Offense ineffective, sloppy in ‘Debut'

The Florida Gators had to change up their end of the spring scrimmage that they normally finish with because of injuries. The Florida staff better hope the injuries were significant enough that it caused a lack of performance. The Gator offense struggled throughout the scrimmage in all facets scoring just one touchdown in the 60 minutes (clock running) of team action.

The ‘Orange and Blue Debut' will be a good film studying thing for the Florida offense, but it left those fans in attendance with a bad taste in their mouth about what this Florida offense can bring to the table in 2013. A significant number of injuries along the offensive line caused the format change to resemble that of a regular practice and scrimmage. Having the linemen play both ways fpr two plus hours wasn't going to be a good thing.

The one thing the scenario did allow was for the offense and defense not to be split up so as to allow the best of the defense to play together and play the best of the offense. That happened and that went heavily in favor of the defense.

Breaking down the play of the offense…


Jeff Driskel should have been sacked on the first play from scrimmage on a Jaylen Watkins blitz. That he got in there untouched was not Driskel's fauly, but that he didn't know he was coming is something we have seen all too much of in the last eight months from him.

Awareness remains the biggest thing for Driskel, we all know what he can do with the ball both throwing and running with it. Unless things get simplified or he changes, we are due for more of this He has all the tools to be a great one, but that great one has not ben consistent to say the least.

Tyler Murphy didn't play a lot, mostly in one series. He showed an excellent arm on one out pass, and showed that he can move as well, but he also holds the ball too long and should have been sacked a couple of times that weren't called. (The defense had to lay off of the uarterback and not hit them).

Skyler Mornhinweg, as ugly as his throw looks, can really play in the run. When you take the respective time he has been in college and seen this offense compared to the others, he shows some promise. Still haven't seen the deep ball from him.

Running Backs

Matt Jones carried the ball in the first part of the first drive and then that was basically it. The first play from scrimmage was a Jones run over left guard and it went for eight yards. It is pretty clear that he has a commanding lead in the race at the position and they weren't going to play him much in these situations, so can't say too much about him right now.

Mack Brown was the second man out and he was given the opportunity to run to the middle of the line. He was able to move the pile from a stand still and showed nice power that way. He had four or five runs that way and the longest about five yards. His issue remains pass protection and learnig his assignments in the protections.

Walk-on Mark Herndon (SO, 5-9, 197) from Ocala Forest was the next RB in the game and he showed well for himself. He pooped off an eight yard run to start off his play on the day. I had him unofficially for six caries and 30 yards. He ran between the tackles pretty effectively and seems to know most of the blocking that needs to be done.

The anticipation for Kelvin Taylor and his arrival was big. Taylor probably didn't disappoint with the niftiest 16-yard run you will see and another run that resulted in the only touchdown of the day. Kelvin is probably the best inside and between the tackles runner the Gators have. He has a long way to go to learn pass protection responsibilities, but when he does meet his man on the field, he does block him. Taylor touched the ball more than anyone and totaled 59 yards on 11 carries, I lost the count near the end of the scrimmage. His worst play was a wide open dropped pass, mid-range that would have resulted in a first down.


Hunter Joyer didn't play in the team portion of offense. They know what he is capable of. I was fairly impressed with the guys moved to the position in the offseason junior Gideon Ajagbe and red-shirt freshman Rhaheim Ledbetter. Ajagbe is the first one in and I imagine in his fourth year on campus picking the offense up is a little bit easier for him. They both can push their man when lead blocking for the running back. They both also missed assignments in papss protection.

Receivers and Tight Ends

I didn't see much from this group at all. In 1 on 1's and 7 on 7's they were corralled a lot and couldn't get open. The quarterbacks had a hard time finding them open at all over the middle of the field often having to resort to long sideline passes a few of which were broken up with the long flight of the ball.

Freshman Demarcus Robinson made the catch of the day on a long sideline pass from Driskel in 1 on 1's, but he was silent for most of the rest of the day, despite being on the field a bunch.

Maybe the highlights of the group were a pair of tight ends in Clay Burton and Kent Taylor. Both had a couple of crossing patterns that came wide open and they made nice plays. Taylor had a second one that Driskel threw completely behind him and was not catchable. Taylor needs more meat on his bones, but the kid has some spunk and is not afraid of mixing it up even though a bigger defender will often get the better of him.

Trey Burton was only a receiver on the day and he had a coupe of receptions in the game. He will certainly be a big part of this offense in the fall, but not much on this Saturday.

Offensive Line

Most of the protection issues came from blitzes that weren't picked up by backs ansd what have you. Overall the protection was there and even a lot of running lanes were there for the backs. I spent a lot of time watching the linemen mix it up in linemen drills with the defense and overall they faired pretty well.

To my eyes, Max Garcia is the best lineman we have had here since those guys named Pouncey. Watching him in the drills, he never gave an inch to whoever he faced one on one. They moved ens inside and didn't matter, he was quick enough to handle them and also bulled them over. The only time he had an issue is what the defense brought a stunt or a game and confused Garcia and the center or tackle lined up next to him. On the last rep, Bryan Cox did get the best of Garcia with an excellent swim move.

Tyler Moore got work mostly at right tackle, but some at right guard. He can play both. It will be very interesting to see in the threesome of Chaz Green, Tyler Moore, and Jon Halapio which two will be on the field next year and at what positions. That is a good problem to have, but Halapio was only available for one on one work today and not team work. I like Moore a lot and believe it will likely be him at tackle and Halapio at guard.

D.J. Humphries also routinely stifled hi man and that included senior defensive end Dominique Easley quite a few times. Easley didn't play at all in the team portion of the scrimmage as they get the newer guys reps, but participated in all of the line drills. Humphries held his own and more against the veteran defender and anyone else who popped up out there.

Sniors Kyle Koehne and Jonotthan Harrison were steady and productive on the day. Harrison at center had one bad snap and did well in the one on one's with the defensive line. He had a few good battles with junior college transfer Darious Cummings. Koehne spent most of the day at right guard and a few plays at center. He held his own for much of the day.

In all the offensive line did their part. The running game churned relatively well even without the starting fullback in and the starting running back only getting a couple of plays in the game.

The passing game is a whole different matter. I wish there was more to write about it, but was just not a good showing overall in the passing department by the Florida offense.

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