Spring Exit Interview: Receivers

At the end of the spring football session Will Muschamp and staff meet with every football player about their progress from a career standpoint and current progress as it relates to where they are heading. The meeting is to talk about what they need to do to get to the point where they can be the most productive for the program and in some circumstances, whether they expect them to be productive.

We're going to break down the interviews for every offensive and defensive player on the depth chart from what we have heard and seen this spring.


Solomon Patton: Backup at the Z position currently.

Through January: Patton had a bit of a breakout year in 2012. Mostly used as a runner on reverses and end-around sweeps, Patton was averaging nearly 10 yards a play when he got hurt against Georgia early in the game. He missed the rest of the season from the arm injury he obtained and missed most of the physical contact from the spring as well.

Improvements since January: Patton was able to run around and saw time in the spring finale with a red jersey for non-contact. He was able to get into the offense more and he should be used a little more in the passing game this year.

Needs to work on: It is his ‘contract' year and his last on campus. Patton is one of the fastest players on the team and he should be able to build a niche on offense that should get him a little more playing time. It is too late for him to get too much stronger at this point, so he needs to utilize his speed and get noticed in practice to get that speed on the field.

Expectations for August: He is listed third right now on the depth chart at the position behind a sophomore and a fellow senior. Make them want that speed on the field by knowing everything he is supposed to be doing.

Andre Debose: Listed as backup at the Z position.

Through January: Debose seems to be that guy that when given the chance, he mostly takes advantage of it. He has had some of the biggest plays on the entire team in each of the last three years, with limited reps.

Improvements since January: Better comprehension of what is going on but needs more. He is and continues to be one of the better blockers in the unit.

Needs to work on: He is postured on the post-spring depth chart behind a sophomore with limited tie on the field last year and that missed a lot of time this spring. The problem with him has always been about being consistent in his effort and retention in practice and film room settings. If he can buckle down for one year, he has the ability to be super as we have all seen. This is his contract year, he has no more chances to correct this.

Expectations for August: Consistency. Plain and simple, if he becomes more consistent, he starts and gets more chances which would yield high dividends in this passing attack.

Quinton Dunbar: Junior who is the most consistent and probably the best receiver on the team at this point. Starter at the X position.

Through January: Dunbar had a really good sophomore season as the number two guy in the offense and actually finished with the top receiver numbers. He stayed consistent and able to make the tough catch and in traffic.

Improvements since January: His role in the offense will be more diverse and we should see him going over the middle a little more. He has been working hard to improve his speed and is said to be slightly faster than a year ago.

Needs to work on: Not sure how he can work on it, but becoming more elusive after the catch is something that would complete his game a little more. He makes the catch with the best of them, turning and getting those extra yards is something that could improve.

Expectations for August: The main thing would be to be the leader of the group. He isn't the oldest, but he is the most experienced now and has the qualifications to be that man. This is a group that constantly gets ragged on for lack of production, and taking it personal would go over extremely well with this coaching staff.

Raph Andrades: played as a true freshman. Smart player who will get on the field again.

Through January: Surprised a lot by getting on the field in his first year and became a big time blocker at the position.

Improvements since January: He made some plays this spring. He has worked a bit on his speed and overall agility. He is also grasping the playbook much better now.

Needs to work on: More speed, more agility. Yards after the catch that will come with both of the previously mentioned.

Expectations for August: Push the others. Right now he isn't listed on the two-deep with only six players available. His intelligence allows him to learn things quickly. Show a little more quickness and spring by August.

Latroy Pittman: Starter at the Z position.

Through January: played a good deal as a true freshman in 2012, but had only one reception on the season. Still, they were comfortable putting him out there and they know he can be a play maker.

Improvements since January: Even more understanding of the offense and has asserted himself among the unit as a guy that wants to be in charge. Pittman has showed a great deal of play making ability in practice and the staff believes that is going to come out in the games at some point this season.

Needs to work on: Just maintain the ‘edge' he keeps on things pushing himself as much as he can. Work on that speed as well.

Expectations for August: Stay focused, which doesn't seem to be an issue. His strength as a player is his physical play. Use that both physically and mentally through the summer and come out swinging in August.

Demarcus Robinson: True freshman, behind Dunbar on the two-deep.

Through January: Was an Army All-American in high school and a star that was a play maker, but also a guy that was tremendously sharp in his route running and the little things that go into being a good receiver.

Improvements since January: He was swimming early with the playbook, but made great strides during spring practice. He showed huge play making ability in the spring and the look to be a really good one.

Needs to work on: He needs to be all over Dunbar to help him learn everything he knows. Trying to get his speed up would be helpful for him.

Expectations for August: Make this staff want to push for a three-receiver sets or push one of the starters for their spot. He still has a lot of learning to do playbook wise, so his focus should be on knowing that thing inside and out by August.

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