Westgate has talent

Read on as Westgate head coach Ryan Antoine talks about the talent on his roster, including 2016 RB Tredarius Williams and 2014 three-star DE Tae Thibodeaux...

Tae Thibodeaux is the headliner on Westgate's returning roster.

"Tae's the biggest one we have right now," head coach Ryan Antoine said. "Southern Miss, Nebraska, Arizona State and UL have all expressed interest. I think offers are coming soon from some of those schools.

"Davante Brown (2014 OL/DL) has been doing real well. He, Jason Collins and Aaron Bird are my other kids that will be highly-recruited from that class."

Antoine talked about some of his younger players.

"We have a lot of kids that are stepping up," he said, "sophomores like Ramon Guidry, a running back. He was ineligible last year. He's a 2015 running back. Tredarius Williams (2016 RB) is looking good.

"Taylor Fondal (2016 DT) is another one. He's (legendary Anderson Middle School head coach) Fondal's son. He's going to be a good one - special, very special. He can run, he can block. We'll have to see if he's an offensive lineman or defensive lineman."

The 2016 group is especially talented.

"We have a real good freshmen class with Jaquandre Allen and Jhmad Allen," Antoine continued. "Jaquandre started every single game for me as a sophomore. He has great parents at home. We couldn't have functioned without him last year.

"I'm very excited to have him coming back for three more years. Jhmad reminds me of (Troy QB) Deon Anthony. He'll compete for the quarterback job and can play every offensive position."

Antoine must say farewell to seniors Josh Boutte, Jamal Sam and Trevontae Williams. The well-known Boutte inked with LSU, while Sam and Williams are names to watch coming from the JUCO ranks (Fullerton JC signees).

"Jamal is a monster," Antoine said. "He's going to be a very special kid at 6-2, 220, and following in the footsteps of Kelvin York from Dutchtown at Fullerton

"Trevontae is 6-3, 210, and going to play corner out there. He fits the mold of the new breed of big corners. His upside is humongous."

Antoine has a third senior, DB Bryson Broussard, headed to Fullerton.

"Fullerton had 48 kids sign D-1 this year," Antoine said. "Those three will get to live together."

The best of all could be 2015 defensive end Tyron Mitchell (6-4, 230).

"He's been having a helluva off-season," Antoine said. "He's grown some more and may be up to 240. I expect a real good spring from him to take some pressure off Tae.

"Hopefully Davante can focus on offense and not have to go both ways. Tyron could be able to come in and handle the DT spot. He could be an end on the next level. We're trying to get Tyron a little tougher. I want to see him in the trenches."

Antoine's defensive line should be stout with 2015 DE Jalen Briscoe also coming back.

"I want him to develop a mean streak," Antoine said. "He's fundamentally-sound with technique. Now it's time for him to go out there and turn it up even more. Jalen's been starting since he was a freshman. He's real strong in the weight room. He'll be able to show out."

The aforementioned Collins is making the move to tight end as a senior.

Brown plays guard but is projected as a center on the next level.

Pictured below from left-to-right are Briscoe, Collins and Thibodeaux

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