Video: Offense closes exhausting spring

The close of Saturday's Orange and Blue Debut officially shuts the door on Florida's spring camp — an especially grueling set of practices for the offense. Of course, it was the injuries on the offensive line that stabbed a splinter in the traditional format of UF's annual spring game, but even the healthy players on the offense attested for the exhausting spring they endured.

Center Jonotthan Harrison was one of the six Florida offensive linemen able to see action in UF's play Saturday. The senior said spring camp on their side of the ball was both physically and mentally tough due to slews of reps with no breaks and surprises the defense hurled their way.

"But that's going to do nothing but make us better football players," Harrison said of the challenges. "But you learn from mistakes, you learn from experiences and that's what the spring did for us."

Harrison said assessing the offensive line and positions from the Orange and Blue Debut would obviously be inaccurate due to not only the injuries, but also because many of those that were able to play weren't going full speed and some players were deemed with no contact.

Quarterback Jeff Driskel also talked about the offensive line's difficult spring camp, backing up this year's modified spring game format.

"If we would've had a full scrimmage, they would've been just dead," Driskel said. "They've been doing what they can all spring long and we're proud of them for competing like they have but, they would've been dead."

Check out the video below for more of Driskel and Harrison's comments.

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