Gator on Gator; Round 1, Game 4

The final game of the first round of our gator on Gator tournament matches up JGrayhound's team vs. team GrandMstGator. We finally get Tim Tebow to match up in the contest and he will go against one of the most fierce pass rushing defensive lines you will ever see. Come join us on our journey as we look to crown an eventual champion of Gator Great All-star teams.

This should be a great match up of two great teams. Please come join us at the link at the bottom and vote for the team that you think will win.

As I mentioned before in calculating SEC Championship rings, I included the 1984 and 1990 teams. Gator fans everywhere know those teams should be considered champions. Now come join us after reading all this great stuff written by two of our subscribers and pick the team you think should win.


All SEC Seasons – 12
All America Seasons – 3
SEC Rings – 20
NCAA Rings – 5

The Fightin' JGrayhounds backfield: When you have, arguably, the greatest player in modern college football history, and that same player is also the best leader in history, then you build the team around that player. When that guy is a 240lb battering ram of a QB who also completes 66% of his passes, has a career passer efficiency rating of 170.97 (2nd best in NCAA history, best in SEC history), racked up over 12,000 yards of offense (rush and pass), and has 145 career TDs (SEC record for rush TDs)- then you run a balanced spread option. Tebow is the perfect spread option QB, and when paired with a great RB this offense is next to impossible to stop. Earnest Graham is precisely that RB. The 5th leading rusher in UF history was versatile and punishing as a RB and takes some of the load off Tebow and keeps defenses from cheating to him on options and runs. A featured dimension of the S-O offense is shovel passes to a TE…who better to run those plays than Aaron Hernandez? He and Tebow ran those plays to perfection for 3 seasons together, all the way to both being All-Americans and Hernandez earning the Mackey Award (the only Gator in history to win). Added to the backfield weapons is perhaps the most versatile RB in UF history: John L. Williams. JLW was a deadly weapon running the ball or receiving (and even led UF in KR yardage in 1982). His total yardage is 6th all-time in UF history, his rushing yardage is 10th all-time. He can block for Graham in short yardage, or form a deadly 1-2 punch when going to a more traditional running game. The possibility of him (or Graham) slipping out of the backfield for passes spreads defenses out very thin.

QB – Tim Tebow3x All-SEC, All-American, 2X SEC Champ, 2X National Champ, 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, Freshman All-SEC in 2006; 2009 William Campbell Award ("Academic Heisman"), 2007 O'Brien winner, 2007-2008 Maxwell winner, 2008-2009 AP National Offensive Player of the Year, 2007-2008-2009 SEC Offensive Player of the Year, 2007 CBS National Player of the Year, 2008 Manning Award winner, 2008 Wuerffel Award winner, 2008 Wooden Cup winner, 2007-2008 Sullivan Award winner, 2008-2009 SEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year, 3-time Academic All-American team, 2009, NFF Scholar-Athlete Award.
Owns five NCAA, 14 SEC and 28 UF records…Threw for 9,285 yards and 88 touchdowns in his four seasons at Florida, while also gaining 2,947 yards on the ground with 57 rushing touchdowns, both school records by a Florida quarterback… Is the only quarterback in school history to have rushed for 100 yards in four games…Owns the SEC record for rushing TDs (57), and total TDs (145), as well as rushing yards for a QB (2,947)…is the all-time UF leader in total yards (12,232) and TD responsibility (145)… Pass efficiency rating of 170.97 is the best in SEC history and 2nd in NCAA history.
Career Stats (UF rank): 661 completions (5th), 66.4% completion percentage (1st), 170.79 Pass Efficiency rating (1st), 9,285 yards (4th), 88 TDs (2nd), 1.61 INT percentage (1st – best); 692 rush atts (3rd), 2,947 yards (6th), 57 TDs (1st)

RB – Earnest Graham – SEC Champ, One of only 7 Gators to have rushed for 1000 yards in a season, rushing for 1,085 in 2002. 5th in UF history in rushing yards (3,065), 4th in rushing TDs (33), 3468 Total Offense yards is 6th in UF history (non-QB).
FB – John L. Williams – SEC Champ, 10th in UF history in career rushing yards (2,409), 3,232 Total Offense yards (2409 rush/863 rec)is 7th in UF history (non-QB). 3rd most career catches by a UF RB.

The Fightin' JGrayhounds Receiving Corps: The WR group is impressive as a whole. There are only 9 Gators in UF history to have 1000 yards receiving in a season – 3 of them are on this team. Green is the speed WR that can get down the field, run reverses, and return punts. Jackson and Caldwell are ultra-reliable and super-fast themselves. This is the perfect set of WRs for Tebow to destroy defenses with…when you add in Hernandez as the outlet for short passes, as well as a matchup problem for LBs, the passing game is top notch.

WR (PR) – Jacquez Green – All-SEC, All-American, 3x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, member of the UF All-Century Team; finalist for the Biletnikoff Award (97); caught 61 passes for 1024 yards and 9 TDs in 1997; 1 of only 9 Gators to have 1000 yards receiving in a season; 23 career TDs (7th), 19.3 yards per catch (2nd), 2181 career receiving yardage (8th); as a Punt returner: 4 career PR TDs, most in UF history, 3rd most PR yards in UF history.
WR – Darrell Jackson All-SEC, 1999 3rd team All-American; in 1999, had 67 catches for 1,156 yards and 9 TDs; had 3 TDs in the SEC Championship Game (99); semi-finalist for the Biletnikoff Award; 1 of only 9 Gators to have 1000 yards receiving in a season; career numbers: 97 recs, 1501 yards, 14 TDs. SEC Honor Roll.
WR (KR) – Reche Caldwell SEC Champ, semi-finalist for the Biletnikoff Award; in 2001, caught 65 passes for 1,059 yards and 10 TDs; 1 of only 9 Gators to have 1000 yards receiving in a season; Career numbers: 141 receptions, 2088 yards (1 of only 11 Gators with 2000 career yards), 18 TDs, total yardage (Rec/Rush/KR/PR) 2292.
TE – Aaron Hernandez – 2009 Consensus All-American, 2009 Consensus All-SEC; Mackey Award Winner (only Gator to win this award); in 2009, 68 rec, 850 yds (led SEC TEs), 5 TDs; career numbers: 111 rec, 1,382 yards, and 12 TDs. Most catches by a TE in UF history. National Champ (08). SEC Champ (08).

Fightin'JGrahound's Offensive Line:

A spread option offense needs a great OL, and that is precisely what we have on this team. All 5 OL were First-team All-SEC performers, with 4 of the 5 receiving some sort of All-American honors. It all starts with a heady C that can make all the calls and lead the line. Bromley was the leader of the greatest OL in UF history, and serves the same role here. On either side of him are 2 mean All-SEC SOBs at OG who can pave the road for this running attack. The All-SEC OTs can pass block or run block (and are also mean SOBs), and with Green at RT we know Tebow's blind-side will be covered.

LT – John Durden – All-SEC, 1989 Honorable mention All-American; Fergie Ferguson Award Winner (1989).
LG – Jim Watson – 2X SEC Champ , All-SEC, 1992 2nd-team All-SEC, 2-time Honorable mention All-American (92,93). James Kynes Award Winner (93).
C – Phil Bromley – SEC Champ, 1984 Consensus All-SEC, 1984 2nd-team All-American; anchor and leader of "the Great Wall of Florida".
RG – Donnie Young – 2x All-SEC . 4x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, 2nd team All-American (96). Jacobs Trophy Award Winner, semi-finalist for the Outland Trophy (1996); James Kynes Award Winner (96); 1996 Team Captain.
RT – Reggie Green – All-SEC. 3X SEC Champ (93,94,95); James Kynes Award Winner (95).


All SEC Seasons – 15
All America Seasons – 4
SEC Rings – 18
NCAA Rings – 3

Fightin' JGrayhound's Front Seven Overview:

I want a fast, aggressive defense where the front 7 puts pressure on the QB and forces turnovers with a ball-hawking secondary. The FJ's do just that. 10 of my 11 defensive starters were first-team All-SEC players, with the 11th being a 2-time 2nd teamer. Studs across the board.
The front seven is versatile enough to play a 4-3, 3-4, or even drop a LB back to play as an extra safety. It all starts with the defensive ends, both Consensus All-Americans. Carter and Richardson are 2 of the top 6 in career sacks in UF history…with 48 sacks, and 93 TFLs between them. Richardson can drop back and play OLB when needed as well. The key to a good DL is strength up the middle, and the FJ's have 2 All-SEC guys there as well (McGrew and Newton). They provide run-stopping and the ability to make plays from the DT spot. At LB, athleticism and ferocious hitting is the name of the game. The OLBs feature 2-time All-SEC Tim Paulk and All-SEC LB Fee Bartley. Devastating hitters that can make plays (Paulk had 4 kick blocks in his career) and cover TEs and RBs. In the middle is a tackling machine, with Gator career tackles leader David Little.

DE – Kevin Carter All-American, All-SEC, 3x SEC Champ; 21.5 career sacks (6th in UF history) and 42.5 tackles for loss (9th in UF history); in 1994, he recorded 11.5 sacks; member of the UF All-Century Team and the 100th Anniversary Team.
DT – Reggie McGrew – All-SEC; NCAA Champ, SEC Champ.
DT – Tim Newton – All-SEC, SEC Champ
DE – Huey Richardson – 2x All-SEC, All-American, 26.5 career sacks (3rd in UF history) and 50.5 tackles for loss (4th in UF history)..
OLB – Tim Paulk – 2x All-SEC, SEC Champ.
MLB – David Little – All-American (80), All-SEC, 475 career tackles (1st in UF history).
OLB – Ephesians (Fee) Bartley – All-SEC; SEC Champ (91).

Fightin' JGrayhound's Secondary Overview: This secondary is full of "ballhawks" and great players. Both CBs were All-SEC players and are numbers 1 and 2 on the career UF pass break ups list. Lott is also 4th in forced fumbles. Both CBs were 4-year starters and won 7 SEC titles between them. Whatever mistakes they may make (unlikely) will be covered up by "the Eraser" (All-American FS) and the epitome of a "football player", Guss Scott (2nd in career forced fumbles), at SS. All 4 players are remembered for HUGE plays in UF history. Lott is best remembered for his crucial TO call vs. UGA that saved a win. He also had a 88yd INT return for a TD in 94 against LSU. Kennedy had a 44-yd TD INT return as a freshman to change the game against Tennessee (1991). Guss Scott had 2 INT TD returns, the biggest was the 47-yarder against UGA in 2002 to win the game. Reggie Nelson's 70-yd INT return for a TD against Bama in 2006 was a game-sealer and set us on the path to a national title.

CB – Anthone Lott – 2x All-SEC, 4X SEC Champ, NCAA Champ , 42 career pass break ups (1st in UF history), 7 career forced fumbles (4th in UF history).
CB – Larry Kennedy – All-SEC, 3X SEC Champ, 39 career pass break ups (2nd in UF history).
S – Reggie Nelson – All-American (2006), All-SEC, National Champ, SEC Champ. S – Guss Scott – 11 forced fumbles (2nd in UF history).

Fightin' JGrayhound's Special Teams:

Berj Yepremian's mustache alone could win games, but he was Mr. Reliable in the late-70s with the 2nd highest FG pctg in UF history (82.9%). Edge was an athlete playing punter (remember the fake punt in the SEC Championship Game?) – as a 4-year starter he was solid his entire career averaging 42.5 ypp while garnering tons of post-season honors. K – Berj Yepremian – All-SEC, 2nd highest FG percentage in UF history (82.9%) (29 of 35 FGs), also 98.2% (56 of 57) on XP (3rd in UF history), 4 career FGs of 50+ yards (2nd most in UF history).
P – Shayne Edge – All-SEC, 3x SEC Champ, 2X, 2nd team All-American (91), . 3rd in most career punts (182), 5th in career average (42.5).
KR – Reche Caldwell (w/ John L. Williams)
PR – Jacquez Green

Team GrndMstrGator Offense:

All-SEC Seasons – 11
All-American Seasons – 5
SEC Rings - 11
NCAA Rings - 2

Team GMG's Backfield: If the NCAA were as lackadaisical in the 80s as it is today, Bell would be one of the more decorated QBs in Gators history. Unfortunate circumstances keep Bell from being mentioned with the likes of Spurrier, Wuerffel, and Tebow outside of the most die-hard older Gator fans. Taylor is the quintessential best prototype for a back that ever played at Florida. Great size, elite speed, and power, he had it all and was finally able to display it as a senior in 1997 when Steve Spurrier finally ran into issues being able to throw the ball on offense and had to lean on Taylor. Some would say that Spurrier waited too long to lean on Taylor and it cost the Gators a game or two.

QB – Kerwin Bell – All-SEC, SEC Champ, Bell worked his way up the depth from walk-on to SEC Player of the Year in 1984; led his teams to two straight 9-1-1 seasons and the Gators' first ever #1 ranking in the AP Poll; Had UF not begun feeling the effects of NCAA sanctions, Bell very well could have been the guy to usher in the beginning of a Gator dynasty that instead began years later when Spurrier took the helm at UF (and that would have never allowed FSU to become an elite college football power).
RB – Fred Taylor- All-SEC, All-American, 3x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, he started two games as a true freshman, picking up 873 yards and eight touchdowns. As a senior team captain in 1997, Taylor was the team's leading rusher with 1,292 yards on 214 carries and scoring 13 touchdowns and was chosen by his teammates as the Gators' most valuable player. He finished his college career ranked fourth in school history with 3,075 yards and 31 touchdowns.

Team GMG's Receivers and TE:

Collinsworth was recruited as a quarterback by Doug Dickey's staff and in his first game as a Gator, Collinsworth threw a 99-yard touchdown pass to Derrick Gaffney against the Rice Owls, which remains tied for the longest touchdown pass in NCAA history. For his time, Casey was an elite receiver and the best the Gators or the conference had up until that point in time. Another that was recruited as a quarterback at Florida, Ingram had good height for the position. His time was cut short at Florida due to injury, but showed reliable hands, often catching the ball away from his body. Good release off the line, and can handle press coverage from safeties. Very quick across the middle on crossing routes, causing matchup issues for linebackers. Drops his hips into routes, and gets off plant foot quickly. Find holes in zones and presents a nice target. Runs with a lean after the catch, and can bounce off tackles to get yards after contact.

WR – Cris Collinsworth – 3x All-SEC, All-American, Academic All-American. He During his career at Florida, he caught 120 passes for 1,937 yards and fourteen touchdowns, while also scoring two rushing touchdowns and one on a kickoff return. As a senior in 1980, Collinsworth was a member of the Gators team that posted the biggest one-year turnaround in the history of NCAA Division I football—from 0–10–1 in 1979 to an 8–4 bowl team in 1980. WR - Charles Casey - 2x All-SEC, All-American, and the recipient of the Gators' Fergie Ferguson Award. Casey had six games with 100 or more yards receiving, led the team in receiving yardage in 1964 and 1965, and finished his college career as the leading receiver in SEC history. H-Back Cornelius Ingram – The man who was to be Aaron Hernandez before Hernandez was Hernandez. A matchup nightmare along the lines of Calvin Johnson, the 6'4'', 245 lb Ingram boasted sub 4.5 speed off the line. Here is his scouting report from Ingram finished his career with 888 yards receiving on 64 catches and eight touchdowns, and was a second team All-SEC in 2007. He was on the John Mackey watchlist before his ACL injury forced him to sit out his entire redshirt senior season.
TE – Ben Troupe – All-SEC, All-American, finished his college career with sixty-four receptions for 958 yards (14.9 yards per catch) and seven touchdowns. As a senior he was also one of three finalists for the John Mackey Award, recognizing the nation's best college tight end in 2003.

Team GMG's Offensive Line:

Pearson, Rowell, Mitchell, Barrow, and Hand are not the flashiest unit but anyone who's followed Gator football knows that during some of our best years none of our O-linemen were nationally-renowned big names. That being said, some of these guys were pretty good nationally-renowned big names.

Mike Pearson – 2x All-SEC, All-American, SEC Champ, After being red-shirted in 1998, he was a three-year letterman for the Gators, and he received the Gators' James W. Kynes Award, recognizing him as the lineman who "best exemplified mental and physical toughness and iron-man determination." He was also a two-time Southeastern Conference (SEC) Academic Honor Roll selection. Pearson played in thirty-five games with thirty-three starts, including two bowl games: the 2001 Orange Bowl and the 2000 Sugar Bowl.
Tony Rowell – 2x SEC Champ, The 1990 Gator offense took off, averaging 452.6 yards a game, a mark that is still in the top ten in school history. Florida's 387 points set a school record as the team posted a 9-2 record. That represented an improvement of 119 points over the previous year despite losing Emmitt Smith and playing one fewer game.
C- Jeff Mitchell – 4x SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, As a true freshman in 1992, the Gators coaching staff decided to red-shirt him. During his four seasons as a Gator, Mitchell was a starter for three seasons and the Gators Mitchell earned academic honors for four consecutive seasons.
John Barrow – All-SEC, Barrow was a two-way offensive and defensive lineman for the Gators in the mid-1950s. Drafted by the NFL's Detroit Lions, he chose to play in the CFL instead, and was a thirteen-time CFL All-Star and a member of four Grey Cup championship teams. He is a member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.
Randy Hand – Hand was one of the only consistent stalwarts of Gator football during the tumultuous Zook years, having played in 47 games and starting 41 including the last 34 he played. He was named to the 2005 AP and Coaches' Second Team All-SEC team.

Team GrndMstrGator DEFENSE:

All-SEC Seasons – 13
All-American Seasons – 2
SEC Rings - 15
NCAA Rings - 6

Team GMG's D-Line:

The defensive line is the crown jewel of my defensive unit. A base 3-4 team with a big 325+ pound monster in the middle with Warren, and two "freaks" on the outside in Dunlap and Kearse. McDonald provides versatility to play inside or outside, as well.

Carlos Dunlap All-SEC, SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, As a sophomore in 2008, Dunlap played in all 14 of the Gators games recording 36 tackles, a team-high 9.5 sacks and three blocked punts. He was the defensive MVP of the Gators win over the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2009 BCS National Championship Game, recording four tackles, and half a sack during the game, as a junior in 2009 Dunlap played in 13 games and during the season he recorded 34 tackles and 9 sacks, he ended his career with 77 tackles 19 sacks and three blocked kicks.
Gerard Warren – All-SEC, SEC Champ, In 2000 he posted 76 tackles and 4.5 sacks at defensive tackle and a second-team All-American. He finished his three-season career as a Gator with 159 tackles, 9.5 sacks, and 30 tackles for a loss in 35 games and 22 starts. Was the 3rd overall pick in the 2001 draft, known lovingly as "Big Money".

Big Money was a big timer at UF

Ray McDonald All-SEC, SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, McDonald was a team captain of the 2006 Gators squad that finished 13–1 and defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes 41–14 in the 2007 BCS National Championship Game to win the Gators' second national championship.
Jevon Kearse - 2x All-SEC, All-American, SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, he was nicknamed "the Freak" by Southeastern Conference (SEC) opponents during the Gators' 1996 season. Kearse registered a team high 6.5 sacks as a sophomore during the regular season as well as 38 tackles and two forced fumbles. In his 1998 junior campaign, he once again led the team with 7.5 sacks and also improved his tackles tally to 54 and earned the AP SEC Defensive Player of the Year that season and was a finalist for the Butkus Award, Lombardi Award, and Chuck Bednarik college defensive player of the year award. During his college career, Kearse made 34.5 tackles for a loss, finishing eleventh on the Gators' all-time list. He also compiled 145 total tackles, 16.5 quarterback sacks, six forced fumbles, one interception, one recovered fumble, and 19 pass deflections.

Team GMG's LB's:

Robinson, Crowder, and Stamper is a consistent and smart group. In the case of Robinson and Stamper they were overshadowed by flashier names but they were the most consistent stalwarts of their respective groups. And everyone here knows how effective Crowder was so there's no questions there.

Ed Robinson – 2x SEC Champ, the top tackler in the last 25 years of Gator football ended his career with 363 tackles, fifth best in school history, Robinson became a mainstay on the Gator defenses that brought home SEC Championships in 1991 and '93. He wasn't flashy. He didn't blitz quarterbacks or pile up tackles for a loss. Ed Robinson wasn't a guy who knocked off helmets or wowed observers with big hits. He was simply an incredibly steady and reliable football player. He knew where he was supposed to be and he was always there.
Channing Crowder – All-SEC, All-American, as a freshman in 2003, Crowder had nine starts, the most by a freshman linebacker in school history. He would end up leading the nation in tackles (106)by a freshman during the season. He also had five tackles for loss, two sacks, four pass breakups and a forced fumble.
Ryan Stamper 2x SEC Champ, 2x NCAA Champ, appeared in 41 games with 26 starts and was a team captain as a junior and senior. Named Second-Team All-SEC by the league's coaches as a senior. Collected 149 total tackles (78 solo) in his career. Made 13.5 tackles for a total loss of 51 yards, including 4.5 sacks.

Team GMG's DB's:

Experience, experience, experience is the name of the game for Tannen, Cromartie, Johnson, and Dixon. My secondary has a boatload of starts across multiple years, and they will be able to match up with anyone.

CB - Steve Tannen – 2x All-SEC, All-American, Tannen played defensive back for coach Ray Graves' Florida Gators football team from 1967 to 1969, the recipient of the Gators' Fergie Ferguson Award recognizing the "senior football player who displays outstanding leadership, character and courage, Tannen finished his three-season college career with eleven interceptions, and led the team in punt return yardage as a senior.
CB - Robert Cromartie 3x SEC Champ, Played in 41 career games with 35 starts for 2,582 plays. Also started the 2000 Citrus Bowl and 2001 Nokia Sugar Bowl, including the 2003 Outback Bowl, he has started three consecutive New Year's Day bowl game. 204 career tackles and 42 "Big Plays" (29 pass deflections, eight tackles behind the line, two forced fumbles, two quarterback hurries, one interception and one fumble recovery,). 153 of his 204 tackles were made solo.
Saf - Todd Johnson – 2x All-SEC, SEC Champ, Johnson became a four-year letterman and started in thirty-three out of forty-nine games in which he played. As a redshirt freshman in 1999, he had twenty-four tackles, four passes defensed, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery. During his sophomore season in 2000, he started all thirteen games, led the team with a career-high 102 tackles, and had five interceptions, three passes defensed, one forced fumble, and four fumble recoveries, including one returned seventy-six yards for a touchdown. Johnson finished his Gator career with a total of 284 tackles and nine interceptions.
Saf - Daryll Dixon – SEC Champ, Played in 49 games with 25 starts for 2,477 plays, 218 career tackles (130 solo, 88 assisted) and 29 "Big Plays" (seven interceptions, three fumble recoveries, 15 pass deflections, one forced fumble and three TFL).

Team GMG's Special Teams:

Special teams is special for reason, and there is no more special unit in this competition than the most revered kicker and punter in UF history, and a lethal return man who may not have even hit his prime as of today.

K - Jeff Chandler – 2x All-SEC, SEC Champ, successfully completed sixty-seven of eighty field goal attempts in his career, and 167 of 180 attempted extra points after touchdowns (PATs), the Gators' all-time career leader in field goals completed, first in PATs made, and second in field goal percentage (83.8 percent). He ranks second in Southeastern Conference (SEC) history in scoring with 368 points, fourth in league history in field goals made and second in field goal percentage. He kicked his career long field goal of fifty-four yards in the Gators' 34–23 victory of the rival Georgia Bulldogs on October 28, 2000, a semifinalist for the Lou Groza Award honoring the nation's top collegiate placekicker in 1999 and 2000, was chosen by his teammates as the Gators' most valuable player for the 1999 season.
P - Chas Henry All-SEC, All-American, SEC Champ, NCAA Champ, 2010 Ray Guy Award Winner, Appeared in 54 games over the last four seasons handling the punting duties for the Gators. Averaged 43.0 yards per punt with 68 of 165 (41.2 percent) of his punts ending up inside the opponents' 20-yard line.
KR - Andre Debose Debose's value as a returner is unmatched. So far he has 58 kick returns for 1,592 yards and a school-record four touchdowns in his career at UF. His 4 kickoff return touchdowns is tied for the SEC record. Currently holds the UF career record for kickoff return average with an average of 27.4 yards per return. Ranks second in SEC history in career kickoff return average.

Fightin' JGrayhounds OFF v grndmstrGATOR DEF…

JGray says… The strength of grndmstr's defense is his LBs (and Buck)…and he will need them to try and limit the Spread Option offense with Tebow at the helm to 40 points. The front seven is good and will probably cause a few problems. I like his DL, and they will be a handful to deal with. Fortunately, my OL of five 1st team All-SEC players is used to good DL and will be able to minimize the damage and keep the chains moving.
However, the number of weapons will be just a bit too much for them to handle, and the lack of speed in the LB crew will hurt them when trying to keep up with all the handoffs, pitches, and options that will be run. That aggressive DL will have to be disciplined to face the S-O, and the misdirections (using Green and Hernandez) will be difficult for them. Graham will find holes behind the stud OGs on my OL, especially if JLW is there to lead for him.
But I think in this particular matchup that Tebow the passer will be put on display. Though Tannen was a good CB, and Cromartie solid, they are not the most fleet of foot CBs and will have trouble with my trio of 1000 yard receivers. Green should be open most of the day…and Tebow will find him. Jackson and Caldwell always seemed to be open and make the catch, and facing this secondary it should be no different. Man coverage just won't work with those 2 CBs, and as the WRs occupy the attention of the secondary, Hernandez will feast underneath and keep the chains moving. When the defense gets worn out, the RB 1-2 punch of Graham and JL Williams will pound away, and when we need a yard, you know we will call on Superman to go get it. This offense has so many weapons, it'll be very difficult for a defense to slow them down – and with a weakness at CB, it may very well be a long day for grndmstr's team.

Team GMG's stance…You will not find a better pass rushing defensive line in the contest than the one we bring to the table. With Kearse and Dunlap on the edge, their length and quickness can get to Tebow when he drops back to pass, and their quickness and length helps tremendously when Tebow tries to rush on the edge. When he does run, my stable of linebackers, a group that was mentioned earlier will stay at home and their ability to make the tackle will be key on the bull. The defense is built on getting to the quatrterback quickly and even with the fleet receivers that JGray has, it will be tough for Tebow to get the ball off more times than not. Finally, the safeties are also a stable group and play the game smart. They will not be caught off guard by the dual action play of Tebow.

Fightin' JGrayhounds DEF v grndmstrGATOR OFF…

JGray says Grndmstr has a good running game with Taylor and an impressive group of athletes out catching passes. The OL is solid, but not spectacular…and that spells trouble against 2 of the greatest pass rushers in UF history. Hand will struggle to handle either Richardson or Carter, as McGrew and Newton occupy blockers that could help. With no FB and two TEs who are great receivers but mediocre blockers, that spells trouble for the Throwin' Mayoan. Even if Pearson can occupy Carter (big "if"), Richardson will get to the QB. On the times that either Paulk or Bartley choose to blitz, there is little to stop them.
Little can neutralize the run game up the middle, especially behind 2 active DTs (Newton and McGrew) and with Paulk and Bartley's speed, outside runs and passes to the flats will be covered up. Bartley made a career out of covering and destroying TEs and WRs coming across the middle (hello LSU's Todd Kinchen)…and are the perfect set of LBs to stick with pass receiving TEs like Troupe and Ingram. Scott can be used for that as well.
You don't always want to play 1-high safety and put your SS on TEs, but if that 1-high safety is Reggie Nelson, you can do so without worry. He will erase any pass downfield…and that's only if it's needed. With 2 All-SEC 4-year starters at CB, Collinsworth and Casey won't even be open. If everyone's covered, then the worry is that Bell will take off and run…just kidding, we know that won't happen.
I don't see a lot of scoring by his offense on my defense…and he will need a lot of points to keep pace with my offense. Chas Henry will be needed as he will have to do plenty of punting for grndmstr, and Yepremian's reliability will do me well as he kicks many XPs.

Team GMG's stance … The offense is built to find mismatches on the defense and it is a good thing, because JGray brings some beef up front in their entire front-7. Team GMG wants to neutralize their size by throwing Ingram and Troupe at them and their play making ability in the short passing game. Meanwhile a steady dose of Taylor, one of the all-time NFL greats, and he will eventually break a big one or two. The GMG receivers are also crafty guys with Collinsworth and Casey and a perfect fit with Bell against this defense that is all brawn.

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