Simeon to handle on the block. When Williams stays down low his size and strength are too much to handle for most high school players, and he will continue that in college.

Recruiting: Signed with West Virginia

Size: 7-6/195 |
Quick Take: Just a freshman, Battle had one of the more efficient games of the entire event. In the first half of his team's loss he did everything humanly possible to keep them in the game. With good size, and still growing, Battle looks like he will be the total package on the wing. He can score in a big way, has good feel for the game, and is an excellent athlete. How he progresses will be fun to watch because on this day he looked like he could be special.

Recruiting: Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Florida, Ohio State, Miami, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Kentucky, Northwestern

Size: 6-5/235 |
Quick Take: Last year at Cancer Research was Jenkins' breakout performance and he matched it and then some this year. Jenkins went for 31 and did it in impressive and efficient fashion. Though he definitely needs to get into better shape, Jenkins uses his strength down low to score and his skill on the perimeter to make things happen. Jenkins hit from three and the mid-range, but did most of his damage on the offensive glass and with putbacks. Overall he was smart enough to find out how the other team couldn't defend him and took complete advantage.

Recruiting: Signed with Villanova

Size: 7-7/215 |
Quick Take: Parker isn't quite yet back to being the player that he has shown the past two years, but he is getting darn close. After looking way out of shape earlier in the season, Parker is now right about at his playing weight and everything is coming back for him. He is showing his explosive athleticism, the quickness in creating space on the jumper, and his ability to move his feet on defense. Still he needs to work on his conditioning some, but Parker was making plays all over the floor for Simeon and worked to keep them in the game against a loaded Montverde squad.

Recruiting: Committed to Duke

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