2015 Receiver Phillips Talks Gators

There are a few constants in South Florida recruiting. There are always a lot of prime time prospects, always a lot of speed, and the skill positions are usually loaded. Da'Vante Phillips hits on all three categories and the Florida Gators are eyeing the talented class of 2015 receiver from Miami Central to be a part of their program. Phillips talks a bit about himself and the Gators.

Just finishing up his sophomore year of school, Da'Vante Phillips already has several big time offers. The self-reported 6-2, 190 pound receiver is almost a prototype already at his age and still growing and getting faster. Phillips can do it all on the football field, but would like to polish up his game a bit. "I need to get better at my routes," he told Scout.com Thursday.

A such a young age it is hard to find receivers that will do anything to get the ball. Usually playing against older and bigger players, they aren't as aggressive as you would like. However, Phillips isn't your normal receiver and he says the Florida coaches love the way he owns the ball in the air and owns the guy across from him on the field. >[? "They like how physical I am and how I attack the ball," Phillips said of the Florida coaching staff.

Phillips has already visited Florida and likes everything he sees about the program so far. That could mean good things as he expects to commit this summer to a program and is doing so without naming any real favorites at this time.

"I think Florida is a good football team with a nice campus and some great coaches," he said before talking about Travaris Robinson who recruits him for Florida. "T-Rob… he's cool and more like family than a recruiter."

Going in Florida's favor also is the last commitment on the Gators' list. Last month, running back Dalvin Cook switched his pledge from Clemson to Florida and Phillips says that Cook is working on him and doing so publicly.

"Yes, he is working on me," Phillips said of Cook. "He tells everyone that I will be a part of the Gator Nation."

Florida has been adamant about unfurling a bigger and better passing game in the near future. Phillips says he knows Florida will light it up if he comes on board.

"In the future, if I attend there, they will have no choice but to throw my way because I'm going to be a big threat," he said.

As we mentioned he wouldn't name a group of leaders, but Phillips says he is planning on making a college decision over the summer. We expect the Gators to be in the thick of it and will monitor his recruitment as closely as we can.

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