Choice Has GT in the Picture

Thomasville Central (GA) running back Adam Choice had been planning a visit to Georgia Tech in conversations with Coach Andy McCollum. Saturday Choice found the time to make the trip to Atlanta.

Profile - Adam Choice

"The trip was much better than I expected." Choice had a chance to see everything from the facilities to the academic side of things at Tech. "The trip went well and I enjoyed it a lot."

Adam also had a chance to talk with the Tech coaches. Coach Paul Johnson let Adam know how much he wanted him in his offense. "He thinks I am versatile enough to play either the A-Back or B-Back position. He showed me how how I would fit into the offense at both positions. It was great the way he drew it up." Choice feels he could be successful playing either position.

Coach McCollum and Joe Hamilton also spent time with Adam. "Coach McCollum greeted me and said he was glad to finally get me on campus. Joe spoke highly of the coaching staff and the school." Adam especially enjoyed talking with Hamilton while he was on campus.

Adam also took the time to gave the visit a rating. "I'd give it a 7 or an 8. Don't read too much into that as my scale is really tough and a 7 or an 8 is very good." A return visit is in the works for Choice. "I would like to come back again either for an unofficial visit or a game visit."

The topic of Adam playing baseball also came up on the visit. "We talked about DeAndre Smelter playing both sports and Coach Johnson said he is willing to be flexible with me in playing both sports." Adam liked hearing that.

The visit improved Tech's position with Adam. "I could see myself there. I still have some visits to make but I do know Georgia Tech will be in my picture. This trip really opened my eyes about what Georgia Tech can offer me."

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