Ask The Experts: Newberg Responds To You

Until the ink is dry, there are always a lot of questions surrounding the process. FOX Sports NEXT national analyst Jamie Newberg is based in the state of Florida and offers up his answers to the various questions posed by our subscribers.

Q: Give me three guys (3 star or less) that you think will become house hold names by the time they leave college?

Jamie Newberg: "Love RB Matthew Dayes, WR Eddie Jackson and Alex Montgomery, OLB Mitchell Wright, DBs The Griffin twins, ATH Shykeem Pitts, OLB/DE Deondre Barnett. Keep an eye on those names."

Q: Who do you think is the most under rated prospect in this class?

Jamie Newberg: "In Fla's class - I would say Jarrad Davis."

Q: Us Florida fans feel we will get Ramsey based on what we get from our Gators sites. Is this wishful thinking on our part since both Chad and Jamie feel that Ramsey sticks with USC? In other words are we wearing orange and blue tinted glasses on this recruit?

Jamie Newberg: "I keep hearing he's going to flip but I hear that for both FSU and FLA. It is too hard to say. The kid doesn't talk. I honestly feel there could be too much stuff going on at USC, coaching changes, etc. Distance. FSU has their turnover as well. This one is a close call but it does sound promising for FLA. We shall see. Some of these kids are so difficult to read."

Q: With regard to Jarran Reed, Montravius Adams, and Alex Collins, I have tried to read every story about each of them from multiple recruiting sites and newspapers, and never once have any of those guys, nor those in their "camps", mentioned who is leading for them, and they have named only their 3 or 4 finalists. I even saw a Miami Herald video interview with Collins last week, and he very convincingly stated in a rather detailed interview that he had not yet come close to figuring out where he would go to school, other than naming his finalists… My question is why do so many recruiting analysts say Adams is between Georgia and Clemson, Reed is most likely between Ole Miss and Bama, and Collins is between Miami and Arkansas, when not one hint has been given? Is it a case of one party making an assumption, and then another repeats it, and so on and so on, until it gets to the point where everybody is making the same point as the first party, while none of them even knows why?... Right now the meme going around is that FSU leads UF for Ramsey. Nobody who says this is saying why they think that, nor do any of them give any evidence, and they always word their statements in a way that makes it obvious that they are simply guessing.

Jamie Newberg: "The bottom line is that you just don't know. If anyone out there tells you they know where Alex Collins is going they are flat out lying…For Collins and many kids it's like trying to put together a puzzle based on the bits and pieces you know and learn. Over the course of time you then can hopefully determine where a kid could possibly go… Like I answered in one of these posts, some of these kids are incredibly difficult to read and predict."

Q: Are you as surprised as we are that Demarcus Walker went to FSU out of the clear blue sky?

Jamie Newberg: "Demarcus Walker landing in Tally has to be the biggest surprise thus far. No one saw this coming. He was a long time commit to Alabama that if he bolted from the Tide it would be the Gators. He was supposed to visit FLA following the UA game. He didn't make it and went to FSU. Goes to show you how big relationships are in the recruiting process because the biggest factor he landed at FSU was his relationship with their new DC Jeremy Pruitt, who came from Alabama. The Seminoles really didn't recruit him that hand all season. This was a big shocker."

Q: Which DT have you been more impressed with this year- Brantley, Bostwick or Adams?

Jamie Newberg: "Montravius Adams - different animal. This kid shouldn't be able to do the things he does at his size. What an athlete. No question that Bostwick and Brantley can play are very good but Adams is one of the best recruits with so much upside. As much as anyone in the country."

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