LaRue Confirms Visit to Texas A&M

Last week, four-star speed athlete Sebastian LaRue decommitted from the USC Trojans and opened up the recruiting process. He first set a visit to Texas A&M but a quick look at their 34 commit class had him concerned about spots. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop spoke with Larue Tuesday night and it appears the trip is back on after talking to A&M coaches.

Santa Monica (CA) receiver/defensive back Sebastian LaRue announced during last week's Under Armour high school all-star game practices that he was de-committing from USC and opening up the recruiting process. One of the schools that immediately jumped back in the picture is Texas A&M. However, a couple of days ago LaRue seemed to question his plans to visit the Aggies via Twitter after seeing the large number of commits in the 2013 class already. Tuesday night, LaRue said that has been cleared up with the Texas A&M coaching staff and he's set to make his visit down to College Station.

"I just got off the phone less than five minutes with Coach Yates (A&M DB coach) and we talked in-depth about their class numbers," LaRue said. "He went over the entire receiver class and discussed the need for me at the slot where they are losing two seniors."

But LaRue insists that he's not afraid of competition and it wasn't the number of receivers commited that prompted his tweet.

"I just wanted to know if there was a spot for me," LaRue said. "I don't want to waste a visit if there's no room for me. I like the competition. That's not what I was concerned about. Coach Yates said he loved my competitive nature and fearlessness on the field. I want to compete with the best. He knows I won't back away from a challenge."

LaRue point blank asked if A&M has a spot for him, and Yates emphatically said "yes, we need you." That's all LaRue needed to know to confirm his January 18 official visit.

"I don't care about the guys at receiver coming in. I just wanted to know I had a spot before I took the visit." I was assured I do, so I'm going. I have bonded with Coach Yates. I like him a lot."

There was talk about UCLA, Michigan, and several other schools involved for his services but he basically said at this point the only scheduled visits are to Texas A&M and Notre Dame. He goes to College Station on 1/18 and then Notre Dame on 1/25. If and when it feels right, he'll commit on the spot. Otherwise, it will be Signing Day.

"I don't have a plan on when I will commit. If it feels right, I'll commit and end the process," LaRue said. "Otherwise, it will probably be on Signing Day."

LaRue visited A&M last spring on an unofficial trip during the Friday Night Lights scrimmage. He was committed to USC for almost six months and the A&M trip was over 9 months ago, so I asked him what he remembered most about the trip.

"A&M has great fan support. They all showed up for Friday Night Lights and they are very loyal fans," LaRue said. "I can only imagine what game day is like."

Despite being committed to USC throughout the 2012 season, the four-star receiver managed to watch several Aggie games.

"I'm a big college football fan. I watched A&M play that first game against Florida. Had that not been their first game because of the bad weather with Louisiana Tech, I think they would have beaten Florida and could've played for the national championship," LaRue said. "I watched them beat Alabama. That was a great game."

Asked what will he be looking for on his visits and what will be the deciding factors, Larue said, "I'm very interested in alumni support and the ability to get a job after football. I'm also going to take a close look at campus life and where I best fit outside of football. Finally, I want to see the players and coaches interact and how close the coaches are with players."

LaRue didn't have detailed statistics from his senior year, but he did know he surpassed the 1000 receiving yards mark, something he missed by less than 50 yards in 2011. He had 14 offensive TD's and an INT returned for a score.

Despite wanting to play WR at the college level, he admits that he feels he's a natural cornerback and it comes easy to him. Coach Yates told LaRue he could play either position he wants, but they are initially recruiting him as a receiver. That sounds just fine to the California playmaker.

"I can play either position, but for now I want to start out at receiver and see what happens," LaRue said. "Once I'm in school and see how I feel, I won;t rule out switching positions. It depends on what the team needs and the opportunity to play. But for now, I want to be recruited as a receiver, and that's where Coach Yates says they want me."

Despite decommitting from USC a couple of weeks ago, the USC staff continues to call and he spoke to them once since he opened up the recruiting process.

"Yeah, when I decommitted they weren't mad. They said they wanted to keep recruiting me, and it's a good school and a good program," LaRue said. "But it hurt a little to see what they just did to Kylie Fitts. We were all close as a class, so to see that he's out there on-campus getting his dorm stuff and supplies, and they pull the rug out from under him. It makes you think."

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