Washington, D.C., NFTC: Top 5 DL

ASHBURN, Va. -- The defensive line group was deep at Sunday's Nike Football Training Camp at the Washington Redskins' practice facility, and FOX Sports NEXT takes a look at the top five.

The Nike Football Training Camp stopped in suburban Washington, D.C., Sunday and there was stellar talent on the defensive line. However, five stood out, and FOX Sports NEXT rates them.

1. Josh Sweat, Oscar Smith High, Virginia Beach, Va.
Skinny: I thought Sweat, a class of 2015 prospect, was easily the best defensive end in attendance. At 6'4/215, he's a lean speed rusher with great quickness and burst, but he didn't just rely on his athleticism. He attacked the offensive line, and if he was engaged, he tore through the block. He won every rep, and made it look relatively easy.

2. Andrew Brown, Oscar Smith High
Skinny: "It's a scary proposition for opponents that Sweat and Brown line up on the same team in the fall for perennial power Oscar Smith. Brown is Mr. Inside to Sweat's Mr. Outside. Powerful and quick off the line, Brown is one of the best tackles I've seen on the NFTC tour.

3. Jalyn Holmes, Lake Taylor High, Norfolk, Va.
Skinny: Named MVP by the coaches in attendance, Holmes was a worthy recipient. Bigger in stature than Sweat, Holmes also showed a good blend of speed and power. Holmes also used a spin move to work his way inside the tackle that drew everyone's attention. Holmes worked at left end making a formidable 1st group with Sweat and Brown.

4. Yazeed Atariwa, Dominion High, Sterling, Va.
Skinny: Atariwa also lined up at defensive end, but he's carrying a little more weight than Sweat and could move inside one day. Atariwa takes big strides and covers a lot of ground with just a few steps, but he also shows good quickness to get himself away from the grasp of an offensive lineman. Atariwa showed an advanced swim move which he used to continually beat offensive tackles inside.

5. Harry Lewis, Phoebus High, Hampton, Va.
Skinny: It looks like it's going to be another good year in Virginia again next year as Lewis, a class of 2015 prospect, worked well at defensive tackle. He showed terrific hands in getting free from the grappling inside and beat Patrick Allen, another top performer in the Class of 2015, on consecutive snaps to earn a spot in the Top 5.

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