Pease optimistic about year two

There's no one inside the Florida football program that was happy with the production under first-year offensive coordinator Brent Pease. This spring is aimed at finding answers. The early days of the spring have the coaches optimistic, but Pease expects improvement in multiple areas. The Gators expect to be more comfortable on offense in 2013, but it all starts with this spring.

"I think you're going to notice (improvement) in two ways," Brent Pease said. "I think productivity from the wide outs. Then it's going to probably be generated from Jeff (Driskel) just being really in rhythm, understanding defenses and where to go with the ball.

"Plus, us keeping the ball moving much more -- moving the chains. We're (going to be) much more consistent in what we do on a drive-to-drive basis."

The penalties were also an issue last season. The Florida coaches already knew that was an issue, but the offseason film study made it even more obvious. The Florida offense committed 45 penalties last season and 19 of them were false starts. Simply eliminating those penalties, ones that Florida can control, brings the number down to 26 offensive penalties.

The turnovers were the biggest positive from the Florida offense. The Gators threw just five interceptions last season and lost 10 fumbles. Turnover margin was an important measure of the success Florida had during the 2012 season, but Pease still went back and watched all of Florida's turnovers before spring practice started.

He wanted to see which turnovers were correctable and which ones were bad luck.

The red zone offense improved as the season went on, but it's still a focus this spring. Pease noticed the improvement once his playcalling changed in the second half of the season. When his offense wasn't predicated on trying to "dink and dunk" and decided to "pound the ball more," the red-zone efficiency improved.

The issues from the 2012 season won't be completely corrected in 2013, but Pease expects the group to be better. There will still be mistakes though.

"No doubt," Pease said when asked about expecting mistakes to go down. "You're still going to have some. Because that's just how some kids are. That's just some situations because you're going against good people on the other side, too."

The passing game will be a work in progress this spring as the Gators have additions of Loucheiz Purifoy and Demarcus Robinson to the wide receiver position. The passing game was slowed last season as multiple positions suffered breakdowns. Jeff Driskel struggled with holding onto the ball for too long in the early season games while the offensive line didn't block as well as it should have.

The big issue was receivers getting open.

"I think knowing what the picture that (Driskel) had to see at times for throwing -- it's a struggle," Pease said. "There's nobody there for you. Guys have got to get open."

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