Spiece Run N Slam: Day Three

FT. WAYNE, Indiana - All-Ohio Red cruised home with the 17 and under title at Run N Slam behind the big time showing from Jae'Sean Tate. Also Indiana Elite won the event at both the 16 and 15 and under levels.

Jae'sean Tate, SF/PF, All-Ohio Red – Tate is just a beast and a winner. He was huge in leading All-Ohio Red to the 17 and under title. Tate is a rebounding and scoring machine who is an elite athlete. While he is undersized, he plays like he is about 6-foot-8 with his long arms, toughness, and high motor. The bottom line is the kid produces, and does it against the best of the best. The Ohio State pledge was excellent all weekend long and really produced at an elite level.

Vince Edwards, PF, All-Ohio Red – While Tate gets it done with athleticism and toughness, Edwards does it with skill and versatility. He definitely will be a stretch power forward in college, and Edwards can shoot the ball or get to the rim using the bounce. Also Edwards did a solid job of rebounding the basketball and overall had a very good weekend.

Javon Bess, SG/SF, All-Ohio Red – A do it all player, Bess is beginning to shoot and score better, and that has led to his game making a huge positive step. Bess is becoming more versatilie and is someone who can do a little bit of everything. He handles the ball well, he passes, and he will defend. Add in some new scoring, and Bess is definitely opening eyes with his play.

Kevon Looney, PF, Milwaukee Running Rebels – The offense for Looney comes mostly through offensive rebounds and not post touches. This is no fault of Looney, just is the style of play his team uses. Looney again was very good on the glass and scored some around the rim. He didn't show too much from the perimeter in a morning loss, but played admirably and did a good job of keeping his team in the game.

Trey Lyles, PF, Spiece Indy Heat – Lyles doesn't have explosive lift off the floor, but that is about the only bad thing you can say about him. He is tough and plays through contact, is an excellent rebounder, and is someone who has nice touch out to the mid-range. Lyles took it upon himself to dominate down low for Spiece and he did just that, and got the best of Kevon Looney head-to-head.

Jaquan Lyle, PG, Spiece Indy Heat – Lyle's weekend took a bit of a bad turn when he caught an elbow to the face that limited his effectiveness some due to vision issues, but still when he was on the floor he was very effective. Lyle was scoring the ball at an elite level and made some nice passes as usual. Overall he was so dynamic and good all weekend long, there is nothing you can take away from his play.

James Blackmon, SG, Spiece Indy Heat – The first few games of the event weren't great for Blackmon, and then he sat to rest a nagging knee problem, but his return in the afternoon was special. Blackmon, like he is more than capable of doing, absolutely caught fire and went for 30. He was hitting shots from all over and simply was impossible to guard in helping Spiece make a huge comeback. Shooting is what he does, and when he is locked in, there is nothing that an opposing defense can do.

Dakota Mathias, SG/SF, NW Ohio – There is no doubt that this kid can flat out shoot the basketball. Mathias is a tough kid who is capable of creating for himself some using the dribble and really can make shots. His foot speed isn't great, and defensively it is always going to be a challenge for him, but on offense he has a great idea of how to play and can flat out make shots. How he plays without the ball is something that is a question going forward, and he looks far more comfortable off the bounce than he does coming off of screens.

Leron Black, PF, Team Thad – His athleticism and explosion still isn't all the way back following a long layoff and an ankle injury, but Black was very productive with his play on Sunday when needed. He scored pretty well inside of 10 feet, and as usual was excellent on the glass. Once he gets his game legs back there is no doubt Black will go back to being his usual dominant self.

Riley Norris, SF, Team Thad – Quite simply he is a big time player. Norris is smart, a decent athlete, and can absolutely shoot it. Norris was effective all day long shooting the basketball and on defense gave good effort as well. He is someone who is excellent in the Team Thad system, and has proven he can play at any level of college basketball.

Jalen Coleman, SG, Indiana Elite – The biggest weapon on the squad that won the 16 and under title, Coleman was as usual shooting the ball well. He is absolutely money coming off screens and has the long arms and high release that make it so difficult to challenge his shot. Also Coleman was active on defense and showed some ability to use the dribble. Still he is at his best as a stone cold scorer, and that is exactly what he showed on Sunday.

Hyron Edwards, PG, Indiana Elite – Edwards is an elite athlete at the point guard position, and he showed that. He got into the lane virtually whenever he wanted and then showed the ability to score. His decision making looked decent as well, and that hasn't always been the strongest part of his game. Overall Edwards is doing a pretty good job of balancing being a scorer and setting up his teammates.

K.J. Walton, SG, Spiece Indy Heat – They probably don't track free throws attempts for a tournament at Run N Slam, but if they did there is virtually no doubt that Walton would have broken the record. Walton got to the line at an epic rate all weekend long and that continued on Sunday. His first step is dynamic and then he is very strong going to the rim and plays well through contact. Also he showed effort and athleticism on the defensive end. Overall it was a very good weekend for Walton and one that he answered a lot of questions.

Derrik Smits, C, Spiece Indy Heat – The son of former Indiana Pacer, Rik Smits, Derrik is a fine player in his own right. He is 6-foot-9 and possesses an excellent touch out to 18 feet. Also he is a solid athlete who runs the floor pretty well. While not a great rebounder, Smits did grab a few on Sunday and showed improvement in that area. He still has a ways to go, but his development has been impressive, and he looks to still be growing.

Cody Schwartz, PF, Wisconsin Blizzard – A skilled four-man, Schwartz put that on display with his showing on Sunday. Schwartz was hitting from deep and that opened up a few lanes to drive and get to the rim. Overall Schwartz still needs to be tougher and rebound better down low, but his shot making is impressive and he knows how to create mismatches for himself and take advantage of them.

Carlton Bragg, PF, Ohio Basketball Club – There isn't much to pick apart in his game. Bragg battled foul trouble, but was dominant when on the floor. He is long, athletic, and plays very hard. While sometimes that can get him in foul trouble, that isn't always a bad thing. Bragg is a big time, big time prospect, and he showed exactly why with his play on Sunday.

Derek Funderburke, C, King James Shooting Stars – Funderburke didn't get one minute of varsity action this year, but the 6-foot-9 post player is rapidly improving. Funderburke is long, runs the floor well, blocks shots, and shows good hands. Also he is good from the foul line. He is still a bit raw, but Funderburke has huge upside and is just another member of a loaded class in Ohio.

Derrick Daniels, PF, King James Shooting Stars – Another long and athletic forward, Daniels is as good a run and jump athlete as you will find at the position in the class. Also while not super skilled, his touch is getting better out to 15 feet, and even stretched a few beyond that on Sunday. He is a work in progress, but Daniels has huge upside.

Tucker Blackwell, SG, Indiana Elite – Indiana Elite won the whole thing at the 15 and under level. Blackwell was absolutely on fire from three, and he poured in 20 points on his way to a stellar performance. Blackwell doesn't do a ton off the dribble, but he can flat out shoot it, and was huge in his team getting separation and winning the title.

D.J. Wilkins, PG/SG, Indiana Elite – He could pass as a twin for Jalen Coleman, and Wilkins was excellent all game long despite not shooting the ball very well. His ball handling looked good and he ran the show on offense getting his teammates easy looks. Also on defense he caused problems with his length and causes problems for opponents because of deflections.

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