Paul saw a fit at Florida

Florida doesn't really land too many football prospects from the state of Louisiana, but that doesn't mean they don't want some. Last week, the gators got a huge commitment from a huge prospect at a real position of need. Joseph Paul, the 6-5, 325 pound offensive guard from New Orleans St, Augustine came to campus with his family and they all decided Florida was the place to be.

Joseph Paul pretty much loved everything about his visit to Florida. He has built up a great relationship with one of Florida's ace recruiters in Derek Lewis, Lewis got Paul and his family to visit for spring practice, and that was enough.

"I was loving it, Paul said of his weekend trip to Gainesville. "I have been talking to Coach Lewis for a long time. I really connected to the players up there and I really liked the situation up there."

He said his entire family loved the place and the situation it presented to Paul., they all came with him on the trip.

"My mom, dad, brother, and my sister, it was a big family thing," he said. "I think they might have loved it the most.

"My mom liked Coach Muschamp. She thinks he is a real down to earth guy. My dad hasn't said too much, but I know he really liked it."

Florida is scary thin in the offensive trenches and that is why the Gators already have three commitments along the offensive line and are looking for more. This was made ever apparent when Paul visited.

"Coach Muschamp and Coach Davis expressed to me early… they were showing me that I had a good opportunity to play early and that they only had six offensive linemen out there practicing now," Paul said before making the point that he loved Florida for Florida and not really the opportunity to play right away. "It wasn't that eye opening, I really just liked the program. The coaches just showed me a lot of love and I really liked everyone." He also got to tour the place with a guy that he looks up to and one he watched from afar as he was recruited two years ago.

"D.J. Humphries showed me around the whole facility," Paul said. "He treated me like family and I really connected with him. When he was being recruited I watched his highlight tape I thought ‘man, this dude is amazing'. It was very special for me to be hosted by him."

Although he said playing time isn'e his top priority, he would like to play early. However, he doesn't want to be on the field before he is ready.

"It isn't my highest goal but it is something I would like to do and it would be great for me as a player," he said of getting on the field as a freshman. "I just want to be groomed and just learn everything I can learn. I don't want to mess up and when I get out there I want to be perfect, I don't want any blemishes in my game."

Paul holds 12 offers right now including two he got the day after he publicly committed to Florida last week. Ole Miss and Mississippi State came calling on Wednesday.

They said that they like that I am an aggressive, big, and mean guy and that I follow through on my blocks. They want me at guard. Everyone has recruited me at guard.

12 offers right now, the latest from ole miss and Mississippi State, they offered me the day after I went public to Florida. He hasn't gotten one from the home state LSU yet, but he says all of that doesn't matter.

"No, they haven't offered and they don't have to offer… I committed to Florida," he said and implied that Florida isn't that far away anyway. "I don't think so because we were able to make the trip in about 6-8 hours. "

While in Gainesville, Paul was able to take in a couple of practices. He left really impressed with the current offensive line and the training they have received under offensive line coach Tim Davis.

"I think they can be great," he said. "I think that of the whole squad they have, even though they only have six. What I saw was that all of their technique was sound and all of them can move. That is how I like the offensive line. I think the sky is the limit for that group, they are great."

In the meantime he will be recruiting a couple of other Bayou State prospects to come and be Gators with him. There are a couple of other linemen that have already shown a great deal of interest in Florida as well.

"I talk to Garrett Brumfield," he said. "He likes Florida too and they want him for center. I hit him up every once in a while to see what he is thinking. I talk to (DE) Gerald Willis when go to camps all the time. He is a real cool dude. He likes Florida too."

When asked what gator fans can look forward to when he arrives on campus, Paul's words were all about owning the man across from him.

"I don't care if I am playing a scrub or a first rounder," he said. "I am going to play them all the same. I am going to take them 20 yards off the ball and I am going to put them on the ground. That's music to the ears of Gator fans and coaches.

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