Spring Exit Interview: The Quarterbacks

At the end of the spring football session Will Muschamp and staff meet with every football player about their progress from a career standpoint and current progress as it relates to where they are heading. The meeting is to talk about what they need to do to get to the point where they can be the most productive for the program and in some circumstances, whether they expect them to be productive.

We're going to break down the interviews for every offensive and defensive player on the depth chart from what we have heard and seen this spring.

Jeff Driskel: Current starting quarterback. Through January: Driskel came into the off-season needing to work a great deal on leadership skills. His play has been inspiring enough, or at least his willingness to do anything he can to win, but the relationships with teammates was lacking. He also needed to work on his progressions during a play and eyeballing defenses in a pre-snap read in order to find the best available receiver from the start of a play. His history of staying with one receiver in a play has gotten him in a great bit of trouble and sacked more times than would be desired.

Improvements since January: Maybe due to the transfer of another quarterback, Driskel is not in competition for the approval of his teammates that he was in the last two years. The leadership has raised its head with the focus of those teammates on one guy as the man. That has led to much more time practicing with those teammates and better communication with them.

Needs to work on: he's still not going through his progressions enough. Although better, when the hitting gets real and things speed up, he's still slowing down more than what would be desired. Although he needs to work on those progressions, recognizing the proper time to get up the field with the ball in his own hands is something that also needs to be approached.

Expectations for August: Continuous work with multiple receivers in the next few months should lead to better awareness of the play book. With all of the motions involved and the different plays to learn beyond those motions, this is not an easy play book and even more so with the quarterback position. He must also spend countless hours in the film room studying defenses both before and after the snap.

The expectations include a better and more comfortable feel when the ball is snapped of where his receivers will be and which is the right receiver to throw to given the defense on the field. Also, a better awareness of timing as it relates to the protection he is expected to have on any given play.

Tyler Murphy: Fighting for the backup job.

Through January: Not given much chance to do anything. Ha looked pretty good in the spotlight, which for him has been two spring football games. Has always had a good relationship with teammates. Murphy is basically blessed with an outstanding work ethic that really draws others to him. Improvements since January: A better understanding of the offense with more snaps in practice than he's ever had.

Needs to work on: He too stares down receivers a little much. More work inside the offense will only help, that is fully expected given his past at working hard.

Expectations for August: Come in more comfortable with the offense and enough to make no doubt as to who the backup to Driskel is. Also provide Driskel with support that will make them a working partnership and allow them to fully help each other.

Skyler Mornhinweg: Also fighting for the backup job.

Through January: Barely scratched the surface with his first semester n campus. He worked with the scout team during practices. Has decent athleticism for the position and is a pretty accurate passer in the short and medium range.

Improvements since January: Tackled the learning process head on. Has a decent understanding of the offense given his time on campus with an obvious short coming in overall recognition and comfort under fire.

Needs to work on: Strength and the ability to hit the long out passes. Of course he needs more work in the offense and that will require a lot of time with teammates as well.

Expectations for August: He has a nice ability to throw on the run. Mornhinweg needs to forget that Murphy has been here two more years than he has and push Murphy. Get with his teammates and become comfortable in the offense. There is nothing set in stone yet and the competition for the backup spot is certainly still open, but there is some ground to gain.

Driskel (6), Murphy (10), and Mornhinweg (17) need a good summer of work.

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