Staver Accepts Responsibility as a Recruiter

The Florida Gator recruiting class is filling up fast and it will go down to the wire whether the Gators finish with the top class or not for 2013. The group as a whole has taken great pride in it and maybe none more so than quarterback Max Staver. The 6-6, 235 pound Staver had a strong senior season and he wants to sling shot that into his career at Florida.

To say that Max Staver was under the radar before he visited the University of Florida and got an offer may be a bit of an understatement. The strong armed quarterback from Brentwood Academy in Tennessee completed 63% of his passes as a junior and threw for 2087 yards and 20 touchdowns with just five interceptions in what amounted to about nine games of playing time.

Staver felt he progressed a good deal as a senior.

"I did a lot better than the year before," he said. "Having another year of experience under my belt and I was throwing the ball real well. I had some pretty good stats considering I missed two games and played in half the game in four others.

He also rushed for over 300 yards on the season, something that with his size is a huge asset in the game of football.

"I think a big thing that shocked people was my running ability," he said. "My running was kind of like Tebow runs, some power runs. I also had some breakaway runs as well. I think people were surprised at that."

Despite the successes of 2012, Staver knows he can always get better.

"I just need to get better for next year," he said. "There isn't one thing, there are a bunch of things. I can improve on my athleticism, speed, and quickness. They will get better as I work at them. I think the speed of the game is going to be a very big thing and the playbook.

"My quarterback coach from California has been here recently and working with me. We have been working on drop backs and speed and tempo, getting the ball out real quick. In the SEC those corners break so fast that a five yard hitch route, if it isn't out really quick, it's a pick six. In the SEC you can't make arm throws, you have to use your entire body to throw the ball."

He is big and powerful with his arm, but Staver said the Florida coaches have seemed to like his leadership qualities more than anything… something that has transferred to the recruiting process.

"They knew I had a strong and accurate arm," he said. "We didn't talk about my strengths on the field, we talked about my leadership. I have been big on helping with the recruiting class and we are trying to close that out. They have been real happy with that. I'm not a really arrogant guy and I am down to earth. I kind of have a chip on my shoulder because I have been underrated. They still have a lot to find out about me and me about them, but so far we have a really good relationship and I couldn't be any happier with it."

He loves the class that "he" and the Gators are putting together.

"It's real solid," he said. "You are talking about guys like Marcell Harris, Ahmad Fulwood, Demarcus Robinson,. Jordan Sherit, Nick Washington, Kelvin Taylor, Adam Lane… we have a lot of really talented guys and won't be surprised if we have the top recruiting class.

"We still have to come together, we don't all now each other yet. I think the future is really bright for us in our class and coach is really happy with it. I think we are going to have a couple of more guys we will pick up and I think Gator Nation ought to get some good news pretty soon."

Florida already has verbal commitments from five receivers and that is exciting for a guy like Staver who is looking to chuck it around to some talented play makers.

"Absolutely, Demarcus Robinson, Ahmad Fulwood, Marqui Hawkins, Chris Thompson, and Alvin Bailey, we have a bunch of them," he said of the skilled group. "They are real good guys and from what I have seen on film, all of them can catch real well. I like to just go see what they are like on film and I will text them right away and tell them I watched the film and really happy to have them.

"I know they are saying we are trying to move the program into more of a pro style attack. I think Florida is starting off on the right foot by taking all of these receivers. I am excited about it."

When his commitment happened, it was quite the surprise for Staver who lives hundreds of miles away from the Gainesville campus.

"I really didn't have interest in the school for the longest time, because they never contacted me," he said. "It was kind of late in the game, but I went down to camp and I loved it. It was a lot different than what I was used to in Tennessee. I kind of like nature and God, it's how I get away and I really liked those aspects down there.

"The academics are really good. They are a top notch SEC school as far as that. They have a very favorable football program and we saw that this year. The staff is a bunch of real guys, they are down to earth but when they get you on the field they will push you. That is exactly what I want and need."

His appreciation for Florida offensive coordinator Brent Pease has grown even since the time he committed.

"I like how he adjusts the game to what he sees from the defense," Staver said. "I know against LSU they brought in a formation that no one had seen before and they just used some power and smashed them. He told me that we will move to a professional offense throwing it 25-30 times a game. I don't think he wants to put too much on his quarterbacks that they can't handle. He is a really good coach and I believe I will progress as a quarterback and get ready for the next level."

In the meantime, it is all about preparation for his time in college.

"I'm planning on coming in competing for that job whether that means first or second string," he said. "I will be as prepared as possible. You never know what will happen. You are one play away if you are behind the starter. I am just going to go in there as prepared as I can be."

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