Video: Punter Kyle Christy still healing

Kyle Christy wasn't at his healthiest last season, but that didn't stop him from inking UF's history books. Prior to the Gators' 2012 go, Christy fell off his scooter and tore his labrum. The sophomore still made his mark and set a single-game school record while finishing as a finalist for the nation's best punter. He's now healing from surgery, expecting to enter his junior year at 100 percent.

During his career at Florida, the Brownsburg, Ind., native has averaged 44.3 yards on 96 punts. His yard average has him at second in school history. However, Christy secures the best season punting average (45.8) for a Gator. He emerged as a star in last season's South Carolina game when he snagged UF's single-game record with a 54.3 yard per punt average.

Because Christy put off surgery so he could play through 2012, he is still healing from his operation, leaving him sidelined for spring. He said he has about a month left of healing to do at this point.

"Coming off the surgery, I just want to get back to where I was," Christy said, "and then just try to be more consistent which is hard after taking a big break."

Christy said he's doing well and has been able to punt for a while now, but he's been unable to catch snaps due to his surgery. Once he can get back to practicing, he said he'll focus on busting out plenty of reps to ensure he has his movement down.

Check the video below for more of what Christy had to say Tuesday including his thoughts on the kickers' progress.

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