Brown healthy and comfortable in role

He's been here a long time. Jeremy brown his going into his senior season, his sixth season as a Gator, and he seems like he has everything in order to do big things when he is done with the year. He has played quite a bit of football in his five years here and he has missed even more with injury. Now, he's going to work and enjoy his final season on campus.

Jeremy Brown is the lone player on the Florida squad that can boast a national championship ring. He came in with the 2008 recruiting class that also included safety Will Hill who finished his time at Florida after the 2010 season. That is quite a bit of time to play football in college, and he knows it. He doesn't care he is just happy to be out there working with his teammates.

"I'm old, man," Brown told the Florida media on Tuesday. "It's been a while since I've been healthy. I can't really remember the last time I was healthy. But I feel good. I'm having fun.

After playing through a little pain here and there and missing large amounts of time due to serious injuries, Brown finally feels like he is all the way back. Now he is looking forward to just having a good year on the field and helping this team win.

"I'm 100 percent," he said. "Normal aches and pains, but that comes along with it. I'm good, though.

"I'm just thankful. It's fun. It's a great experience. Like I was telling some of these guys, playing with such talented players, you thrive off stuff like that. So I'm just taking the process in stride, enjoying it and keep on moving.

The process means he will have to work out some kinks and get back to full speed, something he is eager to get to.

"A little bit," he said about the need to get his mobility back to where it was. "Any time you've had the amount of injuries I've had between the back, knee, wrist, I mean you definitely lose a step over the years, so I'm just trying to get back out there and compete."

He played at the end of last year, but he still wasn't all the way back, not in his mind anyway.

"My body was just beat up. I was coming off knee surgery last year, so I mean I probably wasn't even, I don't think I even got to 100 percent. And then right before the season I broke my wrist, had wrist surgery, so I missed all of camp. It was just rough. Bowl game, I started feeling good. But I'm good now."

Brown has had several people that he can lean on throughout his ordeal. It all began at home.

"Family," he said. "I have a good support system in place, great group of friends. And then coach Muschamp, he's been very supportive throughout the process."

Brown has been in a position to start a few different seasons during his career. He has shown his talent a great deal in practice and a few moments in games as well. However, during his time on the sideline the Gators have continued to recruit the position and have done a good job of it. Now, Jaylen Watkins, Loucheiz Purifoy, and Marcus Roberson have established themselves as All-SEC type players and Brown understands what that means for his role this season.

"Right now I see myself definitely providing much-needed depth," he said. "We have tremendous corners, if not the best in the country between Jaylen, Loucheiz and Marcus. It doesn't get better than that. I've played with Joe (Haden) and they're up there with those guys. They're special. So you know, I'm just providing much-needed depth. Whenever my number's called, be ready to perform and go from there.

Despite the issues of staying on the field, Brown has found his way through the classroom and has taken advantage of the opportunity that a football scholarship has offered him. That education thing and staying out of the trainer's room is what he is hoping to do in 2013.

"I just got accepted into grad school, so that's a big goal of mine ... to continue to progress well in my education, do well with that," he said. "Last go-round. Have a good season, stay healthy. It's just about my health. I don't think I've had a full year of being healthy since I've been here. So if I can just be healthy, help these young guys get going, and perform when my number's called, that would be a great season.

Education wise, he wants to stay in sports.

"I want to do sport administration type things," he said. "Work for a professional team, somewhere in that aspect."

So far in camp Brown sees a receiver group that is making moves. Purifoy is actually spending the first half of spring camp on offense and turning some heads.

"Loucheiz is doing very good… he's making a lot of progress at receiver," Brown said. As you know, he's very talented. Talent was never a question, but in terms of a receiver he's definitely developing every practice with his route progression and making the right reads and cuts like that. He's going to be special. He's going to make a lot of plays on offense this year.

The defensive backs on the team have had a good time sparring with Purifoy and look to get a shot on him when they can.

"Yeah, that's expected," Brown said. "Whenever he's on that side of the ball, he's on the dark side. We're coming after him. But he's doing good, making a lot of progress."

Brown said the other guys at receiver are stepping-up as well. It is a position that needs a few talented players to take the lead and do something.

"Coach (Joker) Phillips has them guys definitely going in the right direction," Brown said. "As you know, they're all talented between Quinton Dunbar and Andre Debose, I mean just as a receiver corps good group of guys and they're working hard this spring, making a lot of progress. They're going to be just fine in the fall."

Odds and ends from Brown

If there is one guy that should know about the change in the roster from the previous coaching regime to this one it is Brown. He believes that Will Muschamp has things heading the right way.

"Definitely," he said. "We're getting depth. I feel like when coach Muschamp first got here, we really didn't have too much depth. But now you see depth starting to come in, some good classes back to back. So it's definitely going in the right direction."

He really likes the young guys that have already shown up on campus.

"Demarcus Robinson's going to be a great player," Brown said of the receiver. D-Mac (Daniel McMillian), KT (Kelvin Taylor), the younger guys, I mean they're all pretty good. I wouldn't say there's one that's just jumping off the charts, but I think they're a good group."

Part of roster building is being able to replace talent that leaves with new talent without missing a beat. Brown believes despite the loss of Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins at linebacker, the Gators are in good hands at the two positions.

"Antonio Morrison and Michael Taylor, they're definitely going to fill the void this year," he said. "I think they're ready. They're primed for the spotlight, and I think they're going to take it in stride and make the most out of it."

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