FGCU believes Gators won't take them serious

Maybe it's a sense of rejection from not getting the scholarship offer to play at Florida. Maybe it's just how they were treated by bigger name teams when they played them already this year. For whatever reason, the Florida Gulf Coast (FGCU) players believe that the Florida Gators don't take them very seriously. They talked about that and more about the upcoming match between the two.

The Cinderella of the tournament, FGCU seem to only be in the tournament by winning their conference tournament which gave them the automatic bid. A 15 seed that dwelled among the automatic qualifiers that would not have made the tournament otherwise, FGCU has set a new precedent by being the first 15-seed or lower team to make the Sweet-16.

They had to beat Georgetown in their first game of the tournament, a team that was ranked in the top ten and a 2-seed coming in. Earlier in the year they beat a Miami team that also made the Sweet-16. Add those two big wins and 25 other wins to their resume and suddenly the Eagles aren't that underdog that everyone thought they were.

Three of their top players took the stage on Thursday and answered several questions for the national media, and had a good time doing it.

Here is what was said.

Q. Brett and Sherwood, Brett, I want to read you something you said earlier this week: As much as Florida wants to say maybe they're taking us so seriously, deep down there's got to be a gut feeling maybe they're not. They're Florida. We're Florida Gulf Coast. What do you mean?
Brett Comer:
They are obviously the higher seed. They're the well known school, the well known players and team. I feel like, you know, honestly deep down they might not be taking us as seriously, just like other teams, because we weren't the high recruited guys, so in that aspect.

Q. As a Florida guy? BRETT COMER: What do you mean?

Q. As somebody growing up in Florida.
Everybody talks about Florida. Nobody talks about Florida Gulf Coast. Me and Sherwood from Orlando, we didn't know what it was before we came here, but everyone has heard of Florida.
SHERWOOD BROWN: Well, just basically what Brett said. When you live in Florida the only teams you hear about are Florida State, University of Florida and University of Miami. I never heard of Florida Gulf Coast until actually I started to visit the school and to attend it.

Q. Brett, I know that when you were younger you used to go to the team camps in Gainesville. What do you remember about those experiences? I don't know if you matched up with Scotty Wilbekin or some of the other guys.
Actually, we went there, I went there all my years in high school, Winter Park High School, we went and played there. It was a great atmosphere. They have great facilities. Billy Donovan is a great guy. He was always around, recruiting Austin Rivers. I met him. I know Dillon Graham that plays for them. We played on the same team for the super showcase in Orlando. So I know a few of them.

Q. Sherwood and for both of the other student athletes, as well, can you compare what this week of preparation has been with the hoopla compared to last week going into the Georgetown game?
Georgetown and the University of Florida are completely different teams. Georgetown likes to slow the pace down. And Florida likes to shoot a lot of threes. The way that we prepared for each team has been completely different. We've been focusing on different aspects of the game.

Q. Can you just talk about, you practiced out there now in that arena. Playing in an arena like that, the temptation after a big play to look up at that giant TV screen, how hard that's going to be to resist.
We talked about it already. It's open, it's a lot different than any arena we played in. Even if you make the big plays, it's hard to get a good angle on that TV, you have to stand right on the edge. We'll have to run more towards the sideline to see it.
BRETT COMER: Like Chase said, you can't see the screen. When we do a great play like that we're not going to be able to look at it.
You'll see a lot of fun probably from Sherwood Brown, with some kiss blowing toward you, some flexing. You'll see Christophe Varidel do a heel click after a three. We'll act the same and be the same, it's just the way we are, but we won't be able to see it.

Q. Brett, with what you guys have done, do you look at it as we've made history or has it gone about like it's supposed to go? And given that, how should Florida's game go, how should your game against Florida go?
The way we looked at it, we did make history. No 15 seed has done this. We feel like we shocked the world. Nobody picked us to beat Georgetown, or San Diego State, for sure.
We're going to prepare for Florida the same way. We're going to try to win again. We didn't come just to play one game or two games. We're coming out to compete and go as far as we can.

Q. I'd like you to put in perspective. A week ago you guys were No. 15 seed that pretty much nobody knew much about, and now everybody knows who you guys are. Talk about that and putting it in perspective.
A lot of the first news conferences a lot of people weren't really sure of the questions to ask us. They looked at us with blank stares and talked about the feeling of being in the NCAA.
So the week has come and now they're asking us how to prepare for a No. 3 team or they have questions for us personally. They know a lot more about our school. It's come a long way, the recognition of our players as well as our school. You guys have asked a lot of great questions, and know us almost on a personal level.

Q. Brett, I'm sure growing up you watched Florida. What's it like for you being here on this stage, getting to play against some of the schools you grew up watching and having a realistic shot to beat them?
It's cool being on the stage with them as Florida Gulf Coast. I don't know how to describe it. We're just players, you know, we just want to play.
We thought as we came into the tournament that we would win games. I know a lot of people in here didn't know anything about us, like Chase said. We expected to be here, though, as a team. We wanted to play and compete and I think we've done a great job of doing that.

Q. Chase, I've read that your coach coached in the NBA. He sold a software company for millions. His wife is a great mom who is a supermodel who was on the cover of Maxim. He coaches a school that's on the beach. He's in the Sweet 16, do you think he's happy?
Well, if he's not, I don't know what would make him happy. He's pretty successful and living the life a lot of people would like to live. So I think he's extremely happy.

Q. Brett, I've got to think that after the last two games people who watched you distribute in those two games are really going to come after you and attack you and try to get the ball out of your hands, maybe even trying to get it out on the back court. What are you looking for from Florida's guards?
I'm looking for just what you said. Scottie is a great on ball defender, he'll probably do a great job of denying me. But I have Sherwood and Chase and Bernard that can come on the offense and slide to the wing and do what they do.

Q. Brett, you used to live in Kansas City. What did that time period mean, how did it shape you as you are now, do you have a favorite memory?
It shaped me a lot because when I lived in Orlando before I moved up to Kansas City, I was a wing, actually. I never played the point guard in my life. My sophomore year in high school, my high school coach wanted me to become a point guard because nobody else could play the point guard on our team. Ever since then I've been doing this now. I think that's the biggest thing that changed once I moved.

Q. One of the things that usually turns into a win is you take away one of the strengths of another team. What strength would you like to take away from Florida for one of the things they do well?
University of Florida shoots a lot of threes. One thing we're going to try to take away is their wide open threes. We're going to try to take away their offensive rebounding. I'm sure they got a lot of points off of missed threes and put backs.

Q. Brett, when you came out of the locker room heading toward the practice just now you had this little camera, it seemed to be were you taking video or still photos? And then could you just explain what kinds of things you're taking photos of in the last 24 hours?
Actually, that's not my camera. That's our teammate Filip's, but I stole it from him. We like to have fun, so we goof off. I stole his camera, I was just shooting what's going on around us. Just having fun, staying loose.

Q. Are you interviewing people, does it have audio with it?
BRETT COMER: Since it's been here, Chase has been doing all the interviews to the media. If you'd like to interview, Chase is the guy to go to and he'll get that done.
I've gotten a lot of great interviews that will probably come out later, but as of right now we're going to keep them (laughter).

Q. As significant as the game is and as historic, what's different about facing Florida?
I didn't grow up in Florida, so that's not the team I grew up watching. I'm trying to treat it the same as we did every other game. Going in focused, preparing for what they do. Trying to do what we do well and trying to play harder than them.
For me we're treating them like a Georgetown, but not getting up in the hype of the Sweet 16, Florida Gators, and treating it like the first game in the tournament.
SHERWOOD BROWN: For me, each game it's going to be a lot harder, and I grew up watching Florida play, so it means that much more to me. We're in the Sweet 16 now. It means that much more. We want to make it to the Elite 8 and continue playing.

Q. Chase, can you talk a little bit about what it was like on campus this week as you tried to prepare for a big basketball game? I'm assuming there were a lot of distractions with all the media coming?
It was a busy week, just with the attention and the media being around. And the students were excited about what's going on and talking to us. We know we'll miss a lot of school, and trying to catch up on that, trying to catch up from before. Between with the schoolwork and the media and everyone trying to talk to us, it was very exciting.
We had a great pep rally. A lot of support came out of there. We were very busy. We were constantly doing something and just exciting.
You can't really describe the atmosphere on campus. The bookstore was packed, people trying to buy shirts. And trying to follow all the different memes and different shirts that were coming out.

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