Ask The Experts: Simmons Responds To You

The day is near and still there are questions to ask about what is happening and what has happened along the recruiting trail this cycle. FOX Sports NEXT national analyst Chad Simmons tackled some of the questions from our subscribers here at Check it out.

Q: Give me three guys (3 star or less) that you think will become house hold names by the time they leave college?

Chad Simmons: I have to start with Jarrad Davis. He is a big linebacker who plays with intensity, he is smart, and he really improved a lot over the past 12 months. Roderick Johnson is an offensive tackle with good size and he can move. Alvin Bailey is an excellent inside receiver that has a great feel for the game. He knows how to get open and he should have a productive career at UF.

Q: I see that you changed your prediction on Jay-nard Bostwick from Miami to Florida. What did you hear that made you go this direction?

Chad Simmons: "This went back and forth for a while, but it has been much more pro-Florida the last week or so. UM has been involved, it is a school close to home, but it really seems the family loves Florida."

Q: Whats your opinion of Will Grier in the 2014 class? What QB does he remind you most of when you watch him?

Chad Simmons: "I like Will Grier a lot and he will be one of the top 2014 quarterbacks in the country. I really like his poise in the pocket, I like his awareness, I like his ability to spin the ball, and he is good at extending a play with his mobility outside the pocket. I am not a big comparison guy, but he has a lot to like. Outside of the size and arm strength, he does a lot of the little things well." Q: Are you as surprised as we are that D, Walker went to FSU out of the clear blue sky?

Chad Simmons: "I was very surprised… Information has surfaced since then that he knew for about a week that he was going to FSU, but keeping that quiet for that long is impressive. Jeremy Pruitt was the key here and Pruitt has been recognized as a top flight recruiter in recent years and he showed why again here."

Q: Which DT have you been more impressed with this year- Brantley, Bostwick or Adams?

Chad Simmons: "This year specifically, I would say Bostwick. He is an athletic defensive lineman with good size and speed to get in the backfield. He does not have the first step that Bryant has, but he is the most athletic of this trio. He has a lot of raw skills and a high ceiling."

Q: Who do you think is the most under rated prospect in Florida's class?

Chad Simmons: "This is a hard question for me to answer being that I play a role in the rankings, but with that said, I would go with Roderick Johnson. I really like his upside. He has to improve his fundamentals and get stronger, but I like his size, I like his feet, and I think he could be a big-time get for Florida in the longrun."

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