Pleasant Surprise and No-Brainer for Knox

It thought it could happen, but wasn't sure. BVut when the time came along with the opportunity to officially be a Gator, big ole number 78 couldn't say no. A family full of Gator fans, Ben Knox made the family proud Saturday when he told Florida head coach Will Muschamp that he would be a Gator.

Ben Knox talked about a possible offer with Florida yesterday with his new high school coach James Thomson, but the two weren't exactly sure it was going to happen. They made sure he was prepared anyway.

"I just got the offer today," Knox told me after talking about committing to Florida. "I kind of expected and kind of didn't. I got a Utah offer Friday but Coach Thomson said (the Gators) were thinking about offering me, he just said I should tell them I am just here to get better."

And then it went down something like this.

"I was at Junior Day and we had groups," he said. (Offensive line coach) Coach Davis got me out of the position group and sat me down in Coach Muschamp's office. He offered me and asked if I would like to commit and I said, yes."

Knox's mother had to work Saturday, but make no mistake about it, he wasn't about to answer in the negative and then have to call momma and explain why he didn't do it.

"I called my mother and (she and Muschamp) talked on the phone," knox said. "This is the school she wanted me to come to because it is close and she really likes the Gators."

The Florida staff have been paying attention to Knox and it just took an eyeball test of the 6-5, 256 pounder to put their offer in motion.

"They said they liked my film, my size, my height, my arms, and my athletic ability," he said before rattling off what he liked about Florida. "I like the facilities, the program, the coaches, the players and just overall everything. They were just open arms today and I was like a part of the family. I really liked that.

At 256 pounds, Knox knows he has to get bigger. Just a junior in high school, he has time to do that, but he got a firsthand impression in December of just how big he needs to be to play at the collegiate level and in the SEC.

"The first time I was there back at Bowl practices and I was watching the offensive line," he said. "The first thing I could tell is that they are all big."

Still, his size isn't scaring away any thoughts he has of playing with the big boys. He believes in himself and knows what his strengths are.

"I am great at run blocking, and I have good footwork," he said. "But, my strength is my pass blocking because I can keep them off of me with my long arms."

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