Gator on Gator: Round 1; Game 1

Here is our inaugural game of our first season of Gator-on-Gator football. For the true Gator historian and enthusiast. Seven of our subscribers and one employee drafted teams of all-time Gator Greats and we are squaring these teams off in head-to-head battles on our message board. A poll will determine the winner and the polls last two days for each game. Come and vote for your favorite Gators.

In round one, we pared off the top message board poster of the group which happens to be our Gator recruiting expert Jason Higdon. He and his team of Gator studs are matched up against the all-star power of ValleyoftheChomp a relative new-comer to the site and the competitor with the least amount of posts.

The eight teams drafted players from any era and are set to make the case for which team is the best during each contest. Higdon's "Team Come Get Ya Some" and Valley's "Team Boom" should bring back fond memories of the past and in some instances, some guys still suited up for the Gators.

Please take the time to look this over and then follow the link to the message board to vote for the team that you think would win the head to head battle.

To start, we will pare off the TEAM COME GET YA SOME offense vs. the "Team Boom" defense…


All-SEC Seasons: 14
All-American Seasons: 10
SEC Rings: 14
NCAA Rings: 3

QB - Danny Wuerffel – 2 x All-SEC, 2x First-team All-American, 2 x Davey O'Brien Award, 2 x SEC Player of the Year, 4 x SEC Champion, National Champion, Heisman Trophy, Draddy Trophy (academic), Johnny Unitas Award, Maxwell Award, Walter Camp Award. Completed 708 of 1,170 passes for 10,875 yards with 114 touchdown passes, the best in SEC history and second-most in major college history. His career pass efficiency rating of 163.56 was the best in major college history and his percentage of passes which went for a touchdown (9.74) ranked first in collegiate history at the time. He is one of only two Heisman Trophy winners to also receive the Draddy Trophy.

No one threw the fade like Danny

RB - Larry Smith – 3x All-SEC, All-American, finished his college football career with 528 carries for 2,186 yards and twenty-four rushing touchdowns, and 607 yards receiving.
WR - Carlos Alvarez- All-SEC, All-American, Florida career receiving yardage leader (2,563), College Football Hall of Fame.
WR - Reidel Anthony - All-American, All-SEC, 3x SEC Champ, NCAA Champion. As a junior in 1996, he played an instrumental role in the Gators' 12–1 national championship season, catching seventy-two passes to lead the (SEC) with 1,293 yards (an average of 18.0 yards per reception), and setting the SEC regular season record with eighteen touchdown catches.
WR - Willie Jackson, Jr. – 2 x SEC Champ, First-team All-SEC , Honorable mention All-American (1991, 1992, 1993He finished his four-season college career with 162 receptions for 2,172 yard and twenty-four touchdowns—still fifth on the Gators' all-time receiving yardage list.
WR - Taylor Jacobs - SEC Champion, First-team All-SEC, Orange Bowl MVP --Reason he made the team, plays BIG in BIG games,. As a junior in 2001, Jacobs posted thirty-eight catches for 712 yards and seven touchdowns. As a senior team captain in 2002 he finished with seventy-one receptions for 1,088 yards, an average of 98.8 receiving yards per game, and had four 100-yard receiving games.
OT - Lomas Brown SEC Champion, All-SEC, Consensus All-American, Jacobs Blocking Trophy (SEC's Top OL), 7× Pro Bowl, Super Bowl Champion. Behind the blocking of Brown and his Great Wall teammates, the Gators' quarterback Kerwin Bell, fullback John L. Williams and halfback Neal Anderson led the Gators to a 9–1–1 overall win-loss record and won their first SEC championship with a conference record of 5–0–1.
OG - Jeff Zimmerman –SEC Champion, 2 x First-team All-SEC , 2 x First-team All-American. Zimmerman was one of the members of "Great Wall of Florida,"
C - Maurkice Pouncey - SEC Champion, NCAA Champ, All-SEC, All-American, Rimington Trophy (Nation's Top Center). As a freshman in 2007, Pouncey started 11 of 13 games for the Gators at right guard. As a sophomore in 2008, he started all 14 of the Gators' games at center.

Pouncey may be the best center to ever play at Florida.

OG - Shannon Snell – SEC Champion, All-American. He was a three-season starter, who played in forty-six games and started thirty-six.
OT - Jim Yarbrough - University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame

Here is the TEAM BOOM Defense

All American Seasons: 5
All-SEC Seasons: 11
SEC Rings: 7
NCAA Rings: 5

DE - Jack Youngblood - All-SEC, All-American, a member of the UF All-Century team, UF All Time team, UF Hall of Fame, Ring of Honor, CFB Hall of Fame, and NFL Hall of Fame. His 30 sacks is #2 on the all-time list (10 game seasons back then!).

Youngblood, ‘the man' played through the NFL playoffs and a Pro-Bowl with a broken leg.

DT - Brad Culpepper - All-SEC, All-American, 2x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, left UF with 18 sacks and 47.5 tackles for a loss.
DT - Ed Chester – 2x All-SEC, SEC Champ, NCAA Champ
DE - Bobby McCray – 2 x All-SEC. Maybe the most underrated player in UF history, Bobby McCray only started 15 games during his UF career but amassed 107 tackles, 14.5 sacks, 21 TFL, 31 QB pressures, 2 passes defensed, 3 forced fumbles.
OLB - Bam Hardmon- SEC Champ
MLB - Jon Bostic - Finished his career with 237 total tackles, and had 19.0 TFL, 7.5 sacks, seven pass breakups, five interceptions and two forced fumbles
OLB - Glenn Cameron - All-SEC, finished the '74 season with the thid highest tackle total in UF history (185).
CB - Keiwan Ratliff - 2x All- SEC, All-American, SEC Defensive Player of the Year. UF record holder for PR yards (860), 5th on the UF career interceptions list (12), left UF with 133 tackles (106 solo), 7 TFL, 2 sacks, 3 forced fumbles (2 FR TDs), 17 pass breakups and 12 INT (3TD).
CB - Joe Haden - 2x All SEC. All-American, SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, Sporting News National Defensive Player of the Year. The 1st freshman to start day 1 in UF history at cornerback. Finished his career with 218 tackles, 157 solo, 34 pass breakups, 8 INT and 3.5 sacks.

Haden was a tackle machine at his position.

S - Matt Elam - All-SEC, All-American. Only the 2nd Safety in UF history to be named 1st team AA by the AP (Reggie Nelson). Recorded 176 tackles, 23.5 TFL, 13 pass breakups, six interceptions, three forced fumbles and one fumble recovery.
S - Marquand Manuel - SEC Champ, had 118 tackles in his sophomore season, amassed 308 tackles, 6 INTs, 22 passes defensed, 7 forced fumbles, 6 fumble recoveries, 8 sacks, and 9 tackles for loss.
K - Brian Clark – All-SEC, kicked a 52 and 55 yard FG, 4th all-time in gator history with 62 PAT's made in a row, only kicker in gator history to go 100% (minimum of 50 tries) on PAT's going 62-62,
P - Allan Rhine – 2x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ
KR/PR - Chris Rainey - SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, Florida's #9 all-time rusher. SEC career leader in blocked Punts, and has 254 yards and 2 TDs on PRs to go along with 454 yards in KORs. He has 2,464 yds rushing, 13 TDs, and a gaudy 6.2 ypc. He also has 795 yards & 6 TD receiving. 2x AA for UF track team.

Come Get Ya Some says…

Football has been and forever will be about matchup's. Whether at the line of scrimmage or at the wide receiver position it will come down to individual battles across the board. Battles that "Team Come Get Ya Some" is built around. We start with a two time first team All SEC and two time first team All American signal caller and the heart and soul of our team Danny Wuerffell. It would be pointless to go into detail regarding all his accomplishments at Florida but a few of note, SEC player of the year back to back years, Heisman Trophy winner, UF of Hall of Fame member and for his career totaled just under 11,000 passing yards and an astonishing 114 passing touchdown's. Make no mistake about it when he has the time and even under distress he can stand tall in the pocket and make all the throws. Try and play zone and he will pick you apart with ease and don't even think about bringing pressure with the weapons at his disposal.

It was imperative to have the most formidable offensive line ever assembled for DW and we have accomplished that goal. Across the board we boast first-team All-American blockers with players such as Lomas Brown (first team All-SEC/Consensus All-American), Jeff Zimmerman (two time first team All-Sec/two time first team All-American/UF HOF Member), Maurkice Pouncey (Consensus All-American and the only UF Rimington Award winner), Shannon Snell (Honorable All-American) and Jim Yarbrough (UF Hall of Fame member.

Joining DW in the backfield is another UF of Hall of Fame member, first team All American and three time, yes three time first team All Sec running back, 6'3 220-pound Larry Smith. Smith gives this team a tough inside running game to keep defenses honest and is a physical blocker to give DW that extra split second he needs to deliver with deadly accuracy. However, Smith has the speed to break one to the house as he did in the 1967 Orange Bowl traveling 94 yards to pay dirt.

The name of the game is when the clock reads triple zero to have more points than your opponent. We could not have asked for a better tune up game than our round one match up vs. Valley. Why? The secondary of Keiwan Ratliff, Joe Haden, Matt Elam and Marquand Manuel. The most dangerous aspect of my squad is found at none other than the wide receiver position with Carlos Alvarez (2,600 receiving yards, UF HOF, Consensus AA, UF All Century Team), Reidel Anthony (UF HOF Member, Consensus AA, 126 catches for 2,300 yards and 26 TD's), Willie Jackson, Junior (Honorable mention AA 91,92 AND 93, 2,200 yards receiving and another 24 TD's with 162 catches) and last but not least Taylor Jacobs. Jacobs was first team All-Sec, 71 catches for 1,100 yards his senior season but more and importantly and the reason he is on this team is his big play ability. Namely in the "Big Games" as his Orange Bowl MVP would indicate. While Elam and Manuel are great players they stand little to zero chance in coverage all day vs. these wide receivers. It will be like bleeding to death in the defensive backfield for Mr. Valley and company.

Inside with Snell, Zimmerman and Pouncey we have favorable matchups with Culpepper and Chester so much so that will double Youngblood and neutralize him throughout the course of this game with double teams and chipping Smith on his side. With Youngblood out of the picture Hardmon, Bostic and Cameron stand little chance of helping out in the secondary.

Valley says… Here is the biggest test of philosophy in this tournament. CGYS drafted politically thinking that the FG faithful will get awestruck with the offensive stars he has. The biggest question you have to determine is, can his offensive line eliminate the pressure of my defensive line with Youngblood, Culpepper, Chester, and McCray coming REALLY fast? That answer is no. You will have to believe that a four wide receiver set, with no TE and no FB, can beat a top level SEC defense, with some of the best talent the SEC has seen. While Danny May be the best UF QB ever, he can't make plays with his feet in the spread the way Newton and Manziel can. That leaves him with virtually no running game. I've got 2 CBs that can take away 2 of his WRs on every down. That gives me 5 players to check his remaining 3. I like those odds. I'm going to have the ability to do A LOT of different things with my defense vs this offense. I am under no delusion that any defense out there is going to completely shut down Danny Wuerffel. They will make some plays. With that said my defense is designed around pressure from the front and game changing plays behind it. I've got guys that WILL create turnovers and game changing plays.

Special Teams

I think the special teams in this are basically a wash. We both have excellent Ks and Ps. I think both teams will have some big moments in the special teams. One edge I will claim for myself is that Rainey is the SEC career leader in blocked punts. A blocked punt is something that could happen anytime Rainey is out on PR. I have Keiwan Ratliff, the career leader in PR yardage for UF as well.

Now we match up Team Boom's Offense vs. TCGYS's defense…


All-American Seasons: 6
All-SEC Seasons: 10
SEC Rings: 12
NCAA Rings: 5

QB - Chris Leak - SEC Champion, NCAA Champ, the UF all-time leader in passing yardage & completion %. He is #2 all time in passing TDs. Perfect play action based game manager.

Leak was one tough quarterback that never missed a game from injury in four years of starting

RB - Errict Rhett – 3x SEC Champ, 2x All-SEC, All-American, the best dual threat RB at UF ever. Broke Emmitt Smith's UF rushing record, finishing with 4,163 yards and 34 TDs, 1,230 yards & 2 TD receiving.
FB - Hunter Joyer – Four year starter at Florida?
WR - Dallas Baker – SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, All-SEC, 6'3 210lbs. Only a 2 yr starter, he finished #5 in receptions, #6 in yards, and #9 in TDs all time.
WR - Travis McGriff – 3x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, All-SEC, All-American, set the SEC record for most yards in a season in 1998 with 1,357 and 19.7 YPC with 10 TDs. Consensus 1st team SEC player and a 2nd team AA. His games of 222, 217, 176 are #2, 3, & 17 all time.
TE - Aaron Walker – SEC Champ, 6'6 270lbs. 800 yards and 12TDs receiving in his career.
My 5 OL average 6'5 314lbs.
OT - Max Starks – All-SEC, SEC Champ
OG - Marcus Gilbert - (6-6, 330), 2x SEC Champ, 2x NCAA Champ

Gilbert was a forgotten man on a dominating line

C - Mike Degory – 2x All-SEC, 2x All-American
OG - Burton Lawless – All-SEC, All-American, UF All-Century team member, UF All Time team member
OT - David Williams 2x All-SEC, All-American


All-SEC Seasons: 12
All-American Seasons: 7
SEC Rings: 13
NCAA Rings: 2

DE - Dale Van Sickel – All-SEC, All-American, played both ways on a 1928 team that went 8-1 and outscored opponents 366-44.
DT - Mark Campbell – All-SEC, 3 SEC Championships
DE - Lynn Mathews – All-SEC, All-American.
OLB -Godfrey Myles – All-SEC, SEC Championship
ILB - Sammy Green – All-SEC, All-American.
ILB - Brandon Siler SEC Champion, National Champion

Siler was the glue in the middle of that terrific 2006 defense.

OLB - Mike Nattiel – SEC Champion
CB - Jarvis Williams – 3x All-SEC, 2x All-American, SEC Champion

Williams may have been the hardest hitting corner ever at Florida.

CB - Ryan Smith - All-SEC, All-American, SEC Champion, NCAA Champion
S - Bruce Bennett – 2x All-SEC, All-American.
S - Don Fleming – All-SEC
K - Bobby Raymond – SEC Champion. Holds several UF records including most FG's in a season (23) Most FG's in a row (17), highest career % accuracy 88.8%, longest field goal was 40 yards.
P - Robby Stevenson – 3x SEC Champion, NCAA Champion
KR/PR -Bo Carroll – SEC Champion, 2nd in Gator history with two kickoff returns for touchdowns, has a 100 yard FG return for a TD.

Team Boom says…

Clear advantage for BOOM. TCGYS assembled a sexy list of offensive players, he didn't draft a great defense (relatively). I think my big 6'5 314lbs OL can and will swallow up his DL and control the line of scrimmage all day long. My TE is bigger than most of his DL. Eric Rhett & Chris Rainey will have big holes to run through. When Higdon loads up to shut down my running game, I will unleash my play action passing & screen games with 6'3 210lbs Dallas Baker and explosive deep threat Travis McGriff, along with Rhett. His pass rush will not threaten my QB very often with my OL and FB, and I love the different types of weapons I have for Leak to throw to. Over the course of the game the size, strength, and physicality of my offense will continue to keep the ball away from his offense, wear his small defensive front out and start to rip off huge chunks of yardage. I have so many ways to beat his defense I don't see them shutting my offense down too often.

Team Come Get Ya Some says…

Defensively speaking the marquee players are AA corners Jarvis Williams/Ryan Smith but the heart and soul of this team is the four linebackers with Godfrey Miles/Mike Nattiel on the outside flanked inside with two superstars Brandon Siler and Sammy Green. Van Sickel, Campbell and Matthews will have their hands full with the Starks, Gilbert, Degory combination but we were able to put enough pressure on Leak throughout the day and time and time again we forced him from the pocket with corner blitzes as Leak continued to slide short of the first down marker. Rhett was no doubt a load but he was simply overmatched by our far superior fire power on offense.

Once you factor in the greatest field goal kicker in UF history with Bobby Raymond as well as true punt returner AND kickoff return man Bo Carroll Valley will not be able to keep up with our offensive output. Carroll, a true 10.17 100m champion will take one to the house in the first half to get things started while DW tosses four TD passes for a commanding 35-17 half time edge. From there its smooth sailing as we grind out a 45-32 victory on the back of Smith and his 18 carries for 122 yards in the second half.

Finally, Team Boom counters with…

Overall I see this game going down as a very fun, closely contested match. There are play makers on both sides of the field. My defense will put a LOT of pressure on Danny and that will certainly mean turnovers from my back 7. I think the 4th quarter will be the biggest difference and when my offense becomes unstoppable. I see my running game taking over and team BOOM pulling away and winning by 1-2 scores. If you believe the Run-N-Shoot can beat one of the best SEC defenses ever assembled with any consistency then you'll go with CGYS. His offense is one dimensional and absolutely relies on keeping its QB clean. One dimensional offenses get their asses kicked vs the SEC. Keeping a QB upright vs Youngblood, Culpepper, Chester, McRay, Haden, Ratliff, Manuel, Elam, Hardman, Bostic, and Cameron just isn't very realistic. If you believe a small defensive front is going to be able to stand the test of time vs a massive SEC offensive line with Eric Rhett, Chris Leak, Dallas Baker, Travis McGriff, and Chris Rainey behind it then you'll go with TCGYS.

there you have it, all the info is in front of you. it may be hard to pick against Gators, but we ask that you follow the link and do that.

Gator on Gator Round 1

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