Gator on Gator; Round 1, Game 2

We continue our series of the greatest Gators of all time playing off against each other. Game two matches Bullg8rdaddy our resident head moderator on the site versus tightcherry, a poster that has been around a little while and as you can see by what he writes, knows quite a bit about Gator football history.

I love this matchup because it matches up two wily quarterbacks against two hard hitting nasty defenses. Read on and then tell us what you think.

One thing I forgot to talk about in the first game is that I included the 1990 season and the 1984 season as SEC Championship years. Those guys fought hard and won on the field and should be recognized as SEC Champs and are so in the eyes of Gator fans.

Here are the teams and what their respective owners wrote about their teams. We have the team bios listed before capsules at the end that tell us how they match up against their current opponent. As you can see, a lot of work and research went into this and we hope you find this an enjoyable and enriching read and that you vote in the poll inside the link listed at the end of the entire piece. Come give it a try.

Here we go……

G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time) OFFENSE

All-SEC Seasons: 13
All-American Seasons: 3
SEC Rings: 12
NCAA Rings: 4

What you will find from my offense is that I went with straight up flash and dash except for the monster offensive line that will allow the flash and dash to happen…

Rex Grossman is my quarterback, the guy with the single best passing season in Florida history. I have two thousand-yard rushers behind him. My receivers and tight end were pass catching and touchdown record machines. My offensive line is loaded with size except for that one guy that can keep it together, my grandfather, who played for the Gators back in the day (tugging any heart strings here?) and was a huge team guy and still does everything he can with and for the Gators.

Here is a backfield for the ages… Grossman has the swagger to make things happen with anyone else on the field with him and his backfield is a double threat of 1,000 rushers and record setters. Mike Gillislee finally showed when he was given the chance that he could carry an entire offense against the best defenses in the country, his 2012 season was probably only a surprise because he wasn't given much of a shot before that season. He was also an adapt pass catcher. My fullback is the best running fullback in Gator history (with all due respect to John L. Williams), a guy that has the third best rushintg season in school history and only behind the NFL career rushing leader Emmit Smith. QB – Rex Grossman - All-SEC, All-American, SEC Champ, 2001's Heisman runner up (everyone knows he should've won it) , holds the NCAA record for yards per play in a single season, 9.1 (2001) and most TD passes combined by a freshman and sophomore, 55, 5th all-time in Gator history in total yardage (9,040). 4th all-time in TDs responsible for with 83. 2nd all-time in yards per play (7.4, Danny is #1 with 7.8). #1 all time with 17 300-yard passing games, and this is without a senior year, folks. 3rd all time in passing efficiency with 146.77. 4th all-time with 77 TD passes.

Grossman could sling it with the best of them and was great on his feet as well.

RB - Mike Gillislee - All-SEC, first Gator RB to go for 1k on the ground since 2004, ran for over 100 yards five times in 2012.
FB – Jimmy Dubose – All-SEC, SEC player of the year, third most yards in a season (1,307) in Gator history, the most ever by a senior, .
You won't find a trio of receiver types on one team that did more in their short time on campus than that of the G.O.A.T. Jabar Gaffney was without a doubt the most productive receiver in school history for two consecutive seasons before he left for NFL riches after his sophomore season. Ike Hilliard may have been the stealthiest of all receivers in Gator history and certainly had his share of ankle breaking cuts with the ball in his hands (see the 1997 NCAA Championship game), Kirk Kirkpatrick was under-utilized until his senior season when he lit things up and had the best season ever at the time by a tight end in school history. It is a group of receivers that will be hard to cover even with the best of defenders.

WR - Jabar Gaffney - All-American, 2x All-SEC, SEC Champ, 8th on UF career receptions list (138), 2nd in UF career receiving yards (2,375) and only played for two seasons, had the 4th and 5th most receiving yards in a season at UF as a freshman and a sophomore, 27 career touchdowns is fourth in UF history and only four behind the career leader, most 100 yard receiving games (14) in UF history, again in two seasons.
WR - Ike Hilliard – All-American, All-SEC, 3x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, school record for scoring in a bowl game (against Florida State in NCAA game), owns longest reception for a TD in bowl game (vs. FSU 1995), second in Gator history in career touchdown receptions (29), has UF record four TD receptions vs Tennessee ('95), tied for third in school history with eight 100-yard receiving games, second in school history in touchdowns per reception ratio (4.34)
TE – Kirk Kirkpatrick – All-SEC, SEC Champ, 2nd most receptions in a season 55 and a career (82) by a UF tight end.

The G.O.A.T offensive line is perfect for the pro-style attack I will attack with. Mo Collins and Crawford Ker were parts of two prolific offenses with Collins a part of the 1996 National Championship high flying team and Ker a member of the Great Wall of Florida and that 1984 team with all of those first-round picks. Steve Rissler was a key component to the 2006 NCAA Championship and part of one of the most prolific offenses in school history. He showed his versatility as a guy that led the line with two totally different style of quarterbacks behind him in Chris Leak and Tim Tebow… not much more you can ask for from the only guy to touch the ball on every snap. My guards are the rugged team player types. Cheston Blackshear was a three year starter for an offense that had to continue to find it's identity after a guy named Wuerffel left the team. Finally, I went with my heart and drafted my grandfather William Burke, the ultimate team player who was a part of the first gator team to make a bowl game during his career 1951-1954. You could say he helped get it all started.

LT - Mo Collins - 2x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ.
LG - William "Bill" Burke - Member of UFs first bowl team (Gator Bowl victory over Tulsa) Was an assistant OL coach for the Gator freshman team (extra points for being bull's grandfather).
C - Steve Rissler - All-SEC , SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, Only the eighth true Frosh to start on the OL in school history
RG - Cheston Blackshear - 2xSEC Champ, NCAA Champ , three year starter. Fergie Ferguson Award (1999).
RT - Crawford "Big Daddy" Ker - SEC Champ 1/5 of the famed "Great Wall of Florida" Could bench 515lbs.


All-SEC Seasons: 12
All-American Seasons: 6
SEC Rings: 16
NCAA Rings:

I built my defense around my defensive line. This is a sack master type of defensive line and one of the better attributes about it is their ability to play different positions along the line. At linebacker I wanted guys that absolutely punished ball carriers. I think I did that with my group. The same with my secondary, I wanted some good size but with a big time safety back there to clean things up when they get messy up front.

My defensive line has no weakness. They are stalwart against the run, but if you try and pass on them they will get your quarterback. In their time on campus, this group of linemen were as disruptive as any for you will find out there.

LE – Derrick Harvey - SEC Champ, National Champ, he is 3rd all-time in tackles for loss (TFLs) with 51.5 in 3 years, 9th in school history with 20.5 sacks in his career, 11 sacks in a season is good for 5th all-time, His 25.5 TFL in 2007 is good for second all-time in school history.
NT - Ellis Johnson - All-SEC, All-American, 3x SEC Champ, CNN National Defensive Player of the Year, Ellis is 11th in (TFL) and from the DT spot with 36.8, tied for 6th in school history in forced fumbles in a career with six, five of those came in one season which is good for second in school history.
DT – Trace Armstrong - All-American, All- SEC, Trace's only season at UF and from the DE position in a 3-4 defense, he had 19 (TFL) which is good for 7th all time at UF and good enough for top 20 in a career.
RE – Alex Brown - 3x All-SEC, 2x All-American, SEC Champ, SEC DPOY, the number one sack artist in Gator history with 33 in his career, Most sacks in UF history in one season with 13, 7th all-time in Gator history in (TFL's), 3rd in school history with nine forced fumbles, second in forced fumbles in a season with five.

Who could forget Brown's five sack performance against Tennessee?

I went with ferocious and quarterback seeking linebackers. They all excel at blitzing and when they hot someone, everybody knows about it.

WILL - Alonzo Johnson - 2x All-SEC, 2x All-American, SEC Champ, he is 10th all-time in total tackles with 335, second all-time with 55 TFLs and 27 sacks. I would say he was our second greatest OLB ever.
MIKE - Johnny Rutledge - All-SEC, 2x SEC Champ. NCAA Champ, is 15th all-time in tackles, 16th in TFLs (only MLB ahead of him is Spikes by 1), 21st in sacks with 13 (#1 among Gator MLBs), and lastly he had 6 forced fumbles which is good enough for Top 5 all time.
SAM Monty Grow - 3xSEC Champ, Grow's defensive statistics are hard to come by, but I'm sure everyone remembers this hit on WVU QB Darren Studstill. Monty aka "Hit stick" was a mean SOB with no sunshine in his life.

G.O.A.T went with some size at cornerback with Tony George and Dee Webb, sturdy guys that can also play the run well. At safety, we went with speed and instincts. The star of the secondary is Teako Brown who made a career out of picking off quarterbacks. CB - Tony George – All-SEC, 2x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, tied for second longest interception return in school history (89 yards vs. Tennessee ('97)
CB - Dee Webb – All-SEC, as a sophomore and junior he had double digit passes defensed (10, 12).
FS - Teako Brown – 2x All-SEC, 2x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, second in career interceptions at UF with 14.
S - Shea Shower – 4x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, played corner and safety at Florida as a very versatile player in the secondary.


All-SEC Seasons: 16
All-American Seasons: 8
SEC Rings: 10
NCAA Rings: 2

This is my baby…

My philosophy when building my defense to draft them large, physical, & mean. I decided to concentrate mainly on players from the 80s & early 90s because I felt they would fit my criteria best + be slightly ignored. My roster includes 4 UF Hall of Fame Inductees & 1 College Hall of Fame Inductee. In the end I'm very happy with the defense I created because they're capable of beating an opponent in any style of game.

Say you want to run the ball ... my DL averages 290 lbs per man so good luck pushing them around. Say you want to throw the ball ... get ready to block 2 of the top 5 sack leaders in UF history & THE TWO most intimidating safeties in UF's history roaming my deep end. No matter what angle you select my defense is built to accept/defeat the challenge ....

I feel so strongly about Wilber Marshall that he would have been the overall 1st player selected if I had been in that position. Now part of my reasoning is personal (just consider me his biggest fan) & part of it practical. IMO he's easily the greatest defensive player in UF history & also deserves consideration for the greatest player in UF history.

Long story short my defense is built around Wilber Marshall .... time to meet them up close.

My Defensive Line starts with David Galloway ... he's a UF Hall of Fame inductee who amassed 21 sacks in his career. 6'3" 280 lbs he won't be easily moved or slowed once he's built up some momentum. He is the unit leader of my DL. Inside Mr Galloway resides Ian Scott. I consider him the anchor of my defense since he played @ 310 lbs during his UF career. Next to Scott is the 2nd true difference maker on my DL ... 6'1" 290 lbs Tony McCoy. McCoy won numerous accolades after his stellar 1991 season but none more telling than winning the Ray Graves Award which is team MVP as selected by his own teammates. 17 career sacks coming from an inside position McCoy was relentless & nasty right up the gut so my interior is stout. Finally @ SSDE I selected Darren Mickell because he possessed the desired size @ 6'5" 285 lbs + an almost freakish skill set. Unfortunately I was unable to discover how many sacks Mickell amassed but I did find one stat that defines his value in a unique way. Mickell is one of only five players since 1980 to return both a fumble & an interception for a TD for UF. The young man was a menace for UF in the early 90s & IMO he's a nice under the radar addition to my squad.

SSDE: Darren Mickell - 2x SEC Champ, One of 5 UF players since 1980 to return an INT & Fumble for a TD.
DT: Tony McCoy - All-SEC, 2x SEC Champ, 17 career sacks
NT: Ian Scott - SEC Champ, 3 year starter
WSDE: David Galloway - All-SEC, All-American, 3 yr starter, 21 career sacks

Now the strength of my D ... the linebackers.

Manning 1 OLB position is the Gainesville Sun's Defense Player of the 20th Century Wilber Marshall. Marshall played @ 6'1" 230 lbs & is UF's career leader in tackles for a loss with 58. He's also top 5 in sacks with 23. 340+ career tackles & I can go on forever. Let's just say he is the centerpiece of my defense & let that stand on its own merits. Manning the other OLB position is Clifford Charlton ... slightly larger than Marshall Charlton measured in @ 6'3" 235 lbs and he's top 5 in both tackles for a loss & career sacks in UF history Needless to say CC brought the nasty attitude required to disrupt offensive designs. The ILB I selected to man the middle of my beast corp is UF Hall of Fame Inductee Ralph Ortega. He's 3 yr. starter with over 350 career tackles and stands 6'2" 220 lbs (big for his era). Ortega impressively completes my linebacker corps.

OLB: Wilber Marshall - 3x All-SEC, 2x All-American, 2x Lombardi Trophy Finalist in 82/83 3 yr starter, National Defensive Player of the Year in 1983, College Football Hall of Fame inductee UF Ring of Honor, 343 tackles (210 solo), 23 sacks (5th best in UF history), 58 TFL (Tops in UF history) 27 TFL in 1981 (best single season total in UF history)

Marshall is probably the most ferocious player in Gator history.

MLB: Ralph Ortega - 2x All-SEC, All American in 74, 3 yr starter & 74 team captain, 357 tackles (6th best in UF history), 12 forced fumbles & 8 recovered fumbles , 5 career INTs
OLB: Clifford Charlton - 2x All-SEC, All American, SEC Champ, 3 yr starter & 87 team captain, 49 TFL (5th in UF history), 23 TFL in 86 (3rd all time for single season), 25 sacks ( 4th best in UF history), 15 Forced fumbles (tops in UF history), 6 FFs in 1986 (tops for single season in UF history)

Finally my secondary ....

Standing 6'0" 190 lbs Marcus Roberson is the prototype of physical corner needed to withstand the offensive onslaught expected in this type of tourney. Roberson has started in game one of his freshman season and in only two years has already tied for 6th best in school history with single season pass break ups. Roberson has only amassed 3 INTs to date but IMO that's mostly attributed to some shaky hands because he gets his paws on lots of ball. tarting opposite Roberson is Richard Fain ... slightly smaller in stature @ 5'10 185 lbs. Fain will man the wide side of the field in my defense. 10 career INTs as a 3 yr starter he is the perfect complement to Roberson as a guy that plays off his man and goes after the ball compared to Roberson's physical play.

Tony Lilly was a starter from midway into his FR yr until his SR season concluded. I was unable to discover Lilly's career INT total but IMO he's the second greatest safety to play @ UF in the decade of the 80s and left the most carnage on the field of any defender in Gator history, which leads me to… The Greatest safety in UF history... Louis Oliver. Imagine my surprise when I was able to select both Wilber Marshall & Louis Oliver to lead my defense. Oliver started his career as a walk-on but before he was done he grew into a 6'2" 225 lbs. force that became the 1st defensive back in UF history to be selected a 1st team All American 2 yrs in a row and the most intimidating force to every play in a UF secondary IMO Oliver will captain the back end of my defense.

CB: Marcus Roberson - 2nd team All-SEC in 2012 (Soph), 2nd in SEC in pass breakups with 14 in 2012, 14 pass breakups in 2012 is 6th in UF history, 3 career INTs
CB: Richard Fain- SEC Champ, 2x All-SEC, 3 yr starter, 10 career INTs
S: Tony Lilly - All-SEC, 3+ yrs as a starter, generally regarded as the hardest hitting safety in Gators history, played the game with a nasty attitude and was feared by offensive players.
S: Louis Oliver - 2x All-SEC, 2x All-American, 2+ yrs as a starter, 34 career pass breakups (5th best in UF history), 19 pass breakups in 1987 (tops in single season UF history), 11 career INTs
Punter: Ray Criswell - All-time leader in punting avg. @ 44.4 per, 4 yr starter
Kicker: Caleb Sturgis - 2x All-SEC, All American, SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, 2012 SEC Co-Special Teams Player of the Year, Lou Groza Finalist in 11/12, 70 made FGs & 88 attempted FGs are most in UF history, .795% made FGs is 2nd in UF history (min 50 attempts), 130 made PATs is 3rd in UF history, 8 FGs made over 50 yds is most in UF history, 340 points is 3rd in UF history
KR: Jeff Demps SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, 3,592 All Purpose yds with 25 total TDs, 2,470 rushing (8th in UF history) 6.7 avg per carry, returned one kick off for a touchdown vs UGA in 2011.


All-SEC Seasons: 14
All-American Seasons: 6
SEC Rings: 11
NCAA Rings: 1

Coming into this challenge my philosophy on offense was to build a beastly offensive line + find/draft playmakers for the perimeter. I'm proud of my offense because I ended up drafted 7 UF Hall of Fame Inductees & I possess confounding electricity in my skill positions.

Let's start with Team Florida's OL ...

UF has had an OL win the Jacobs Blocking Trophy 6 times in the history of the award & my OL earned 3 of those 6 trophies. Jason Odom is a 2 time Jacobs Trophy winner so IMO my QB's backside is well protected. At right tackle I selected Kenyatta Walker because he also won the Jacobs Blocking Trophy.

On the interior of my line I have a 3 time All SEC performer in Mike Pouncey playing center & both my guards were All-SEC (Ismail & Dennis). Guy Dennis was actually 2 time All-SEC + a 1st team AA his SR yr so while he's obviously undersized I'm banking on his grit & tenacious spirit to meet the challenge Armstrong & Johnson present.

LT: Jason Odom - 2x All-SEC, All-American, 3x SEC Champ, 2x Jacobs Blocking Trophy recipient in 94/95 (SEC's premier blocker), 4 yr starter ... 49 games played with 46 starts

Odom has more personal accolades and awards than any offensive lineman in Gator history.

LG: Hesham Ismail – All-SEC, 2x SEC Champ, started for 2+ years
OC: Mike Pouncey - All-SEC, SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, 3+ yr starter @ UF playing guard, center, & even DT
RG: Guy Dennis - 2x All-SEC, All American
RT: Kenyatta Walker - All-SEC, SEC Champ, 2000 Jacobs Blocking Trophy recipient (SEC's premier blocker)

I'll now turn my attention to a true strength of my team ... the skill positions starting with Steven Orr Spurrier, the first player to truly put UF on the national CFB map. He is one of two College Football Hall of Fame Inductees on my roster, one of only 5 UF Ring of Honor Honorees, and one of 3 UF Heisman Trophy winners as well ... we all know I've only touched the surface & his accolades are immense.

Now Spurrier didn't put up the stats of the other QB's in this tourney but we all know he has the fortitude to lead a unit into a competition as difficult as this & IMO his will to win & in game ingenuity is TC Florida's greatest asset on offense. Needless to say I see my QB as an incredible asset .....

Behind SOS I've decided to run a split backfield with Ciatrick Fason adept @ handling the inside running game & moving the chains while Nat Moore provides an all-purpose element to my team.

Nat Moore's value extends beyond a pure RB role because I plan to utilize him as my motion/mismatch/multi-purpose weapon. Working the flats or running wheel routes or taking misdirection hand-offs I fully view this UF Hall of Fame Inductee as a true mismatch vs my opponents linebacker corp.

QB: Steve Spurrier - 2x All-SEC, 2x All American, 31 game starter, 1966 Heisman Trophy recipient, College Football Hall of Fame inductee, UF Ring of Honor, broke every UF record for game, season, & career in passing & total offense, also broke all SEC records for passing at the time he played.
RB: Ciatrick Fason - All-SEC, 2004 Ray Graves Award winner (team MVP as voted by teammates), 1533 all-purpose yds in 2004 (4th best single season total in UF history), 1850 career rushing yds with 13 TDs, 408 career receiving yds with 5 TDs
All Purpose Weapon/Back: Nat Moore - All-SEC, 1400+ all-purpose yds. in 1972 with 11 TDs, 1800 all purpose yds in 2 yr career with 16 TDs

Onto the WRs ... my shock value.

Starting with my X ... my split end ... my true difference maker. Wes Chandler holds the UF record for best TD/reception ratio in UF history & also holds the best avg. yd. per reception record in UF history @ 21.3 yds per catch. Upon graduation he was also UF's all-time leader in TD's with 28 & he did all this while playing in a wishbone offense.

TC Florida will not be running a wishbone offense so IMO Wes Chandler lining up on one side of the field is a true advantage vs. any defense in this competition. To make matters worse for my opponent is Chris Doering mans the Y position in my offense. We all know CD went from walkon to All-SEC & 2nd team All American but I'm not folks realize Doering has caught more TDs than any other player in UF history.

So here's my cherry on top ... Ricky "The Rocket" Nattiel will man my Z position as he works from the slot inside of Doering. Nattiel produced over 3,000 all-purpose yds. while averaging 17.8 avg. yds per reception which is still 4th best in UF history.

Nattiel's 21 career TDs in addition to Doering's 31 TD's & Chandler's 28 TD's makes my WR corp the best in this tournament. And that's before my all purpose weapon Nat Moore & his 18 career TDs gets added to the mix.

WR/X: Wes Chandler – 2x All-SEC, 2x All American, UF record 28 total TDs upon graduation, UF record 1963 yds receiving upon graduation while playing in a wishbone offense, averaged 21.3 yds per catch ... best in UF history, reception/TD ratio of 4.18 is tops in UF history
WR/Y: Chris Doering - All-SEC , 3xSEC Champ, 31 receiving TDs is tops in UF history 17 TDs in 95 is 2nd best single season total in UF history, 149 career receptions in 6th best in UF history, Reception/TD ration of 4.81 is 5th best in UF history, 2,107 career receiving yds., started career as a walk on
All-SEC, SEC Champ, 3,017 career all-purpose yds. with 21 TDs, 117 career receptions for 2086 yds. & 18 TDs, 590 career yds. returning punts, Averaged 17.8 yds per reception which is 4th best in UF history

When G.O.A.T has the ball…

G.O.A.T says…

G.O.A.T. will plan on deploying RB screens, sweeps and draws to try and lessen Wilber Marshall and Clifford Charlton's pass rush from the OLB spot. Probably easier said than done, but I also have a FB and TE (one of the few teams in this tourney that does) that can help neutralize those two. My OL is not as tall as some other lines, but are pretty nimble. When Wilber and Clifford are winded it will allow more time for Rex to drop bombs to Ike and Jabar, not to.mention open some spot over the middle for Kirk and my secret weapon, Brandon James in the slot (my FB would be on the bench when James is on the field)


In this matchup I feel Bull's OL is the least part of his offense so I expect my front 7 to thwart any extended attempt at establishing a running game making his offense 1 dimensional. Kirkpatrick was an exceptional receiving TE but wasn't much of a blocker so I just don't see Bull establishing a consistent running game.

Having now turned the game into a passing affair I'm free to unleash my two outside projectiles (Marshall & Charlton) in an all-out assault upon Grossman's head. Rex was fearless & hastwo2 awesome WR's so Bull's offense will create its share of havoc but in the end my team's ability to create TO's will be a bad mix with Bull's weak OL & Grossman's famously small hands.

My big DL is the 1st obstacle to overcome & I see them standing strong vs Bull's OL. This obviously frees my LBers to create mischief & we've all heard Gillislee struggled to pick up blocking schemes so here we come.

Downfield Bull's receivers as impressive & will make plays. My expectation is once those plays are made my physical secondary administers a pounding & gets inside their heads a bit. Might work & might not but either way plenty of zone blitzes with zone coverage behind will work effectively vs. this offense & Grossman's confidence will lead to costly mistakes after he's been rocked a few times ...

In a war of attrition my defense starts to dominate midway through the 3rd quarter & by the 4th quarter it's a feeding frenzy. When TEAM FLORIDA has the ball…


Bull has a fierce front 4 & an elite pass rushing OLB in Johnson so I imagine SOS will spent a few days in the whirlpool after the game but IMO the difference in this matchup is Bull's suspect secondary vs my electric WR corp. Tony George is being expected to play corner & he was a fine SS @ UF ... Shea Showers & Teako Brown were nice players for UF but not difference makers in any sense. Dee Webb is the best player in Bull's secondary but even Dee Webb does not measure up too well vs Chandler, Doering, Nattiel, & Moore.

It will go down like this .... TC Florida's OL will hold their own just fine more times than not & my WRs will be running amok in Bull's secondary from the 1st snap. SOS slinging it left & right + the occasional mis-direction play from Moore we'll strike early & often & then finish the game pounding Fason right up the gut vs Bull's exhausted defensive unit.

The true wildcard along the line of scrimmage will be Alonzo Johnson who I expect to be blitzing early & often. Good thing I selected a big sturdy RB in Ciatrick Fason who's more than willing/able to step up & take on a blitzing OLB the caliber of AJ.

I passed on selecting a TE so I expect my QB to take a few hits vs my opponents worthy front 7 but as Gators we've grown accustomed to tough QB's enduring hits as part of the offensive gameplan ... basically it's risk vs. reward. If you want to attack my QB you better be prepared to play man coverage vs. my receivers & my opponents D is not capable of sticking with my receivers for very long IMO… Chomp Chomp ....

G.O.A.T. says…

It will be hard to run on these boys, let alone pass, which brings me to their sack numbers. Brown is the top sacker in Gator history with 33. Harvey is 9th with 20.5 (God knows what he would've done as a senior), Ellis has 16.33 and in Armstrong's only season at UF he had 7. I don't think I will need to blitz much. (Doesn't sound good for opposing pocket passers).

And there you have it folks… two great lineups and great teams. We are paring them off on our message boards so please come by and vote for the top team from the above break down. Here is the link to follow to vote…

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