Mornhinweg adds West Coast Flavor to Jets

As Mark Sanchez and the Jets' left-for-dead passing attack search for answers, new offensive coordinator Marty Morhinweg is ready to change the dynamics of the team's sputtering passing game with a shift in scheme and philosophy.

If Jets fans were hoping for a permanent change at quarterback this upcoming season, they were sadly mistaken. Newly hired offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg expressed his support for incumbent starter Mark Sanchez in a conference call, stating that the quarterback would have a 'leg up' on the competition entering training camp.

"Mark has many strengths," insisted Mornhinweg of New York's embattled signal-caller. "Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. We have to play to a players strengths and make his weaknesses a little better."

Mornhinweg has been disciple of the West Coast offense, which aims to spread the field with quick passing plays to produce big plays and put points up on the scoreboard. His philosophy is more quarterback friendly than that of Tony Sparano. While Sparano excelled in the run game, the Jets new offensive mind will hope to build on the running success by coupling it with a dynamic passing attack.

"My job is to put everyone in the best position to excel," noted Mornhinweg.

Just moments after the conference call, the Jets inked former Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard to a one-year deal. Garrard was recruited to fuel Sanchez's compeitive spirit and provide veteran leadership on a roster devoid of experienced players. Despite the deal, Garrard years removed from his prime, not having played the past two seasons. With four gunslingers now on the roster, it is all but confirmed that the Tim Tebow experiment has effectively ended in East Rutherford.

Reiterating his belief in the West Coast system, Mornhinweg delved into his own personal philosophy about how to win games. He is a proponent of careful preparation, insisting that it is not the best team but the most prepared team that often wins on Sundays. He affirmed that the 2013 New York Jets will be much more prepared for their contests than in years past and that any shortcomings on the field should be attributed to his own miscalculations and not the players on the field.

"It's my responsibility to get the football to our best players or playmakers a little bit more," noted Mornhinweg. "Just in general, that's the philosophy there. What goes into it a little bit more is the old-school philosophy that we don't care how we get it done - run, pass, who gets the credit."

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