Middleton Recaps Junior Day Visit

Winston-Salem (NC) Parkland defensive tackle Deshaywn Middleton talks about his junior day visit to NC State.

Deshaywn Middleton picked up an offer from Wake Forest early this week but it was another ACC school that had his attention over the weekend.

NC State invited the defensive tackle up for the basketball game against North Carolina and a campus tour on Saturday and Middleton took them up on their offer.

Ryan Nielsen would be Middleton's position coach and he was able to speak with the Middleton family about his educational and football background as well as the kind of coach he would be. There was a meeting with all of the other recruits and then everyone broke down into position meetings.

Facility tours came next but Middleton had already seen that in the past. The game is what Middleton was really looking forward to.

"We went through the VIP section just to get a feel for everything. When the players were on the court warming up they had us down there watching them. When we walked down by all the students they would start to clap for you and cheer for you. I really liked going through the crowd and having people say my name," he said.

The game itself was "crazy," according to Middleton. The sold out crowd had him on the edge of his seat from start to finish. He was able to speak with Dave Doeren briefly.

It wasn't the first time he met all of the new coaches.

"One of them, Coach (Clayton) White, had come by my school on Tuesday. He said he's going to try to make it back (in the future)."

There's a good chance Middleton will make NC State's next junior day which should be sometime in February. He will be at Charlotte next week and is open to making other plans beyond that.

While Middleton wants to keep an open mind he candidly acknowledged that one school is starting to impress him.

"NC State is really standing out to me. One, it's the attention they've shown me and then the way the players were talking to me. K'Hadree (Hooker) is so close to me so I know I can trust him. He's a very motivating guy. The thing about NC State is they don't only want to show you something, they want to prove it to you. I really like the way they were talking to us."

Coaches from Florida and East Carolina visited Parkland High School last week.

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