Thompson Feeling Love From UNC

DURHAM, N.C. --- Trevion Thompson attended North Carolina's first Junior Day for his most recent visit to Chapel Hill.

"It was like any other visit when I got up there for practice or whatnot," Thompson said. "They really showed a lot of love. The coaches are really interested and they're really talking about how I could come in and do this and do that.

"With the junior day, they showed a lot more of the meeting rooms and how the depth chart goes as far as first team and second team. Pretty much, they were just telling me how they really want to throw the ball and how they want to keep the top talent in North Carolina."

Besides the junior day, Thompson, a 6-foot-3, 175-pound wide receiver from Durham (N.C.) Hillside, has camped at UNC and attended a couple of games at the school last fall.

Clemson emerged as an early favorite for Thompson. He says that is no longer the case.

"I don't really have a top school, because I'm a year away from my Signing Day," Thompson said. "It's just right now, I'm trying to see who I like the most and where I want to go. No schools are really sticking out."

Thompson hopes to narrow his focus to a select group of schools at some point, but he's not exactly sure when.

"I'm looking for a school that will allow me to have a life outside of football," Thompson said. "And [I'm looking for] a school that's going to prepare me to become a man and provide on my own. Say I get hurt in football, God forbid, I'll have something to back it up."

On Wednesday, Thompson's older teammate Korrin Wiggins selected Clemson. Meanwhile, another former teammate, Khris Francis, enrolled at UNC in January. Hillside also has alumni at Ohio State, Georgia Tech, among others.

"It doesn't really affect me," Thompson said. "It just lets me know that almost wherever I go, I have previous teammates that are already there and have experience it. It doesn't really influence me, because my lifestyle is totally different."

Randy Jordan recruits Durham for UNC, but Gunter Brewer, UNC's wide receivers coach, has taken over a more active role in Thompson's recruitment.

"I talk to Brewer, a lot," Thompson said. "Our relationship is getting stronger, because he wants me to come around more and he has shown a lot of interest in me. The relationship is great."

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