Muschamp SEC Teleconference

The Gators closed spring practice and have already started looking toward the start of fall practice. Florida head coach Will Muschamp spoke during the Southeastern Conference Teleconference on Wednesday morning, talking about permanent conference rivals, Jeff Driskel's maturity and the plan for Loucheiz Purifoy.

Opening statement: "We're doing well, 99 days until we report August 1. Looking forward to that time. It's a critical time as you move forward and make advancements as a unit."

Q: "What do you think of the name of the college football playoff and who should make up the selection committee?"

A: "I think the name sounds pretty good. That's what it is, a playoff. And it's college football, so that sounds good. Whoever they decide on sounds good to me. People way above my pay scale are making those decisions."

Q: "Any transfers right now?"

A: "No one to this time. I'm still working through the situation with Jessamen Dunker, but other than that, no one. Right now I don't have anything (on Dunker), but possibly in the coming days we may know some things."

Q: "Can you talk about permanent opponents in conference play and your thoughts on them?"

A: "We've exhausted this pretty good. I know the Florida-LSU game is a really good game for our conference. I totally understand what Les is saying. Those decisions are not made by the coaches. We can voice our opinions, and I understand the arguments on both sides of it. At the end of the day, we've got some people in our conference that want permanent opponents, obviously Tennessee-Alabama and Auburn-Georgia. We're not for nine conference games because our instate rival is Florida State. At the end of the day, that's why you have a commissioner. He'll make a great decision on what's best for our conference, and whatever he decides, we'll go with."

Q: "Can you remember a year where the SEC was poised for so many first round picks?"

A: "There's a bunch of good players in this league every year. That's why we're winning so many football games. You see that in the top ten of every season, there are a bunch of SEC teams in there. It's the norm for us. That's what we see -- great players and great coaches in the best league in the country. We'll be very well represented in the NFL Draft."

Q: "How important is it to have a starting quarterback with experience in Jeff Driskel?"

A: "We won 11 games with a guy that didn't have a lot of experience last year, so you can throw those things out the window. No question his experience will help with his development at the position. It's year two in the scheme and the system. We're going to play better around him. The quarterback is like the head coach. You get way too much credit when things go right and way too much blame when they don't. That's part of the position. He understands that about being the quarterback at the University of Florida. He has really attacked the offseason the way you're supposed to do it. He understands more about what we are, where we are protected and where to take the ball. I saw us improve up front offensively. We're improved at wide out."

Q: "What will Loucheiz Purifoy's role be this year?"

A: "We will probably use the first 12 days (of fall) where he is strictly on defense. I want to see how these young wide outs can develop and how they develop through summer. Through the first 12 practices, you're not going to find that out if we play him on offense. I want him strictly on defense the first 12 days, and after that, we'll make a decision on how much. He's going to play offense for us. How much will depend on those first 12 practices. He's an electric guy that has no fear on the field. He has excellent ball skills and speed down the field. He can do some things for us. I'm really pleased with the first seven days at the receiver position, and now he has the base learning and concepts of what we are offensively. That helps him."

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